• Evelyn Doyle

Evelyn Doyle

HR Director EMEA




Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Evelyn Doyle
"I am lucky to be part of this story and adventure."

Why do you work at Patagonia?
Patagonia does what it says on the tin. It has always remained true to the mission, purpose and values that started in a small tin shed in Ventura over 40 years ago. We live our values every day in every way, and I could not be prouder to be part of the Patagonia movement. We have a lot of fun too along the way. That helps!

What has been your biggest adventure so far?
I have lived and worked in Russia, Africa, Switzerland and now the Netherlands. I spent two years in Africa working for a sustainable agricultural NGO called "Self Help Africa" and had the most fantastic trips in nature, working on the ground with farmers and communities.

What is the best thing about working at Patagonia?
We work and play together for a purpose - to protect the outdoors and save our planet. Not many mums get to go home and say that to their son. I am lucky to be part of this story and adventure.

How has working at Patagonia changed you?
Be the change you want to see!

What has been your biggest achievement at Patagonia?
With the support of many others in the team, my biggest achievement is developing and building the Patagonia family in EMEA.

What do you like doing outside of work?
I’m a big food lover and love to cook. On the topic of where our food comes from, I am passionate about regenerative agriculture. Taking a sustainable approach to the whole food system is fascinating to me and has the potential to revolutionize agriculture.