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Ultralight Black Hole® Sling 8L

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Ultralight Black Hole® Sling 8L

November 26, 2020

Perfect Hiking or Day Pack

I was a little skeptical about the sling concept but this concept (along with the ultralight mini/fanny pack) is perfection. The cell phone holder on the should strap works REALLY well surprisingly and the strap is sturdy yet comfortable. The bag is not huge but can fit plenty of items comfortably. It EASILY CARRIES A WATER BLADDER INSIDE the bag a... Read Morend the shoulder straps easily hold the tubing perfectly for easy access across the shoulder. A great hiking pack or "just in case" foldable pack to bring along for your travels. Pack this sling inside your main backpack to use for smaller shorter day excursions when a backpack is overkill.

November 10, 2020

Perfect every use bag!

I love this bag! I can take it to the gym and put my shoes, AirPods, water bottle and keys in it. I can also take it to the grocery store! Its comfortable for hiking and the front pocket is perfect for my phone. I would recommend this product to anyone! Also, its so easy to pack up and transport.

September 20, 2020


I enjoy this bag because I can put all my essentials in it. For instance, my chapstick, lotion, flashlight, wallet, and gum.

September 9, 2020

Black hole bag

Great bag. Only thing I dont like is I dont have much of a shoulder so strap is a little stiff and big on me but overall great product

September 1, 2020

Fantastic holdet

This is light but still seems sturdy. I like it much better than the older units. Access is easy and much better and useful in size than the older units. I like the colorful look and the light weight. I would definitely buy another and may do so for my wife.

August 30, 2020

Love it but...

Im a fan. It holds a lot and its light and I love the phone pocket on the strap. I had an old Atom sling from a few years ago and the pocket on the strap had a zipper and was small which was essentially useless. I do have a hard time remembering that it needs to go over my left shoulder and for some reason every time I put it on I have to undo the ... Read Moreclasp to wear it properly. But once on its a dream. The only thing I wish it had was a key clip.

June 17, 2020

Perfect fit

I have no qualms about how perfect this pack is for everyday use. I am a minimalist so if your looking to store bigger items or a lot of smaller items you may need a larger bag. That said, for all the necessities for daily life this works perfect. I have my air pods along with my iphone that I no longer have to worry about when it comes to separati... Read Moreon cause it all fits with my external charger too boot!

June 17, 2020

Great Bag - Missing 1 Thing

This is a great bag. Waterproof, light weight, easy to pack and a lot of pockets. Would be better if it had straps or a way to secure a water bottle

June 17, 2020

perfect for cycling

Vibrant color and perfect for cycling and most importantly it uses recycled material

June 17, 2020

Great on-the-go bag

This is the perfect sling-back bag I was looking for. Big enough for a wallet and phone and anything else I may need. Not too bulky and easy to get on and off.

June 17, 2020

Fabulous piece of kit

Love it. Works great

May 3, 2020

Good sling

Wish that the strap from the Atom sling and the main compartment of this bag could be combined. It is pretty roomy but the Atoms zippered and slimmer strap seems more comfortable. This can definitely fit more in the bag itself though. Mine has been super wrinkly since I received it, not sure how to get it to smooth out. Overall a good bag.

March 12, 2020

Functional and light!!

Use this for daily life. Take it to work, mall, hiking, dog walking and etc. really comfortable. It has cell phone pocket in front but it would be better if you guys add snap or velcro. I almost drop my cellphone when i turned my pack to side. overall good quality and functional pack!

