• Rebecca Hardacre

Rebecca Hardacre

Enviro & Marketing Assistant




Manchester, United Kingdom

Rebecca Hardacre
"We know that we're not perfect in everything we do but we're trying and we're learning, and really that's all you can do."

What was your path to working at Patagonia?
I wanted to work for a brand that specifically addressed the issues that clothing manufacturing has on the environment - Patagonia was, and still is, the leader in this field and constantly pushes the boundaries and isn't afraid to take a chance in the pursuit of trying to have a positive impact. I still pinch myself that I work here.

What is your favorite Patagonia product ever?
My Retro X gilet. When I was in dealer services, I didn't get to go to Ventura so the Sales Reps would always ask me if there was anything I wanted them to bring back. One season I asked them if they could get me this gilet, but only if they saw it. One of the reps, Daren, took it on as his personal mission and went everywhere looking for it! On the very last day they found it hidden on a sales rail in Santa Monica and grabbed it for me.

How has working at Patagonia changed you?
I'm a lot more considered when it comes to making life decisions - I think a lot more about the impact my actions will have, and how I can possibly be a better human.

I think it's also taught me that it's ok not to be perfect, that's really our main message as a brand, at least to me. We know that we're not perfect in everything we do but we're trying and we're learning, and really that's all you can do.

What is the best thing about your job?
Getting to travel to so many different places and meeting so many inspiring people. I feel like there's a lot of opportunities at Patagonia for me to explore my own personal interests.

What has been your biggest adventure so far?
Probably running an ultramarathon. I went from not being able to run for ten minutes to running a 53 km race in the mountains in less than a year. The race took me 11.5 hours and it's the thing I'm most proud of in my life, I'm not the most naturally sporty person but I'm stubborn and that's half the battle with long distance running.

What are you passionate about?
So many things! My family and friends, laughing, the ocean, the mountains, coffee, music, asking people questions, food, travelling, books, dogs...