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Men's R4 Yulex Front-zip Hooded Full Suit Reviews

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Kinda Large

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Ms R4® Yulex® Front-Zip Hooded Full Suit

Kinda Large
June 30, 2023

Yulex... I'm sold!

In short, apart from the Yulex eco benefits: Easy donning/doffing Great paddle flexibility Drys surprisingly quickly I'm sold on Yulex, especially compared agaisnt previous suits as its more flexible (fit and material) and just a s warm. I cant comment on durability but the Ironclad guarantee is epic.

June 2, 2023


I buy Patagonia wetsuits because of their repair program. The repair team does an amazing job resuscitating wetsuits which would otherwise be trashed.

February 12, 2023


Outside air temp was mid 40s with some wind added. Atlantic Ocean water temp was 45 degrees F. R4 wetsuit was toasty. I never approached feeling cold.

January 22, 2023

Quality but would like some tweaks.

I was initially concerned given the various mentions of crotch seam issues. Paranoia about this led me to think I’d also got this problem but I was duped by tucking boots into the bottom of the suit drawing water up rather than seams leaking. Tested this weekend tucking out to check and all good. The suit feels super high quality and I found the s... Read Moreize charts worked well for me. It’s straight forward to get on and off apart from the hood for me... I find the hood one of the hardest I’ve experienced trying to get off - it’s easy on but can catch you out when you’re trying to change after a long cold one and suddenly feeling like the hoods going to crush your neck when you don’t make it out fully in a oner; isn’t what you want. Once you’ve got the knack of it your ok (N.B. I’ve used various chest zip suits before it’s not an unfamiliarity with these). I did compare this directly to a scandi branded wetsuit that was a dream to get on and off, but the fit of the patagonia one was much better for my body shape. Enjoying the flexibility of the R4 arms and I’m happy with the Yulex so far. It feels that bit better than the patagonia wetsuits from a couple of generations ago that I have to compare, and looks much more sharply made on the inside. I’ve found it warm so far, surfing an R4 on the north east England the last month sea temp 7 deg C and air around 0-5 deg C and some feisty cold winds. Will wait to see if I can make it through February March and whether it lies up to the temp range claimed...

January 5, 2023

The Warmest

I'm 6' 170lbs surfing in 48-52° water in the NW in the hooded R4. The medium tall fits me great. It's flexible enough and paddles well and is very warm. I'm using it on the warmer end of the temperature that it's rated for, but I'm comparing it to other 5.5/4 suits that I've had and that's how it stacks up. P... Read Moreerhaps it feels more like a 6mm in a number of ways. I have three sessions in it, so I can't speak to the long term durability, but so far so good. I love that Patagonia is trying to make a more environmentally friendly suit that still preforms well. I'd say they're succeeding and I'd recommend this suit based on my experience so far. I bought one of the first Patagonia suits many years ago when they were wool lined and the thickness wasn't disclosed--I liked the lining but those suits were thin and didn't seal well and were not warm enough. This is a big step up from those suits. Nice job Patagonia! A few small things that I would change: -It would be nice if the zipper went the opposite way and didn't need to be lined up, although it's not a deal breaker as is. -The neck could use a little more room or flexibility. Maybe slightly thinner for mobility. -Getting the hood off takes some effort. But it also is one of the warmest hoods that I've ever used and seems to seal quite well, so that's probably the tradeoff. But any more flexibility or mobility in the hood/neck would be appreciated. I'll take great care of this suit and see how it holds up and report back.

December 26, 2022

warm & snug

I live in Southern California and surf daily. I have been using R4 for years and rotate 3 of them so they have ample time to dry before my next surf session. The fit is perfect for me, and the built-in hood comes in handy on the colder days.

November 8, 2022

Bombproof & now actually comfortable

This is my sixth Patagonia wetsuit. I have yet to retire one because its worn out... A ten years old one I gifted to a friend is still going strong... built like a unimog and about as comfortable. The new rubber is super stretchy and I think theyve finally got the burly to comfort ratio sorted. Super comfortable, warm and holding up well. They cost... Read More a bit more and last waaaaay longer. Theyre an investment... a really good one.

