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Patagonia Slope Runner Endurance Trail Running Vest

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Patagonia Slope Runner Endurance Trail Running Vest

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October 30, 2020

The best thing ever--the small fit me fine

I am 5'8" about 136 pounds, I wear a 36 B, and I was worried this this would be tight or awkward in the breast area, but it isn't. I LOVE this vest. I ordered the small and it fits well, plenty of room to size up a bit if I had layers under it or gain a few pounds. I wasn't sure if I should buy it, which I now find hilarious bec... Read Moreause I use it CONSTANTLY. I use for mountain bikes, walks, hikes trips to the park with kids. I have asthma and I love that I can keep my inhaler right there if I suddenly go into brochospasm without warning. I can keep so much stuff in it. Yesterday it held my inhaler, hand sanitizer (it's so handy to have that right there to grab quickly) tissues, TWO jackets (one for warmth and one light waterproof layer), AND my huuge thick winter gloves (it's cold here these days). It warmed up and and I took ALL those off and they fit in the vest. It's the greatest thing ever.

September 12, 2020

Great Choice

I am glad I bought this vest. My first concern was they did not make XL. (some Patagonia pieces I buy an XL) But fit is pretty good. It rides well while I'm running, no issues with rubbing or chaffing. Runs have been in very warm humid weather and breathability has been good. Have not used the rear stuff pouch yet so can't comment on effe... Read Morectiveness of pouch not losing items. I did add a tether to the stuff pouch with a plastic clip similar to one in key pouch to secure garments at neck loop. Over all so far so good.

August 25, 2020

Like Mary Poppins carpetbag.

I bought this vest for training and a 100k race, and what a phenomenal investment. I cant believe its only 3L because it fits just about everything I cram into another 8L vest I own. Its a perfect race vest, but a perfect daily driver too. I swapped the 500ml bottles for 600s and they fit fine, the pockets up front defy physics with their capacity,... Read More and the back sleeve fits a 1.5L bladder no problem (probably would fit a 2L too). I stuff a Houdini and gloves into the outer pocket and theres plenty of room to spare. The zippered pocket fits a small first aid, sunscreen, extra snacks, trash, keys, wallet, what have you. If you run with just bottles and no bladder, might as well throw the kitchen sink back there, itll fit. Case in point: I took this pack on a 35 mi run this weekend and easily fit my 12hrs of snacks, jacket, gloves, knife/sunnies/first aid/etc, phone, and 2.7L of water. Pretty heavily laden and still didnt chafe or make my shoulders sore. Honestly I bet this vest would be capable of a fair weather 50 miler or maybe even 100k unsupported so long as you include a good water filter. Just embrace being a jogging bag of snacks. Im in love. Thanks Patagonia!

July 3, 2020

Good Vest but flawed

I love the fit of this vest, I really do but there are some design flaws for such an expensive vest. Patagonia used elastic cord that is knotted to fit over the top of the water bottles that are included as well as to hold the trekking poles in place. The knots on these cords come undone over time (i've had the vest for 4 months.) I lost two o... Read Moref the cords just out on the trail and so now my bottles don't stay in place and bounce around. I have tried knotting the cords again but they just keep coming undone. I think a plastic toggle to keep the cords from coming undone would be great. I plan to call customer service to see what they can do about this issue. Otherwise the bag fits my 6' frame fairly well, as a women I max out the sternum straps which seem to be holding out for now. I can place a phone up front and other items in the back. It's breathable and doesn't really jostle around too terribly. I had higher hopes for this item maybe future versions will be better.

August 3, 2020

Great vest, comfortable fit

I'm 6'5", and bought this vest for a 50k ultramarathon. It took a couple of runs to dial-in the fit, but it's incredibly comfortable, doesn't bounce, and I forget it's there at times. I've added a bladder for longer runs and run the tube through a loop near the left shoulder which keeps it right where I need it. M... Read Morey decision came down to this vest and one that is top-ranked by some of the running mags, but chose Patagonia because of the quality and durability of their products. I have so many Patagonia products with 10-15 years on them that I still regularly use.

April 20, 2020

Great Trail Vest

I love this vest, works really well for the most part and fits like a glove but can someone please explain to me how I'm supposed to attach my traditional adjustable trekking poles to this vest using the bungees to each side of the front of vest? Are these just made for the uber lightweight folding poles?

July 17, 2020

Great Product--Update

This is an update to my review labeled "Great Product". I want to re-iterate that items can fall out of this vest. I was on what turned out to be a 15+ hour wilderness trail run when my new (and never used) Patagonia Storm Racer Jacket fell from the vest and is lost. I had this jacket rolled in the pocket in the hood, then stuffed in this... Read More running vest. I believe it fell out when I took the vest off rather than when I was actually running, but I can't be sure. (As I noted in my initial review, this was the one problem with this vest). I am lucky that the forecast rain showers never manifest, as I was still hours from meaningful shelter when I noticed the raincoat missing. Overall, I am otherwise very happy with this vest. On the 15+ hour trail run, I did not having any significant rubbing, and it carried the weight of my layers and food and water very comfortably. Obviously, in a future iteration, designers need to make sure the stretch pockets hold things securely and reliably.