March 6, 2020

Nice update, needs thinner strap and tablet slot

I bought several of this bag's predecessor (the Lightweight Travel Sling 7L) and always thought it could use a thin foam pad (like in the Tote series) for the back and strap (the sister Atom series had padding, but gave up on the "lightweight" stuffable aspect). Patagonia eventually discontinued the Lightweight Sling and a couple yea... Read Morers later introduced this Ultralight Black Hole Sling 8L so in a way the current designer is the unofficial successor. Note that although this Ultralight Black Hole is rated 8L I can't freely transfer contents back and forth from my Atom 8L, the Atom seems to have more room. Go figure. And yes, this Ultralight Black Hole now has a foam backpanel and foam strap, but the pendulum has swung too far in the "padding" direction and the foam pads are just too think, they feel thicker (at lease on the strap!) than even the Atom series. You can kind of ignore this in the main body but definitely the strap is overdone. Please Patagonia, next year thin down the strap for sure and even the back panel. Maybe not as thin as in the Lightweight Travel Tote 20L, but definitely get the proportions better! Right now this feels like a portable 6-pack cooler (maybe that's an feature?). The external front panel zipper compartment is now not only extremely usable, it has a zipper slot inside which means a passport will be MUCH more secure, behind double zippers. I really want a laptop sleeve inside the main compartment just like on the Atom. Except in this Ultralight edition I can live without the felt backing on the panel used in the Atom. I think even as current as this Ultralight Black Hole is, the iPads upsized again and mine won't fit, so perhaps Paty should upsize the rear panel a little to hold the now-standard 2019 iPad size, which size is also used for the Air 3, Pro 11, and Apple keyboard cover so I'm betting this size will be stable for a long time. Sure would help if Patagonia could upsize enough to allow the iPad panel to "suspend" the bottom edge of the iPad off the ground. I bought one of these in black and the current main advantages over the "standard" Atom are the more useful exterior zipper panel (and interior to that, the zipper pouch), PLUS water resistance. The Atom 8L actually holds more and has that supernice, fleece lined tablet slot, BUT no place to put a modern sized phone anymore - the exterior slot is Chapstick-sized. Finally, on this Ultralight Black Hole, the key leash should really be in the main compartment. Who had the bright idea to make a compartment suitably sized for a phone then invite us to leash our keys in there too?

February 26, 2020

Must be worn over your right shoulder

I love this bag, however I always wear slings (for babies too) across my left shoulder so I can use my right hand to alter or move the sling. I simply can not get used to the sling being on the opposite side. It's unfortunate they didn't design this bag so you could alternate shoulders.

January 22, 2020

Fits my specific needs

I run/fast-hike in a place that is very exposed to wind. I sweat heavily so, whatever high tech fabric I wear, it is soaked after an hour. My route is usually less than 2 hours, max 3 hours, starting in less wind-exposed areas and ending up in a totally wind exposed area, which is especially dangerous when temps are in the teens in winter and winds... Read More are in the 20+ mile range. I don't want to wear a pack. All I need is my Micro Puff Hoody as a wind proof and warm insulator, an extra mid-layer for change into a dry base layer mid-run/hike, my phone, an extra hat (the first one gets soaked, too, sorry to be graphic) and Cliff shots as a reserve (almost never needed in < 2 hour runs, same goes for water). My Micro Puff is a size XXL, mid-layer an XL. Both fit with room for a very small H2O bottle, thin gloves, spare hat and hand-warmers to spare. If you use it to its full capacity, it packs all of the above. I was worried about this thing bouncing on my back but I don't see the need for this sling to require a cross-strap to stabilize it on your back, at least for me (6'5"). I am very happy with it. It gives me the extra clothing I need during a 2-3 hour run/fast hike and is very unobtrusive and practical as you just rotate it around your torso to the front to get access on the run. As others have stated, the front phone pocket is of limited use as the phone falls out if you rotate the sling from the back to your chest to get access. A small button or very small clip, over even better a small pocket opposite and overlapping the phone pocket and made of the same material as the existing front pocket to stop the phone from falling in the other direction out would be great and only 0.000001 $ of additional investment for Patagonia. Not well thought out but knowing this I just put my phone into one of the main compartments, no problem. Very happy with this for my specific use, although there may be many others.

December 31, 2019

Solid low weight item

This is a handy alternative to a fanny pack. More comfortable to me

December 27, 2019

Gift for niece

My niece loved it. It's light and comfortable.

