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Longbill Stretch Fit Cap

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Longbill Stretch Fit Cap

May 8, 2019

Excellent Hat for blocking the glare while paddle boarding.

This hat does exactly what i needed. A hat with a longer bill to block out sun glare. The hat also protects my noggin. The fit is sized correctly. It is comfortable to wear in Florida’s hot days too.

April 19, 2019

Bring Back My old Hat!! The star rating I put is for the older version!

I have two of an older version of this that I wore threadbare after at least 20(?) years of use. One of them has a broken plastic buckle. I freakin' LOVED these hats. They weren't some froofty south sea island color, they were a delightful, understated, northern boreal forest green and black-almost an urban camo sort of pattern. I didn&#x... Read More27;t stick out in the bush like some yahoo in a red canoe! I emailed pics of my old friends to the company and the gal referred me here to grouse and said that they listen best here. So, marketing, what's it gonna be. It wasn't broke you should not have "fixed" it!! Many friends have admired and wanted to get this hat. I'm telling you, go back to these, fix the strap deal and you'll sell all you need to sell to make it worth it. At 65 and moderate health I'm pretty sure two more should get me through til I croak. Is that really too much to ask!?

February 20, 2019

Nice Hat But -

I like the hat's long bill, I like the quality material, but ... the fit is a little loose and there is no adjustment so - if the wind picks up on the salt flats...the hat is gone. I am going to return the hat.

November 19, 2018

The Longbill is an essential. Clean air, water, friends, family, and the Longbill!

Long bills are my hat, period. I've probably bought or been gifted between 20 to 30 of them. Seriously! Where does that many hats go? Sometimes I wear them out, but more often they are mistaken as a dog chew toys, loaned or gifted to friends and locals. Just got 5 more to resupply the reserve. These stretch fits are OK, but the strap has user ... Read Moreadvantages as others have mentioned. Yes, constant improvement is a must, but can the designers focus on fabrics or construction or? Bring the strap back please.

June 18, 2018

Why ruin a perfectly good product?

Prior versions of the longbill hat were perfect. It had side-ventilation panels and an adjustable buckle & strap that ensured it stayed put in windy conditions. It had an embroidered tarpon logo that was striking and unique. Its natural color-schemes (olive green,tan,etc.) were appealing. So why discard with all of the features that made the ha... Read Moret attractive and useful and replace it with a degraded version? In bright birthday pastels? Jeez. Bring back the original longbill!

April 26, 2018

Nothing like the old 5 panel hats.

I bought this out of desperation because Patagonia has stopped manufacturing the old 5-panel Fitz Roy welding style hats. These hats were some of the best hats ever made. I wore my old one out to the point I had to throw it out,and this just did not come close to being as comfortable or stylish as the older models. Please bring back the old multi-c... Read Moreolor 5 panel welding hats,there are 1000's of people trying to buy these everyday and you guys are really missing out on sales. I will buy 3 the moment you re-manufacture them. The best color schemes were the split navy/burgundy/tan,and the Olive/green,and the blue/red. PLEASE BRING THE OLD STYLE BACK!

April 21, 2017

Love the Longbill,hate the elastic band

I have used the prior model of the Longbill hat for running with glasses for years,and was on the lookout for a couple of new ones. The old model had a manual cinch,which was replaced with the elastic band. It plain doesn't cut the mustard in any kind of a wind. Had to return them. Please bring the cinch band back! Thank you for your time.

March 18, 2017

Bring Back the Longbill Cap with the Tarpon/Fish!!

The longbill cap with the colorful tarpon/fish logo (instead of the word "Patagonia") was great. I purchased five or six of them a few years ago - I even purchased a couple of the longbill caps in camo. Please bring that design back!!

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