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Ms Lone Mountain 3-in-1 Jacket

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Kinda Large

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Ms Lone Mountain 3-in-1 Jacket

Kinda Large
April 10, 2022

Weird Boxy Fit

My husband is 5"11 and slim. He usually wears a medium in Patagonia. Ordered the M in this too, but the fit was too boxy. The material was good and loved the 3 in 1 style, but it was too wide.

March 27, 2022


I bought this coat because of the 3in1 design. I live in the southeast but make frequent work trips to northern states including Alaska and Canada. This jacket is great because it can be layered depending on temperature and activity. With both layers, this coat kept me perfectly warm on a recent trip to Alaska while standing in single-digit (F) tem... Read Moreps. The quality is as you would expect from Patagonia. Overall I would highly recommend this jacket.

March 21, 2022

Super warm

It's warm and very comfortable.

March 20, 2022

Great all around coat

I replaced a Patagonia Ski Shot 3 in 1 jacket that was about 5 years old. It replaced an older Brand X jacket that was not 3 in 1, but it had great interior pockets and I still miss those. However, this jacket fits me well, has great exterior pockets and is amazingly water proof. I appreciate the furry internal lining of the interior jacket, and th... Read Moree comfort of the outer jacket. Because the interior jacket is so furry, they had to make the outer jacket a little bit large to accommodate. Don't expect the outer jacket to fit perfectly by itself. The jacket also cuts the wind better than the Ski Shot. I wish it came in brighter colors or had contrasting colored sections like the ski shot (green/lime green) for visibility while walking near streets and roads.

March 17, 2022

Warm strong

Seems super durable was great for a cold and wet soccer practice I was at for my daughter. I wish it had internal pocket on the inner left as most folks are right handed.

March 15, 2022


Really nice jacket, but fleece liner drags on an underlayer, making it very hard to pull on or off. I returned it.

March 15, 2022

Best as always

I just got my first mountain jackets from Patagonia its a 3 in 1 very useful jacket for cold weather I love their quality clothing I recommend them to everyone who loves to go to mountains and use this jacket in cold weather For rainy or non-rainy days Or do any other activities in cold weather

March 10, 2022

Zipper broken

The jacket is really good but my zipper to remove the inner liner is very hard to open and close I bought it so I could remove and replace the liner per the weather outside but the inner zipper doesnt catch on as easily as the main and thus the ease of use is pretty low

Response from Patagonia
March 17, 2022

Hey Apurva, thank you for the review. We're sorry to hear that the zipper for the liner has been giving you some trouble. You might benefit from lubing it up, luckily we have a tutorial you can check out [here]( Give that a go and if it doesn't work, you're absolutely welcome to return under warranty.

February 2, 2022

Warm and comfy

Warm, comfortable, sturdy, multi-purpose, just enough pockets and it looks good too!

January 28, 2022

Very nice coat, but...

If you are seeking the nicest coat you can remember, this might be the coat. But if you are looking for the nicest coat you'll ever have, I would encourage the more modern technology Patagonia. It feels warm, cozy, but bulky and you can gain similar warmth out of new designs for a higher cost.

January 14, 2022

Perfect fit and comfort.

Ive always been happy with NF jackets and figured I would give Patagonia a try based on reputation and their approach to helping the environment. This jacket is incredibly warm without being sweaty/hot. I feel that the materials are top grade and it certainly feels like itll last a long time. It has everything you need, its heavy duty for the lowes... Read Moret temps. I would gladly buy again.

January 7, 2022

Great jacket, Good warmth

Love this product so far.

January 3, 2022

Did not well but good quality

6'4" 210lbs - Athletic shaped; no belly; & 34"waist line. Thought it was very good quality; liked the multiple layers and the different style / look; & easy to put back together. It was .5 inches short in arm length and maybe 1 inch short where it hits on my thighs. The jacket is also cut more 'square shaped' so it ... Read Moreis baggy / big in my stomach area (I have no belly). If I would have upsized, it would have been even bigger in the belly area and the measurements going from a L to an XL are in my opinion material differences. Hated that it didn't fit me right. Really like the Patagonia's gear.

January 2, 2022

Husband loves it!

We recently moved to the Tacoma, WA area and needed some rain gear. This coat is incredible. Ny husband says it keeps him warm all day while working on helicopter maintenance when the temperature is 20 to 30 degrees. Great with the rain since we get a lot of rain here. It snowed a lot recently and at times he just uses the jacket underneath the coa... Read Moret because they lining is so warm. Has lots of pockets, great for everyday use. Definitely recommend.