December 5, 2019


too much padding, minor issue, but the big issues is that if you use the phone holder on the strap when the bag is on your back and move the bag to the front to open it the phone fell out and I lost a brand new iPhone, this is a big opps designed flaw. if the elastic would have been made tighter this would not have happened.......who did ok this in... Read Moreto production without trying to use it with a phone in the phone holder........DO NOT USE THE PHONE HOLDER...............would have given it a 5 star otherwise

December 4, 2019

Great quality but performance came up short

I originally purchased the atom sling online for a trip to Japan. Before I got it in the mail I had an opportunity to compare the atom with the black hole sling in store and decided to exchange the atom for the Black hole. The atom bag did not fit my cell phone in the front strap pocket (Google pixel 3). The black hole fit my cell phone but it didn... Read More't secure it very well. The first time I wore the bag and pulled the bag to the side to access the main compartment, my phone went flying. So I didn't end up using the strap pocket after all. The bag was terrific other than that small flaw. However, that's was a main reason for me to choose it over the atom and a main reason I choose a sling bag versus a crossbody in general. So I am still in search of the perfect travel companion sling bag.

Response from Patagonia
December 26, 2019

We are sorry to hear that the design didn't quite hit the mark in some aspects. We thank you for the feedback as it is incredibly helpful. Please note, if you decide that you are unsatisfied with it, you are welcome to [send]( it back to us.

November 29, 2019

Terrific Sling Holder

We second all the good things others have said!

November 13, 2019

Appropriately named

I ordered this product for an upcoming trip to Mexico. The things that I like about it are the comfort, security, and light weight. It’s very easy to wear. BUT, it really is a black hole! No matter the size or weight of the things I put in this bag, every time I want something from it, the object of desire is at the bottom of the bag. I don’t overl... Read Moreoad it, and put small stuff in the smaller sections, larger stuff in the biggest section. Still, I have been frustrated wherever I go by needing to empty the section in order to find “that one thing”.

October 29, 2019

Perfect walk-to-work bag

This bag is comfortable, holds lunch and essentials for the day, and keeps my phone handy and secure. The zippered compartments are also easy to get to en route without having to take the bag off--super well-designed. I love it.

October 19, 2019

Awesome travel bag

I bought the ultralight for a trip to Greece. It did not let me down. I LOVE the inner hidden pocket - I was able to store my passport without the worry of it being stolen! Genius design. It fit so much - sweater, pashmina, iPad mini, toiletry bag, and chargers, etc. The mesh phone holder on the strap was fantastic and upgrade over my previous Pata... Read Moregonia crossbody backpack that did not fit my phone. I’ll be using this bag for work now too! This bag was a total win for me and is my new favorite bag!

October 17, 2019

Perfect little bag

This bag was so perfect for our day excursions it held my rain jacket and my hydro flask in the main compartment along with my other essentials (small coin purse, sunscreen, and wet wipes) the separate pouch for your phone was really nice too so you don’t have to go digging around in the main pockets to take a quick photo. I will definitely be usin... Read Moreg this bag all the time for my hikes!

October 12, 2019

It’s a nice sling

I really Like the the layout of this sling, but I do much prefer the zip pocket on the strap of the atom sling. The bag arrived folded up inside itself but it’s very wrinkly now. Trying to un-shake and get it smoothed out- wish it wasn’t so wrinkly.

October 2, 2019

Great pack for average Dad

Already have an old model of Patagonia 8L Atom pack. Saw this Ultralight Black Hole Sling online and thought some of the design features would be worth the upgrade. Similar to other Black Hole items I have, love how light the sling is itself - so it doesn’t add to weight of overstuffed pack. Compared to Patagonia 8L Atom sling, the zipper lengths s... Read Moreeem to be bigger so easier to access and stuff compartments. Also the seperate small zippered pocket within outside zippered pocket adds some layer of security if wallet, phone, keys etc need to be stowed in pack. Use the sling mostly as Dad bag for weekend activity with 4 yo kid - where I have to carry things. Can easily pack spare clothes, 24 oz Hydroflask, snacks within big back pocket - with 2 iphones, wallet, and keys in small secure zip pocket - leaving the entire outsode zip pocket for whatever else. I would recommend this bag for all Dads with small kids.

September 19, 2019

Great sling!

I love the sling! It actually has an additional little zip pocket so there are 3 compartments which is super helpful.

