H2No™ Performance Standard

H2No™ Performance Standard is Patagonia’s benchmark for waterproofness, breathability and durability.


H₂No™ Performance Standard is Patagonia’s benchmark for waterproofness, breathability and durability. Backed by our Ironclad Guarantee, H₂No Performance Standard ensures the highest level of long-term waterproof performance.

When we first started looking into breathable waterproof materials, we wanted to eliminate the common problems we saw in the industry with these type of fabrics—durability, delamination and drop in overall performance. Our aim was protection at the highest level. To get us there, we had to run a lot of tests.

In our testing lab at Patagonia, we use highly controlled tests to simulate actual-use on our garments. While the tests we create in the fabric lab can’t simulate Mother Nature perfectly, we find they are extremely useful in helping us develop and then consistently compare the performance characteristics of differing fabrics.

We test a fabric’s waterproofness in three ways: we simulate light rain, then prolonged rain, and finally we force water through the face of a fabric. We test breathability by measuring a fabric’s Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR). And we test durability by subjecting fabrics to a “Killer Wash.” The Killer Wash is Patagonia’s wet flex and abrasion test that simulates years of use in drenching conditions. If a fabric passes our rigorous tests, it achieves H2No Performance Standard status.

Where We Are

All our H₂No fabrics use recycled inputs and endure rigorous field-testing in addition to lab testing.

We continue to use the H₂No Performance Standard because it’s the best measure for durability on the market. We have added new metrics that help us make sure our new products hold up to hydrolysis (a chemical reaction that occurs in hot and humid environments). These criteria were added because we noticed that certain polyurethane materials could degrade more quickly in these environments. We've extended the life of some of our newest H₂No products by addressing these concerns.

What’s Next

We’re always looking at other ways in which we can improve our waterproof product. How can we build this highest level of performance products, while also building a fabric that doesn't use fossil fuels and doesn't negatively impact the environment? We continuously evaluate our standards to ensure they are high enough to meet the needs of our customers without being impossible to meet. And we ask ourselves what are the causes of degradation of our products and how can we keep our products in play for longer.

H₂No™ Performance Standard
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