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Patagonia Men's Endless Run Shorts

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Patagonia Men's Endless Run Shorts

Kinda Large
September 16, 2020

Very comfortable

I love these shorts. My only problem is Im a size small, but that doesnt mean Im short the inseam for the small size is way to short. The medium fit perfect on the inseam but the waist is way too loose got to tie drawstring to the max. I had the bouncing problem with the strider pro 5 inch to much bouncing. A lot less bounce with the pockets on the... Read Morese shorts. Just the waist A bit to loose. Recommend 100% to everyone I know.

September 15, 2020

A little weird but I love them.

I run with my phone and wanted to get rid of the awkward running fanny pack. I bought these and the comparable lulu lemon men's surge running shorts with a no-bounce pocket. These are way more comfortable and actually hold the phone whereas in with the lulu lemon's the pocket is a small and is difficult to put the phone in. These shorts c... Read Moreould be a little more supportive but ultimately they are the best running shorts I own now and am always displeased when they're in the wash. Will definitely be buying another pair; but hope they make these with a more supportive liner/ pouch.

September 11, 2020

Fell in love

ive always been a fan of running in speed shorts, instead of short shorts, or even worse longer shorts. these are an amazing happy medium of comfort meets speed short. love the cell phone pocket.

September 8, 2020

Freedom of movement

Im 59 150lbs and the small fits snugly upon first putting them on. During the run they feel perfect. I love the spandex pockets so everything in my pockets stays exactly where I want it. These shorts are perfect in that I dont think about them at all while running, they feel very natural. The pockets are extremely deep, fits my iPhone X no problem.... Read More I look forward to running in these for a long time.

September 4, 2020


The shorts are kind of a weird Frankenshort, but they work Great. At their base they are in a skintight bike type a short. But they have a panel in the front to hide the bulges. I found them very, very comfortable. I also like the way the pockets work. Initially I ordered a medium (I have numerous Patagonias in M that are perfect) and these were ju... Read Morest a bit snug for me. The large is a bit too loose, but preferable to too tight.

September 3, 2020

Do yourself a favor:

Buy these shorts. Theyre incredible & make other running shorts basically obsolete. Extremely well designed: theyre comfortable, the pockets are very thoughtful nothing moves around! and the fit is comfortable similarly, nothing moves around! And theyre not too tight. iPhone 11 Pro Max (the big one) fits easily in one pocket; some snacks & ... Read Moreheadphones in the other; shell, mask, jerky in the back. Well worth the money. Would like to have my old shorts recycled to make more of these

September 3, 2020

Best Running Shorts - Size Up

These are the best running shorts that I have ever run in. The pockets are great. My phone doesn't bounce around feels secure while easy to get in/out. I have a 33" waist so went with the M initially. After trying them on they were a little small so went with the Large instead. I would say I have a typical runner/athletic build.

September 3, 2020

Best running shorts ever worn

I dont write product reviews. These shorts amazing. I rarely hang around in shorts after a run but I am now. Liner is snug but not too tight, panel in front looks slightly odd but serves the purpose and is genius. The side pockets rock. Super ventilated and un-sweaty. No-chaffing comfort. These make other shorts instantly obsolete. Patagonia: wel... Read Morel done. Perfection. Please make this exact pattern with slightly thicker material and pant legs.

September 1, 2020

Solid shorts

New favorite running shorts. Sort-of half-way between leggins and shorts. Comfortable for long runs (10+ miles), no chafing, good deep pockets for phones / keys and the design means you don't feel too 'exposed' or look like (too much of) a try-hard wearing something that's fitted. The materials used seem to hold up well even whe... Read Moren wet which is nice (so even when really sweaty it doesn't feel like you're running around in a wet paper bag). More colors please.

September 1, 2020

Great shorts

Great pair of shorts in you dont want to reveal all.

August 26, 2020

Best Running Shorts

After my first run in these I fell in love. The pockets are the best pockets on any running shorts I've owned. Can't even tell my phone is in them and the way it is oriented in the pocket it does not bind the headphone jack (yes, I still used wired headphones). The fit is nice and snug. Felt like I was wearing nothing at all. I want a pai... Read Morer for everyday so I never have to wear my other running shorts again.

August 25, 2020

Best running shorts, ever

They fit tightly without chafing; the loose fabric at the front is nice so that it doesn't look like I'm running in cycling shorts. I've been doing both city runs and trail runs in the Dolomites in these. I just ordered two more pairs.

August 10, 2020

New Favorite Trail Running Shorts

These are my favorite trail running shorts! The pockets are perfect to carry my iPhone, food, and a shell. The pockets are easy to access while moving and nothing bounces around. Ive run 30+ miles in the mountains with no chaffing. These are my go to shorts!

