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  • Mégane Ramos

Mégane Ramos

Customer Service Representative Ecommerce




Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Mégane Ramos
"Patagonia is showing how things can be done differently, for the greater good."

What was your path to working for Patagonia?
I have known of Patagonia for a while - forever actually. I’m from the South-West of France, where the mountains and the ocean are right around the corner. My dad is a retail dealer there and I grew up close to Patagonia’s products and ethos.

I was in touch with the local Patagonia Sales Representative and became curious about the brand and its environmental and social commitments.

The older I got, the stronger this interest became, and I knew that, one day, I would have a deeper connection with Patagonia. A few years later, here we are!

What is your favourite Patagonia product ever?
Snap-T, all the way. Have you ever worn something so comfy? It’s like wearing a big, warm hug!

What is your favourite Patagonia environmental initiative?
The care and dedication that Patagonia puts into every product. If we keep going this way with materials and processes, we can have such an impact on the industry and this alignment between our mission statement and our practices is our biggest initiative. It could change the face of the whole industry - an industry that is amongst the most polluting in the world. Patagonia is showing how things can be done differently, for the greater good. In the long run, I think this is what is going to make a big difference.

What has been your biggest adventure so far?
In April 2018, we launched the Save the Blue Heart of Europe campaign, and the premiere of the movie was held in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

One of the main stories from the documentary focuses on a community in a village called Krušćica, a few hours drive from the screening. The women of the village have been keeping watch over their bridge – a main access point to their river - day and night, for a year, to prevent construction companies from bringing in the machinery needed to build a dam.

These brave women were invited to attend the premiere, but the bridge couldn’t be left undefended. To solve the problem, we invited women from across Europe to show solidarity and take the place of the women on the bridge. Together with two female colleagues, we went to the bridge to represent Patagonia.

We spent fewer than 48 hours in Bosnia & Herzegovina, but it felt like an eternity - in a good way! I will never forget the incredible people of Krušćica, they are the kindest and warmest I’ve ever met. They took the three of us along a forest track on the back of huge, old truck (that was some crazy drive!) and to the location of the potential dam. We got to see, first-hand, the damage it would do to the surroundings and to people's lives. I came back with a different perspective on a lot of things, and with my faith in humanity restored, thanks to the people I met there and how welcoming and warm hearted they are.