October 30, 2022

Crotch seam issues

Hi there, its my second R4 and really do enjoy the suits. However the crotch seam has broken at the same place on both suits otherwise the suits have held up. Perhaps a rethink about the taping around the crotch and maybe a wide taped area 1-2 inches might hold up better? Your booties and gloves are the best on the planet. Thanks.

October 15, 2022

Fit and size

Im 6’1 and wear a size XXL. My weigth is 94 kg with quit broad shoulders. The fit is perfect.

July 28, 2022

Did not hold up for long

I was a bit disappointed in the quality of this suit since I started having problems after only 1 winter season. The crotch seam tore early in the second season which seems to be a common issue based on other reviews. Also noticed signs of wear on other parts of the suit that I did not have issues with on any of my prior winter suits. Patagonia has... Read More great customer service and they ended up repairing the suit at no charge but I had to wait until spring to send it to them since the process takes a while and I needed the suit to continue surfing. Needless to say it was a very cold winter with a leaky suit. Added an extra star for the customer service and I like how Patagonia tries to be sustainable with their products.

Response from Patagonia
August 2, 2022

We're truly sorry to hear this, Kyle. But we are happy to hear the folks in Wetsuit Repairs were able to assist you in repairing the suit. If you have any questions regarding wetsuit repair/warranty, please feel free to check out our [Wetsuit Repair and Warranty Form]( We also passed your thoughts along to our Design Team. Thank you so much for your feedback.

April 27, 2022

Super Warm

Been out and comfortable a few times when air and sea were both 45-48f.

September 25, 2021

Great stretch & fit

Key points: stretchy in a good way & very warm. I’ve seen and felt the previous versions of Patagonia’s Yulex suits and wasn’t convinced - I waited for their 3rd gen of suits (2020+) after hearing great things and I haven’t been disappointed. Surfed it in +\ 3oC water and above, fits like a glove and no dodgy shoulder entry, total opposite of s... Read Moretiff and built to last. The sizing and temp guides of Patagonia are pretty quirky but if they work for you it makes the gear feel like it’s custom made. I’m 171cm with a 40-42 inch chest and MS works fine. Softer and smells better than Neoprene, and isn’t destroying the planet in the process. Aren’t surfers & swimmers meant to be those who care about the ocean? Why isn’t everyone using yulex? Buy cheap buy twice, or pay a bit more and have this for 5-10 years, if it needs repair - they’ll do it for free… win win.

September 17, 2021

Warm, flexible and very durable.

Ive used my R4 for two winters in Maine, surfing often and sometimes on properly pretty chilly mornings (sea smoke-type weather, around 10 degrees F air temp, low 30s water temp). The suit is good for about an hour in those conditions for me, if paddling hard etc, which it is flexible enough to do. The hood can be cinched nice and tight which helps... Read More avoid freezing wash throughs. The fit is perfect. Im 62, 180lbs, fairly slim, sort of a not-terribly-athletic swimmers build. My suit shows almost no sign of wear yet after a lot of use, without babying it but always following the care instructions. Some slight marks on elbows and knees, nothing more. Its hard wearing enough that, even at full price, it is good value. I bet per surf session it works out cheaper than less expensive, less durable suits. Getting in and out of it in the cold is work, but thats because its a thick winter suit with a front zip. Theres really nothing Id change on it. Its ace, and I would heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to be out on cold days.

March 21, 2021

Warm but the crotch seam is leaked

I fully Patagonia's mission statement and their use of recycled and more sustained materials in their products. This is my 4th Patagonia wetsuit over the years. Each one improves over the previous generation. Unfortunately, this suit didn't last long. In less than 20 sessions, the crotch started leaking. I couldn't identify the cause... Read More initially because the interior and exterior seam seal bead was intact. The seam pulled apart from within. Go figure. Maybe the next suit will be better, but I'm not sure I'd invest in another one. FYI: I've shipped wetsuits for repair, but it just doesn't work out well. Otherwise, the suit was warm albeit slightly large around the midsection for me. I'm 5'11" 160 lbs.

January 26, 2021

Beyond compare!