December 4, 2021

Everything I need in a jacket

170lb, Male, 5'11'', Athletic build. Is it warm? Absolutely - I've worn this in winter like weather in Washington and Toronto, and the jacket keeps me warm in all conditions so far. Insulated from wind as well (both jackets worn). Does it fit? The sizing is near perfect. It get's a bit snug in my arm pits while sitting a... Read Morend using both jackets, or just the inner jacket. Nothing I would complain about, just something worth mentioning. Does it keep me dry? So far I've worn this in the pouring rain for about an hour, and kept me perfectly dry, and warm. The outer layer kept the inner jacket dry as well - so the outer jacket is certainly doing it's job. Any complaints? The outer jacket sleeves are a bit longer than I'd like, if it were just a half inch or so shorter I'd be happier. Not a big deal though - different body types might find that the perfect fit. By far my favorite jacket, and soon to be only jacket (the two of them). I'd buy this again, and recommend it to just about anyone looking for some options. Each jacket on it's own has it's use - I use the inner one for work (indoors), outer one for the not-so-cold days, and both for the obvious colder days. All are amazing!

July 6, 2021

Perfect All-Year-Round Jacket

I immediately noticed the pristine craftsmanship of this jacket, impressed by both the outer shell and the inner insulation. The key feature of this jacket that makes it so useful is the separation between these two functional jackets, and I love that they combine together seamlessly. The fit is exactly what I was looking for as well. I am 6'3... Read More" and approx 210 and went with the large. It balances the line between having enough room for more layers underneath without the dilemma of being bulky when worn just over a t-shirt. This jacket will serve me well in the fall and into winter walking to work and classes in NYC. Beyond satisfied with this purchase!

February 4, 2021

Comfortable and fits like a glove

Its a really comfortable jacket, I agree with some of the reviews that it attracts some lint. I have worn this with just a tee shirt underneath and it has kept me really warm. It gets cold up in the northeast so I would recommend. The only problem is the liner zipper isnt working so Im basically wearing a jacket over top of a another jacket. Hopefu... Read Morelly my pops can help me fix it.

Response from Patagonia
March 3, 2021

Thank you for this feedback and we are so sorry to hear about the zipper. Please note, if you'd like someone from our team to [repair]( this, we'd be happy to.

January 27, 2021

Very Flexible

Perfect fit. 3 in 1 allows multiple uses. Highly recommended.

January 26, 2021

Where have you been all my life?

Available information online made it so easy to pick the right coat and size. It fits perfectly and the quality is just amazing. Whether it’s a sunny winter day or snowing outside I never felt cold. The costs fits like a glove, I am 181 cm.

January 25, 2021

Warm, but some issues

To start, this jackets very warm. Below freezing temps are totally doable in this thing, city streets to ski mountain it holds up. From my experience the waterproof claim holds up as well. The Sherpa lined inner layer is a nice feature, I would be a way bigger fan of it if the bottom synched around my waist in any way but its soooo wide. Without ... Read Morethe shell on the liner just flops around my waist. Any breeze shoots right up there. Im not very wide so that definitely plays a part as well. Throw just a bit of elastic in there and it would be great. Maybe my jacket was defective but I never had an easy time with the 2 way outer zipper. Multiple zipper teeth just broke on me today, which brings me to this review page. Luckily I have other jackets but this thing costs way too much for the zipper to break not even half way through my first season with it. Pretty disappointed as the two was zipper was a big reason my company splurged on these things. I love my Patagonia gear, I guess thats why I felt the need to leave this review in the first place. I just expected better from one of their heavy duty jackets

Response from Patagonia
February 26, 2021

Thank you for the thorough feedback. All of our gear is covered by our Ironclad Guarantee. lease reach out to our customer service team to set up a repair or replacement.

January 20, 2021

Super Warm

Excellent product, great quality, dynamic. Strongly recommend

January 1, 2021

Super warm get many compliments

Love it! I commute to Manhattan and it keeps me warm . Get many compliments.

