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Infinna™ Fiber

Infinna™ Fiber is a soft, cotton-like fiber made from postconsumer cotton that can be infinitely recycled into new fiber.


Everything we make has an environmental impact, but our supply chain accounts for the biggest slice of our carbon footprint—97 percent with 86 percent stemming from raw materials alone. That’s why recycling and repurposing materials that already exist is integral to reducing our carbon footprint. We’ve made strides in recycling polyester, down and even fishing nets, but we believe that the most significant change we can make is establishing a more circular system for all materials.

Infinna™ Fiber is our latest step on that journey. Through our Finland-based supply-chain partner Infinited Fiber, we’re not only recycling used Patagonia T-shirts but also creating a soft, durable, infinitely recyclable fiber that can be re-recycled, re-woven and re-worn again and again.

Where We Are

Infinna™ Fiber is the basis of Patagonia’s first closed-loop product, Tee-Cycle. Using Patagonia tees sourced from our Take-Back Program along with used cotton garments from our global recycling channels, Infinited Fiber turns the used tees into soft, resilient fibers called Infinna. Unlike other man-made cellulosic fibers like rayon or lyocell made from the pulp of trees, Infinna Fiber is made from postconsumer cotton garment waste that’s recycled into new pulp and then into fiber. When blended with factory cotton scraps that would otherwise wind up in landfills, the result is a new tee made of 100 percent recycled materials.

The difference is in the longevity. Even after an Infinna Fiber–based tee has been knitted, worn and then worn out by someone new, the fiber can still be re-recycled using the same technology without losing quality or durability.

What’s Next

Achieving circularity in the clothing industry depends in part on supporting supply-chain partners that recycle apparel waste. As our materials and innovation team continues to work with partners such as Infinited Fiber to scale up recycling technologies, we hope other brands will join us in supporting these supply chains and shifting to a more circular system.

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