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Carl Zoch
Your Rad Dad Stories – Hip Mountain Biker

Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes from Dan Moore, down in southern Utah. Dan sent us this story in response to our request to “Tell Us About Your Rad Dad.” Last week’s featured submission was from a young lady whose discovery of herself and the outdoors is still unfolding. This week’s feature offers a look back…

Dan Moore
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The Abbiest Place on Earth

I can’t help but say or think or feel it: this is Abbey Land. Despite the various crusts that have formed over the years since Abbey was alive and well in the Moab area, this is still his place. Of course, it is the earth first, shifting and sliding and tectonically galloping—and not giving a…

Laura Winberry
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The Fun/Suffer Divide

The Continental Divide Trail is not often traveled, and rarely by bike. The sheer remoteness makes access tricky. With this in mind, Scott Rinckenberger, Justin Olsen and I set out for 11 days on our bikes, pedaling northeast from Chief Joseph Pass. We wanted to shed some light on this beautiful area. The second night…

Chris Shalbot
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Mud, Sheep, Fish, Trail

The raw potential of mountain biking in Iceland’s Westfjords.

Mary McIntyre
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Life of Pie: How Hot Tomato Pizza Unites a Mountain Biking Paradise

Friday night at the Hot Tomato is not for those in a hurry. Hungry customers grip pints of beer and compare notes on the day’s rides in lines that spill into the parking lot. Music pumps and the staff whirls behind the counter, tossing floury dough, yelling requests to the kitchen, giving each other shit.…

Diane French
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Life of Pie

Uniting a community through advocacy, inclusivity and damn good pizza.

“Life of Pie”: Jen Zeuner and Anne Keller Q&A

In a fossil-rich corner of western Colorado, set against lush agricultural fields, the big-box stores of Grand Junction and the sandstone formations of the Colorado National Monument, you’ll find Fruita. These days, the town is an international mountain-biking destination known for its ribbony, high-desert trails, technical routes overlooking the Colorado River and funky downtown where…

Katie Klingsporn
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Making Dirt Magic: Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship

Downieville, California was once one of the richest towns in the state, but by the mid-1990s it had gone full bust—until a few local mountain bikers’ began using the local trails to breathe new life into the town, turning the former ghost town into a recreation mecca.

Sakeus Bankson
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What Good Neighbors Do

In the 1980s, a group of cyclists in Washington banded together to protect their local trails from illicit activities; 30 years later, that momentum has reshaped the city and preserved a watershed.

Sakeus Bankson
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It Takes All Kinds: Horses and Bikes in the Washington Backcountry

The Trans-Cascadia has become one of the Pacific Northwest’s most notorious races. This past August, the Back Country Horsemen of Washington joined the Trans-Cascadia team—a first for all involved.

Danielle Baker
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Saving Slickrock

The Slickrock Trail, in Moab, Utah, is one of the most popular mountain bike rides in the world. Now, under a recent BLM decision, it could also be opening to oil and gas drilling.

Sakeus Bankson
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Vince Anderson Q&A

When Vince Anderson took a break from alpine climbing, his mountaineering attitude manifested itself in a single-speed hardtail, on which he’s won some of the sport’s most grueling races.

Jesse Selwyn
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Right Where I Belong

“That comfort, the ability to feel like you’re not stepping outside of some boundary; It’s not like, ‘Do I belong here?’ No, this is where I’m supposed to be.”

Eric Arce
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New Roads in the Ancient Kingdom of Zanskar

Perched in the Himalaya and once accessible only by trail, India’s Zanskar region has remained largely free of Western influences for over 2,000 years. That could all change as a new highway brings a wave of instant globalization.

Mary McIntyre
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On Trail and Off the Map

In Coyhaique, Chile, the ghosts of resource extraction may offer a path toward a new recreation-based future.

Max Wittenberg
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A Pedal Through the Prairie

A bikepacking expedition inspired by one of North America’s most iconic landscapes, and the American Prairie Reserve’s audacious effort to restore it.

Joel Caldwell
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Becoming Ruby

A Mountain Bike film about inclusion, identity and hand-drawn heroes.

Amidst the Mustard

Battling invasive species through better trailbuilding.

Dillon Osleger
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Why Wilderness Matters More Than You

BIKE Magazine contributing editor Michael Ferrentino on our perceived right to ride wherever we want.

Michael Ferrentino
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The Myth of the Great Bike Savior

Outdoor recreation can be a lifeline for local economies, but the industry has also benefited from the erasure of Indigenous peoples from their lands.

Patrick Lucas
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Best of Home, Volume 1 – Backbone Trail

Photo editor Kyle Sparks kicks off our new social media series, “Best of Home,” documenting the everyday, out-the-back-door trails that mountain biking depends on.

Kyle Sparks
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Best of Home, Volume 2: Cougar Ridge

In the second installment of our “Best of Home” series, photographer, writer and editor Colin Wiseman takes us to Washington State’s gloomy, fern-filled Whatcom County for a signature Pacific Northwest ride.

Colin Wiseman
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At the River’s Edge

How one suburban mountain biker’s vision for a trail system reshaped a former industrial town—and turned trail building into a family tradition.

Julie Huang Tucker
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Moving the Needle

As editor of the world’s largest mountain bike magazine, Nicole Formosa showed her audience the world’s largest issues—and revealed the sport’s resistance to confronting them.

Matt Coté
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