• Lise Billon
  • Lise Billon

Lise Billon

Alpine Climbing Ambassador


Romans-sur-Isère, France


Chamonix, France

Lise was born and raised in La Drôme, “a beautiful place in the south of France full of hippies, goat cheese and limestone.” Though her parents were avid climbers, Lise—a self-proclaimed “difficult child”—didn’t want to be like them. She didn’t enjoy climbing and was scared of the verticality, so instead of following their lead she became passionate about playing handball. When she left home at age 16 for school, she rediscovered climbing and mountaineering, and fell in love with traveling.

Now based in Chamonix, she works as a mountain guide and has become less fearful of the void. She loves spending days in her van reading science fiction, and nights with friends playing cards, talking about how to rebuild the world and planning the next French Revolution.
Career Highlights
  • 2012 First ascent of the southeast pillar of Cerro Murallón, Patagonia, 1000m ED+
  • 2014 First ascent of The Odyssey and The Iliad in the Revelation Mountains, Alaska (two mixed routes, 1100m and 900m)
  • 2015 First ascent of Balas y Chocolate, Cerro Adela Norte, Patagonia, 900m ED
  • 2016 Awarded a Piolet d’Or for the first ascent of Hasta las Webas on Cerro Riso Patron, Chile, Patagonia, 1000m ED
  • Winter ascent of the north face of Les Drus, Pierre Allain Route
  • Winter ascent of the north face of Eiger, Heckmair Route
  • Ascent of the north face of Matterhorn, Schmid Route
  • Guided client with Marion Poitevin on Grandes Jorasses, Walker Spur
  • Winter traverse of Flammes de Pierre/Drus/Verte
  • Ascent of El Capitan: Salathe/Free Rider/Nose/East Face/West Face
  • Ascent of Half Dome
  • Ascent of Zion, Moonlight Buttress
  • Ascent of Aguja Poincenot, Potter-Davis Route