• Luka Krajnc
  • Luka Krajnc
  • Luka Krajnc

Luka Krajnc

Rock Climbing Ambassador


Celje, Slovenia


Celje, Slovenia

Luka Krajnc
Inspired by his mother’s love of climbing, Luka found his passion. Through pure determination and practice, he sharpened his alpine skills in the mountains of his homeland. It didn’t take long before he began actively traveling around the world, searching for greater adventures and vertical challenges that motivate him and inspire him to push himself further, including new routes in Patagonia, Venezuela, Pakistan, Morocco and around Europe. When he needs a break from climbing, Luka enjoys running and especially windsurfing, a hobby that gets his heart going and helps him to create unforgettable moments of joy. “The feeling of curiosity that comes while searching for moments of fulfillment and inner peace drives me to continue following my passions on the wall or in the water,” he says.
Career Highlights
  • First ascent of The Real Kekec on Fitz Roy, Patagonia
  • Ascent of Cerro Torre’s southeast ridge, Patagonia
  • First free ascent of Rolling Stones on Grandes Jorasses, France
  • First ascent of south pillar on North Biacherahi tower, Pakistan
  • Fourth free ascent of Bellavista on West Cima in the Dolomites, Italy
  • Single-push onsight ascent of Divine Providence with Peuterey ridge on Mont Blanc, France
  • First ascent of Miss Acopan on Acopan Tepui, Venezuela
  • First ascent of Cosmic Roof in Taghia Gorge, Morocco
  • First ascent of Forest Gump on Rocchetta Alta in the Dolomites, Italy
  • First ascent of Štafeta on Vežica wall, Slovenia
  • Winter free ascent of Skalaška route with Čop pillar on Triglav north face, Slovenia
  • First free ascent of Spomin on Anića Kuk in Paklenica, Croatia