July 13, 2020

Comfortable, breathable, adaptable

Running in the Hudson Valley summer heat is a challenge. I bought this vest because I needed to carry more water than Id been running with, and my hard flask belt had never really felt great over distance. The Slope Runners new stretchy solution is the best paradigm Ive encountered for running with weight, hands down. Starting with full flasks, I ... Read Moreimmediately felt they were stable, and positioned at a comfortable spot for their weight to interact with my running movement (carrying weight at the hip never felt good). As I drink, I gradually tighten the front cords, and there is never any sloshing or wobbling. Ive had no difficulty with the hooks on the front, its hard to imagine how they could be confusing. The flasks slip right into the pockets, I think because the vest is quite loose and flowy when its off the body. Once you pull it on everything is comfortably snug. The vest is very cool and breathable. Most of my running this summer has been in over 80° weather, and Ive had no temperature discomfort related to the vest. I think this is due to the mesh construction, and the very small footprint on the shoulders. It fits more like a tiny bolero than a life jacket, and I think thats a complete game-changer. Cant say enough good things about the vest. Ill be purchasing a 1.5 liter bladder if my mileage requires it, but Im pretty confident that weight will also ride very stably. The unusual cut of the vest works with the compression cords to really draw everything into a compact bundle.

June 24, 2020

Fantastic Running Vest

Just purchased this vest and have taken it for a couple of 10-15 mile road runs so far. It is a great piece of kit. I'm 6'1" 175lbs and usually wear a 38L in suit coats so thought the medium would be the best size for me but ordered the large because the medium was out of stock and the large fits great. The various elastic cables for... Read More adjusting the fit allow you to get a really secure fit, with very little bouncing even with both bottles full -- so far I've noticed only a *very* slight bounce on downhill sections and not sure any vest could prevent that. The vest is super light and mostly constructed from very breathable mesh, so no issues with overheating. I saw a couple reviews mentioned that the chest hooks can be a little tricky to hook and unhook but I've had no issues there -- and it's worth noting you can move those hooks to different attachment points and even switch them to the other side of the vest if the left-handed orientation of the hook fasteners makes it more difficult to manipulate them. The bottles that come with the vest are fantastic, and I've had no problem getting them in and out of the pockets even when only partially full. The other pockets work well also, and I've given this 5 stars because it absolutely works as advertised, but in an ideal world I'd love a zippered chest pocket that could fit a phone and that is accessible on the go -- I can reach over my shoulder and drop items into the zippered back pocket but it isn't easy to fish my phone out of that pocket while running. (You can jam a large phone into one of the front pockets but it's a tight fit, especially with both bottles full.)

May 26, 2020

Great Product

I used the old Fore Runner Hydration Vest previously for longer runs (no longer made)--needing to carry water, and to a lesser extent food and layers. The new Slope Runner is a huge upgrade, overall. While the carry capacity is smaller than my old running vest, the snug fit and lack of bounce and rubbing is excellent. I've now taken my Slope R... Read Moreunner on several multi-hour distance runs, and it is far more comfortable than the predecessor. Pros: -ability to tighten and loosen the vest and load via tension cords, plus the easily adjusted front closure, is a huge upgrade -I find the included hydration bottles work very well, and fit well to the vest. Cons: -except for the small pocket for phone/cards/keys, the other space is premised on compression of the vest against one's boy. While I've lost nothing while wearing the vest, I have had bulky items fall out when I take the vest off. -this could use more than one secured storage pocket (I like to keep keys and phone separate), but this is not that big a deal. Overall, thanks for a great product!

May 19, 2020

Only needs 1 minor enhancement

I was running a downhill section and some of my nutrition and spare soft flask flew out of the bladder pocket (that I was using for storage). If you would add a small fabric loop (low cost, complexity, and weight) to the top of the zipper pocket the bladder pocket can be held shut utilizing the bladder clip. Other than that I adore the product. Be... Read Morest fit, comfort, and accessibility of any vest I have ever owned. Wonderful product and well worth the cost.

February 25, 2020

I was worried...

I was worried when I first received this vest, I took it out in my long run (20 miles) and the bottle holder elastic bands broke within the first 5 miles. Worried and upset I contacted Patagonia for a replacement and the Manchester Store replaced its straight away (thanks guys). I was also worried about the amount of space the bag can carry, whil... Read Moree I normally don’t carry much. I needed space last week for food, waterproofs, base layer and a few small things. The vest ate it all up and could’ve taken more. 100% would recommend.

February 25, 2020

Worth every penny!

I cannot say enough good things about this vest. I was looking for a product that was comfortable and light-weight, and this was exactly it. It fits around around your body like a glove, and and the hydration system works like a dream. It might be expensive but I promise it was worth the purchase to get the best product on the market.

February 8, 2020

Finally - thank you Patagucci!

I could not be any more ecstatic about the launch of this new hydration vest. Prayed every night to the Patagonia gods to bless us with a product that was not only just as functional, if not more so than the main competitors on the market right now, but also carried the quality that the company is known for. I feel like you guys really hit the nai... Read Morel on the head with the revisions you made from the original Slope Runner. Not only is the colorway more appealing, but the addition of the pole loops, wider front pouches for gels, and relocation of the cell phone pocket to the back makes much more sense. There's also a key hook in said pocket which is nice for added security. Moreover, the adjustment all around wrap your body like a warm hug from your grandma and the front cinch system bodes excels in ways other vests don't. The soft flasks are easy to get in an out and most importantly, stay in place (don't sink down) when in action which is clutch. Since this vest sits higher on the torso than others, it's much easier to hydrate with just a turn of the head instead of having to caress the vest up a bit to grab a drink. It sounds silly, but over the course of a long run, this can get old quick. I've put around 30 miles in the vest so far and can't think of one thing I would change yet. For reference, I'm 6'2", 167 lbs, and have a 37.5" chest. So technically I'm sort of between a Small and Medium and am happy with the Medium I purchased. Since they're missing a sizing chart, here's on that you can off that they used for their old Slope Runner which seems to run true for this one: XS: 30-33"; S: 34-37"; M: 38-41"; L: 42-48"

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