December 5, 2020

Versatile, Warm and Dutch weather proof

This is the first Patagonia jacket I have ever bought and I am so glad I did. This incredible jacket is incredibly well made. The materials used are really great. (Review written post using it for more than a couple months - hope it helps many of you make the decision) Colour & Style: I bought the blue version of the 3-in1. The outer shell ha... Read Mores a semi-rigid sort of feel which makes is great in windy weather. The inner coat is really warm and looks great to be worn alone as well. The pockets are really soft on the inside and manage to hold a lot of stuff. The concealed pocket in the inner jacket can hold really large phones (6.7 inch +) so if you carry large phones, this jacket should work just fine. The zippers are rugged and yet easy to use (great balance). There is a soft patch behind the top of the zipper so you don’t get your beard caught in the zippers. The hoddie is great and manages to fit quite snug behind so the wind does not get trapped when cycling. In regards to cycling, this jacket design is great and I have not encountered any issues wearing it and cycling. The outer shell is also relatively light when wearing it alone. I have not noticed much dirt accumulating on the jacket yet which is great because I like clean jackets. Overall weight to functionality ratio is incredible. This is quite a light jacket for how well it does. Dutch Weather Warrior: For those who don’t know Dutch weather, it’s rainy, windy and cold a good portion of the year. And transport in via bicycle so the jacket better brave the elements. Rain: The 3-in-1 is fantastic, when worn correctly it does not matter which direction the rain in falling or how hard, it managed to keep me extremely dry. The hoddie provides adequate protection while not compromising on vision which is great when you need to bicycle around. Wind: I love how this jacket changed my view on the wind here. It manages so well to keep it out and since the outer shell is semi rigid, you don’t feel much of the win come against you at all. The hoddie shape as well ensure that it is not blown off when a sudden gush of wind hits you from the front. Warm: this jacket is great for the typical Dutch autumn and winter. Days that dropped below 1 was a piece of cake. Infact there were days I ended up sweating because of how well this jacket can trap and keep heat. (I was cycling). So this jackets functionality does incredible on functionality. Summary: Yes! You should buy it. Now that’s out of the way. This is perhaps the most versatile performer I have owned when it comes to clothing. It says what it does and does what it says. It will serve you well in the Dutch sort of weather, and allow you to enjoy the autumn/winter and changing seasons. It’s functionality to weight ratio is the best I have seen. This is my best investment to date this year. Thanks Patagonia for an absolute beauty of a jacket.

November 25, 2020

Great jacket!

Dont look any further this is the Jacket for you. I come from Sunny South Africa and have recently moved to the Northern hemisphere. This jacket has been my saving grace! Its warm and always keeps you dry. The even bigger plus is that you get 3 in 1 so i end up reaching for this jacket or a section of it year round! The build quality is like nothin... Read Moreg i have seen before and i look forward to many cold wet winter days with this jacket. Thank you Patagonia! Oh, one thing to note is that it runs a bit big (for me) normally i am a Large and i took a medium and it fits perfectly!.

October 21, 2020

Amazing jacket

The jacket is amazing. I wish there was a Kelp Forest (color for Tres 3 in 1 parka) version of this jacket.

March 15, 2020

A Hair Magnet

Love the coat, but if you have an animal that sheds, you'll be going crazy trying to get the hair off. We've used tape rollers, 3 kinds of brushes made for this, and our Dyson. Our upright vacuum cleaner with a hair removal attachment is the only thing that makes a dent in it. Patagonia, do you have ANY suggestions?

Response from Patagonia
April 11, 2020

Hey there Ernest, thanks for your feedback on this jacket. This jacket is made of a more rough material that could potentially attract more animal hair than others. If you wanted to look at comparable jackets that would be less prone to this issue we would suggest the [Men's Topley Jacket]( or the [Men's Tres 3-in-1 Parka](

February 6, 2020

Solid jacket

The quality is great. Has a robust feel, warm. I’m 176cm and 76kg. Went for size M. The fit is very much true to size. The stylish inner jacket can be used during warmer months. Win win.

January 25, 2020

Really well made, be careful

Really well made, be careful to use the right zips!

January 9, 2020

Exceptional warmth with a side of perfection

I have a few jackets from Patagonia and each purchase is better than the last. Not to say i appreciate my other jackets any less, just that this one is now my favorite. This jacket is great! I was looking for something that could withstand the rain with warmth and style. This checks all the boxes. While it may feel slightly large for someone of my ... Read Moreheight and weight I still feel as though it fits the way it needs to. A little about myself: 5’10” and 200lbs a little stocky. I always wear a large and with Patagonia the large is a good fit with some room to spare. Not too much since I don’t feel constricted while wearing this. The jacket itself separates becoming 2 deferent pieces. Inside piece: Full warmth puff jacket (with sleeves, not wool sleeves) The inside of this jacket is lined with wool equivalent to a vest. Outside piece: Full rain protection. Water will brush off. You can feel the quality. This alone can keep you warm in 40ish degrees while keeping you dry. Together this jacket makes an exceptional combo of staying dry and keeping warm in rainy or (Oregon) winter weather. 10/10