Epic winter suit...definitely the best I have ever owned. Warmth and durability have always been great with the R4, but the new generation has massive improvements in flexibility. Seriously feels like wearing a 3/2 in terms of shoulder/paddling flexibility. The increased flex also makes it incredibly easy to get in/out of the suit which I struggled... Read More with a bit on the previous generation R4. Absolutely a 5-star suit...before even taking into account the environmental and social aspects of the materials and production which are beyond comparison.

January 23, 2021

Zipper is Backwards

The chest zipper is backwards to any other chest zip wetsuit I have owned. Why would you do this? Why make an easy system difficult? You have to align up the zipper like you are putting on a jacket. Not like a pair of jeans where you just zip them up. Cold hands and trying to look down at your chest to get a visual to align the zipper to the track ... Read Moreis unrealistic. I will be sending this suit back and would not recommend to anyone based on this single design flaw.

January 20, 2021

All That

Im 510 and 160, and historically Ive worn Large in Patagonia suits. This suit I ordered in Large and it seems to fit true to my size. One thing Ive noticed over the years is that Patagonia suits tend to be a tad heavier and less flexible compared to their counterparts found among the Big surf industry labels. Sorry guys - my opinion but I think the... Read Morere is some truth there. What you loose in a little more weight and less flexibility you gain tenfold in the quality of the materials and durability of Patagonia suits. I recently had an R3 that I wore regularly - 2-3 times a week during the colder months - for close to 3 years. When it wore in the knees and crotch - I sent it back to Patagonia for repair. A few weeks later for a small charge my suit was back with new panels and stitched back up. The Big surf label suits, for all the geewhiz advertising and flexible material, are toast within months - if youre lucky you get a year. Refund or warranty - stop, that really makes me laugh so hard I cant breathe. So there it is - while the whole sustainability ethos might appear rooted in the Yulex argument advanced by Patagonia, in my mind the product is sustainable because it lasts - and when it breaks it can be fixed. So yes, Patagonia suits really are all that.

January 5, 2021

Comfortable and warm

This is my second R4. I use my winter suits in pretty harsh conditions. Coldest session was in 2C water temperature. But the suits always kept me warm. I am completely satisfied with the complete line of wetsuits. I actually have them all except the R5. But planning on a trip to Norway so that R5 will probably be next in line. Always nice to be abl... Read Moree to have a dry option for your next session ;) I am 6'4 / 1'94m and 79kg and always use a MT. Fits me perfect. Even the length of the arms and legs is perfect; also in combination with the R4 booties and gloves.

December 30, 2020

Quality all the way

Purchased a top line suit of leading manufacture and closely compared. The other suit had many features that would be considered best to have. However, hands down the quality of the patagonia manufacture came through in feel, in fit and in function. I returned the other suit and been loving the R4

December 23, 2020

Super warm

I use this wetsuit for surfing in Irland and I’m amazed how warm it keeps me. I usually prefer to use rather smaller wetsuits than larger ones but for me (178 cm, 75 kg) this one fits perfectly in M. I can definitely recommend buying and it feels good to know it has been produced in a more environmentally friendly fashion compared to other wetsuits... Read More.

December 7, 2020

Love it!

Bought 3 Patagonia wetsuits for self, husband and daughter. Wow! We all love them. Northern Washington Strait of Juan de Fuca water is no match for this wetsuit. We've worn them surfing and SUPing and wow. Comfortable and warm. My daughter and I do need help getting the hood off - it's really difficult - but it's getting easier with ... Read Moretime. We used the size chart and my 5'8" 140 lb husband got the small and my daughter and I are both 5'4" / 5'6" and 117 lbs and the size 6 is perfect. Yay.

December 2, 2020

Warm but seams didn't last

Very happy at first to hit the winter season on the Brittany coast with this suit... but the following fall (after maybe 20-30 sessions) a serious crotch leak made me cold way before the water was hitting its lowest points. My 4/3 summer wetsuit ended up keeping me warmer - sent the suit off to warranty and they said they couldn't fix it... no... Read Morew trying to decide if I want a new suit or my money back, I've seen some other posts on the internet complaining about seam durability in Patagonia suits, I just don't want to deal with a month-long warranty process again next year. Patagonia, make sure you get this sorted, as it's otherwise a great suit!

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