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Tools for Grassroots Activists Conference

Patagonia’s first Tools for Grassroots Activists conference was born out of our desire to do more than just write checks to environmental organizations. Then as now, we want to use the assets of Patagonia to help find solutions to urgent environmental problems. We share your concern about these problems and believe we’re in this together.

To us, the ways in which you confront and publicize issues, convince the public of their importance and motivate others to take action are similar to the ways in which we bring a product to market, promote it and convince the public it’s the best. We call it marketing. While you may have another word for it, creative, honest marketing can mean the difference between success and failure—for a product or an issue.

We don’t profess to have all the answers, but we hope that together we can share best practices and swap ideas on how to get the important work done. As a company, we’ve made a lot of changes in the way we do business in order to drastically reduce our impact on the environment and to provide useful assistance to environmental organisations But we have a long way to go. Perhaps by bringing together pieces of this complex puzzle, we’ll all become more effective in reaching our goals.


Please Note

Patagonia hosts a limited number of activists at the Tools Conference every two years. Although we'd love to include everyone, due to limited resources, participation is by invitation only.

Grants Program

We give at the grassroots level to innovative groups overlooked or rejected by other corporate donors. We fund activists who take radical and strategic steps to protect habitat, wilderness and biodiversity.

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