December 18, 2019

Awesome jacket

The Patagonia Lone Mountain 3-in-1 is an excellent jacket. I love the styling, a great jacket to wear to work and around town. The inner jacket is a very comfortable soft shell, while the outer jacket is a durable hard shell. Pros: -The dual zippers prevent bunching when sitting. I‘ve never had a jacket with this function, but now I’ll never go b... Read Moreack. I hated how my old jacket (a Columbia puffy) would bunch up when sitting. -Insulated hood and hand warmer pockets are really nice features -Easy to zip the inner shell in and out, and there are button loops to keep the inner shell securely in place -Length of the jacket is perfect, goes down past hips when standing. The bottom edge of the jacket probably falls in the middle of your front pants pocket. Cons: -Feels a little tight in the armpits. By the size chart, a medium is the correct size for me. I think I would be swimming in a large, but it if you have big arms or shoulders, you might want to size up. -Neck is also pretty tight when zipped all the way up and hood is down. If I zip all the way, I pretty much have no choice but to put the hood up, otherwise I feel like I’m getting choked out. I guess my overall feedback for Patagonia would be a little more room in the armpits and neck and this jacket would be 11/10 perfect. For customers, if you have large arms, shoulders, or neck, you might want to size up. The overall fit is true to size otherwise, with good fit in the chest and appropriate length of sleeves and the front and back. I am 6’0, 185 lbs, textbook dad bod.

December 13, 2019

M is to big

M is to big

December 12, 2019


Arrive in perfect conditions, and has been holding through some very tough Irish weather, would recommend. Also great to know it is such a good company with great values and business practices

December 12, 2019

A good jacket, but not for my height

I tried this jacket after previously trying the Snowshot 3-in-1 in a Large. That jacket had decent sleeves for my height and sleeve length (6'3", 37.25" to the base of my thumb), but I returned it for other reasons. This jacket seemed like a great alternative, but unfortunately, it is not quite long enough for someone my size. I had... Read More to wear an XL to get sleeves that fit me adequately. At that size, the jacket was way too big for the rest of my body (I weigh 165 lbs, 36" chest). I was a bit frustrated since the sleeves fit me well on the Snowshot, but then I realized that ski/snowboard jackets usually run a little longer, so it all made sense. Unfortunately, this jacket did not work for me. I do not hold it against Patagonia, since I am a bit outside average dimensions for height, sleeve length, and weight. Ultimately, I've decided to pursue other brands that have Tall sizes. I'll continue to consider Patagonia for other products, though. If you are in the intended size range for this jacket, then it is very comfortable, warm, and sharp; and you'll enjoy it! I would say it runs true to size, in the sense that I now realize that my body is best suited for Tall sizes, and it is not strictly a ski/snowboard style (which might have longer dimensions). Docking 1 star seems fair, since that feels like a good score still, and hopefully a small motivation for this great brand to offer some other size ranges for us tall folk.

December 9, 2019

Loved it so much, I bought another!

This jacket was so warm and beautiful, I bought another one for my Dad. I love Patagonia - it never disappoints.

November 25, 2019

Great jacket

Great jacket

November 21, 2019

Exceeded my expectations

My experience so far with the coat has been phenomenal. The quality is top notch, and it looks and fits very well. The inner layer is warm enough for most cold/mildly cold days by itself, in conjunction with the outer shell is perfectly adequate for very cold weather. I would definitely purchase this again.

November 19, 2019

Lone Mountain 3-in-1

I wish it was advertised as more of a casual-wear jacket. The materials and overall quality are great but I cant say I will use it for cold-weather trekking as I'd hoped (no pit zips either).

November 18, 2019

Nice Jacket

Had this jacket for a couple of weeks during which we had record cold temps in our area. I thought it was mostly a spring/fall jacket, but it's surprisingly warm with the fleece liner and would be fine in winter. I don't like the struggle of getting my arms in and out of a fleece jacket, but the taffeta lining in the sleeves of the liner ... Read Moresolves that problem. My only suggestion is that Patagonia offer a lighter weight zip-in compatible liner or vest that can be purchased for use in cool weather.

November 14, 2019


Big fan of the 3 in 1, not sure why some people prefer layering unless it's because they just can't find the right combo. I live in the Midwest, so this is a great winter / snow jacket, but it also works really well as a warm quilted fleece for not-so-cold days. Great construction and excellent look.

October 29, 2019

This jacket is for my

This jacket is for my Son. He is a Californian and going to college in Northern Michigan where he is learning what real cold is. The Lone Mountain jacket is keeping him warm. He is very happy.

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