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Fluorinated DWR

Fluorinated DWR (durable water repellent) finishes help keepgarments dry but containenvironmentally harmful components.

Our durable water repellent (DWR) finish is a coating that is added to the fabric of our waterproof/weatherproof garments to help moisture bead up and roll off the outer surface. This finish prevents the fabric from becoming soaked from the outside and prevents you from becoming cold, clammy or wet, which could be life-threatening in extreme conditions.

Where We Are

Fluorinated DWR finish is a functional chemical coating containing PFCs (short for perfluorocarbons) that the outdoor industry has long relied on to make garments water-resistant. But, they’re nonbiodegradable chemicals with an environmental cost. PFCs are extremely effective at repelling water, but because of their impact, we are in the process of making all of our membranes and water-repellent finishes without PFCs or PFAS by 2025. (PFAS, which stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, is the latest terminology to encompass this wide class of chemicals. We use the more recognizable “PFC-free,” but if your Patagonia water-repellent finishes and membranes are PFC-free, they’re also PFAS-free, PFOS-free and PFOA-free.)

What’s Next

By Spring 2024, about 96% of our weather-and waterprooffabricsby weightthat include DWRmembranes and finishes willbe made withoutPFAS.For critical DWR applications, like a rainjacket you’d wear for 24 hours, wedon’tyet have a DWR solution that meets the functionalneeds of these garments.But thebrightest chemists are helping us find a solution for thoseremaining products.

Fluorinated DWR

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