Manager of Ventura River Child Development Center (VRCDC)

Full time | Child Care
Location:Ventura Headquarters

Job Title: Manager of Ventura River Child Development Center (VRCDC)

Reports To: Director of Global Family Services

Location: Ventura, CA

General Summary

Patagonia has been providing innovative on-site child care since 1983 at the Great Pacific Child Development Center (GPCDC) which is located at headquarters. GPCDC serves as the Company’s flagship child development center and demonstrates the highest quality early care and education.

The guiding philosophies that reflect Patagonia’s values, mission and culture are:

  • Children, families, and teachers are the core of our community.
  • All children learn and develop at a predictable yet highly individual pace.
  • Teachers create clear yet flexible routines, stimulating environments and opportunities for intentional teaching.
  • Risk taking and struggle build character and confidence.
  • Children who play outdoors for long, uninterrupted periods of time develop strong connections with nature.
  • Child initiated play and creative expression fosters ingenuity and enhances all areas of development.

VRCDC will open with about four classrooms, 15 teachers, and approximately 30-40 children between the ages of 8 weeks to kindergarten. Within the 1-2 years, the program is projected to grow to six classrooms, over 20 staff and 80 children which includes an afterschool program for school age children up to the age of 9 years.

Infant/Toddler Program

The infant/toddler program will be licensed to accommodate children 2 months to 2 years of age and is grounded in the Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) philosophy. It is based on the knowledge that very young children will initiate activities and participate actively in their environment. All babies are given the freedom to explore and interact with other children. Time is provided for uninterrupted play within an environment that is physically safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing.

Preschool Program

The preschool program will serve children 2 years to kindergarten. Its curriculum seeks to maximize development in every area—social, physical, emotional and intellectual. We offer developmentally appropriate activities and environments that challenge, stimulate and encourage success. Both children and teachers initiate various activities around art, language development, science, drama, mathematics, music and social studies. Our approach fosters independence, creativity and self-esteem.

Kids’ Club

The school-age program will serve children kindergarten- through 9-year-olds in after-school and summer camp programs. Kids’ Club offers recreational activities that encourage curiosity, friendships and self-esteem. We stand for the right of children to play, because we know that play is how children prepare for the future.

The Manager is responsible to ensure VRCDC delivers a high quality, developmentally appropriate program that fosters a sense of community and reflects the Company’s core values and mission. They are responsible to lead the overall operations of VRCDC which includes administrative, financial and programmatic functions. They are responsible for daily operations such as staffing patterns and maintaining full compliance with all relevant and applicable laws/requirements. They are responsible to inform short and long term strategic planning as it relates to enrollment projections, space planning and overall center growth.  They are responsible to inspire teachers to develop and maintain stimulating and developmentally appropriate environments for young children and facilitate collaborative relationships between parents and staff.

Essential Job Functions

  • Recruit and retain a talented team through intentional hiring, orientation, on-going training, and supervising.
  • Grow a professional learning community that instills a deep understanding of and commitment to the Company’s program philosophy and classroom practices.
  • Ensure all classrooms provide stimulating environments, predictable yet flexible schedules and routines, and an age appropriate curriculum that inspires child initiated play, individualized learning and family engagement.
  • Implement meaningful program-wide policies and effectively communicate with parents and staff to strengthen partnerships between home and school.
  • Use technology to create effective administrative processes for routine recordkeeping, growth projections and on-going communications.
  • Manage the annual budget and maintain accounting procedures.
  • Accelerate business practices that promote data informed decisions, fiscal responsibility, and efficient processes which will require partnering with other departments.
  • Ensure the child development center continually meets all rules and regulations set forth by the State of California, Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division.

Physical Requirements

  • Must be able to sit for extended periods of time.
  • Ability to look at a computer screen for extended periods of time.
  • Ability to maintain a composed and professional demeanor within a flexible and (at times noisy) work environment.
  • Continually able to observe and respond to children’s needs, emergencies and/or conflicts that might occur during the day (inside or outside environment).
  • Continually able to lift 1-40 pounds from the floor to a waist high table.
  • Continually able to kneel down to maintain eye contact at child’s level.
  •  Continually able to sit on the floor to work with children.
  •  Continually be able to react to a child that is 20 to 30 feet away within 30 seconds.
  •  Continually able to carry a child (1 to 40 pounds), up to 50-100 feet.
  •  Continually able to respond to children’s first aid needs (inside and outside) which may include cuts, bruises, blood/bodily fluids.
  • Continually able to communicate clearly and calmly to children, parents and co-workers.
  • Continually able to deal effectively with the stress involved in working closely with children, parents and co-workers.
  • Continually able to do fine and medium hand manipulation.    

Minimum Job Qualifications

  • BA in Early Childhood Development or related field; MA preferred.
  • 2-4 years of management and leadership experience.
  • 3-5 years of a mix of infant, toddler and preschool experience.
  • Strong leadership, supervisory and customer service skills and ability to develop/maintain strong relationships with staff and parents.
  • Exceptional organizational and communication skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead staff on the implementation of developmentally appropriate practice using evidenced based strategies.
  • Capacity to understand and manage financial duties.
  • Literate in Word, Xcel, and Outlook; Procare preferred.
  • Must meet director qualifications required by the State of California

Employee Conduct

It is the responsibility of every employee to contribute to a positive work environment through cooperative and professional interactions with co-workers, customers, and vendors.