June 15, 2020

Perfect shorts for running

I am glad I purchased these shorts, as they are terrific for running early morning when the temperature is not that high. I wish the center pocket in the back had a zipper. I run with my ID and building card, along with a key. I bind them altogether with a rubber band. I was worried about losing it. I have a Strider Pro 5-inch which is perfect when... Read More the temperature is high and it has a center pocket in the back with a zipper. Perhaps, in the next version, Patagonia could add a zipper on this excellent shorts.

June 4, 2020

Pretty good, not perfect

I've been trying all kinds of running shorts to replace the 2018 Strider Pro 7 inch, which were hands down the best running shorts (with the boxer liner) I've ever had, but which Patagonia stopped making, for some unknown reason. I had high hopes and expectations for these shorts. Unfortunately, they don't quite meet these expectatio... Read Morens. They are comfortable to wear, they stay in place (nothing rides up while running). However, unlike the Strider Pro mentioned above, they cause chafing; I can run for several hours without chafing on the old shorts, not the case with these, at least not with body glide or chamois cream. My longest run in these so far is about 4 hours. The pockets are mixed for me--they are big, things don't fall out, but I haven't figured how to optimize use like I had with the other model. Overall, 4 starts and not 5 due to these being a small step down from the discontinued product Please bring back the 2018 Strider Pro 7 inch with the boxer liner!

May 19, 2020

Very versatile with one 2.0 suggestion

I love these shorts and the built in features allowing me to leave other waist belts at home. In a 2.0 version I would love these shorts in a 8" considering that they ride up a little bit with all the leg lifting over rocks, roots and bounding from side to side.

May 26, 2020

The best pockets

I love these shorts/tights. They deserve 5 stars for the pockets alone. While they are super comfy, I'd prefer some compression so I could run without underwear on longer runs. As they're designed, I need to wear briefs or boxer brief compression shorts under them, which makes them a bit warm on hot days.

May 3, 2020

Great pockets, terrible styling

The pockets are great and probably better than every other pair of running shorts Ive owned. I frequently carry gloves, arm warmers, a rolled up shirt, my phone, a gopro with mini-tripod, etc. This spring I did virtually all of my runs in these and I have like ten other options in my closet. I dont understand the value of the gray fabric panel ove... Read Morer the front. It looks terrible, especially if youre running shirtless. Kind of like you have a pair of boxer briefs glued onto the front of some regular half tights. I run in my other half tights down into the 30s (F) and have never wished I had that panel, even in a stiff wind. If theres some use case that makes it worth it for some runners, then Id recommend Patagonia just make it match the rest of the fabric so it isnt noticeable. Oh... and some other colorways would be nice!

April 10, 2020

Absolutely in love

These are by far the best shorts I've ever owned. The side pockets are pure genius. Whoever designed these deserves a raise. It's magical - I can put a phone in the pocket and don't even know it's there. No bounce, no bother, no pressure on the thigh. Amazing!

March 4, 2020

Awesome shorts, phone pulls them down.

I got these shorts because I was curious and I wanted to get shorts that could hold my phone. The shorts feel great, they basically feel like running in your most comfortable underwear. The pockets are great and fit my larger phone, keys, etc., with ease. The downside is that the side of the shorts my phone was on kept falling down. I tried tighten... Read Moreing the waist belt, but that didn't seem to work. The phone felt great otherwise (no bouncing)!

March 22, 2020

Great shorts

Love them, great fit and looks

March 8, 2020


Fantastic short tights. Highly recommend, plenty of pockets, great for cool or warmer weather. I do think they could be a little more snug, the deep side pockets could be a little tigher. But these are very minor these shorts are still fantastic! Would be great to see a some different colors from these shorts!

March 4, 2020

My new favorite running shorts

These have replaced my 2018 5" striders. I love these new shorts. They fit nice and do not chaff my inner thighs at all. I took them on back to back long weekend runs and they are just so comfortable. No tugging, no creeping up my legs, and I look pretty good them. I absolutely love the deep pockets, which I use (so far) to hold my iPhone. T... Read Morehe phone rides on the back of my hip. I can feel its there, but is comfortable and held into place by the material.

February 27, 2020

Favorable Innovation

Had been looking forward to trying this product since an early review of their HEK was published in 2019. After multiple runs & hikes I have a favorable opinion of the design. The shorts avoid fabric slap & bunching while providing some wind protection and modesty coverage. The deep side pockets accommodate 4" phone w/ battery case eas... Read Moreily without noticeable sliding or bouncing.

February 24, 2020


Soo good! Like a warm, cozy hug for your junk. I love these things.

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