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Nature USA

Nature USA, Rancho Dominguez, CA

Fair Trade premium used for: cash bonus

The 75 workers who make T-shirts for Patagonia at Nature USA voted to take their Fair Trade premiums as a cash bonus (equivalent to one to two weeks’ pay). They planned to use the money for college tuition, health care and holiday events. Patagonia staff attended a party at the factory the day the premium checks were distributed. Thuy Nguyen, manager of social responsibility and special programs at Patagonia, said, “It was wonderful to hear from employees how Fair Trade has had such a meaningful impact on their lives and those of their families. We are proud to be partnering with Nature USA on this important initiative and are so pleased to see how fast the program has made a difference.”

One of the goals of Fair Trade is to help workers earn closer to a living wage. At Nature USA, the premium increased their take-home pay.