September 10, 2019

Why make a collapsible bag with so much padding?

if the bag had thinner padding on the back and less padded area on the strap it would be much more useful for travel as it would "fold" down to maybe half the area... several of your products have the same issue (excessive padding).. generally your "lightweight" products have less.. not sure why this 8L pack has so much (returni... Read Moreng item now as it's not what i wanted)

September 9, 2019

Fits iPhone XR, great carry

Fits iPhone XR, great carry all

September 7, 2019

Significant update of the former Lightweight Travel Sling (which has been long discontinued)

It's a shame Patagonia has begun throwing around the "Black Hole" name willy-nilly - to me it used to mean "glossy exterior coating" and now it means - what? Be that as it may, the Black Hole Ultralight Sling is a terrific re-invention of the long-discontinued Lightweight Travel Sling. And no, it isn't glossy rain-shel... Read Morel coated, it's a siliconized exterior treatment. Unlike the 40d, unlined, Lightweight Travel Sling, this Black Hole Ultralight Sling is 70d and lined. Unlike the flimsy mesh only shoulder strap on the former Lightweight Travel Sling, this Ultralight has a shoulder strap as well padded as the one or the more robust Atom sling. Here are some other ways the new Black Hole Ultralight Sling is more robust than the former Lightweight Travel Sling: * The nylon fabric is now 70d instead of 40d. * The Lightweight Travel Sling was unlined and unpadded, essentially a stuff sack with a shoulder strap sewn on. The Black Hole Ultralight Sling is fully lined (except, arguably, the single panel separating the main compartment from the lid compartment - but then, that panel is what appears to be thicker 200d polyester). * The Black Hole Ultralight Sling has two layers of foam padding on the rear body-side panel (the Lightweight Travel predecessor had none) - corner to corner is high density foam sandwiched in between the exterior 70d ripstop and the interior 70d ripstop. Then, for breathability, a breathable foam mesh pad is sewn over the 70d ripstop rear panel. It extends to within about an inch of the rear panel perimeter. * The Ultralight much more rectangular (which makes it suitable for carrying a 9.7" iPad) than the former Lightweight Travel Sling, which was so tear-drop shaped you couldn't possible close the main compartment zipper on an iPad. * The shoulder strap is well-shaped and well-padded, contoured, as good as on the Atom. It also has two layers of foam, the structural dense foam (thicker than the main compartment foam) wrapped in what looks like 200d polyester, then a breather foam mesh pad on the body side of the strap. The strap also has an expandable fine mesh slot on the front, with ample two-way stretch, and it easily stretches to hold my iPhone Plus. * The secondary compartment - the "lid" portion - is finally meaningfully sized. It's big enough to hold an iPad mini, Nexus 9, and typical 8" Android or Amazon tablet. * As best as I can tell, the fabric panels forming the secondary compartment are differentially cut so that even if you stuff the main compartment full, there will still be space in the secondary compartment. This is much better than the flat cut zipper slots in the current Atom and the former Lightweight Travel Sling. * The secondary compartment has a large, useful interior zipper pocket, which also serves as a stuff sack when turned inside out. I don’t recommend re-stuffing this for travel, it is actually just as efficient, if not more efficient, to lay it out flat in your luggage. I think the only time the stuff sack matters is Patagonia’s convenience in shipping and the retailers’ convenience in hanging on display racks. The display rack hang-loop doubles as the key ring leash when the bag is unstuffed from shipping mode. * The materials tag inside the bag says “100% nylon” but the website says polyester is used for the lining. As far as I can tell from appearance and touch, the following portions of the bag are 200d, non-ripstop, polyester: (1) the panel dividing the main and secondary compartments, (2) the stuff sack (which forms the zipper slot in the secondary compartment when un-stuffed), and (3) the shoulder strap. The entire exterior of the bag exclusive of shoulder strap is 70d nylon ripstop (with the caveat that the rear panel has the mesh wicking panel on top of it), the sides are 70d nylon ripstop, and the exterior top panel is double layer 70d nylon ripstop. In other words, this seems robust enough for every day urban use. The Atom still holds the edge, but the Ultralight looks hipper, and only "costs" about 4 ounces in additional weight. I’d like to see some o-rings or other attachment points inside the main compartment for snapping a typical travel pouch to. I’d like to see a thin, unpadded panel to hold an iPad 9.7 in place - the Atom has a lightly padded, half-height panel. I’d like to see a two-way zipper for the main compartment, so I can use a ziptie or locking micro carabiner to lock the zipper tabs together for a little security if I use this during my air transits instead of stowing it in checked luggage. Given the relatively small weight difference between the Atom and the Black Hole Ultralight Sling - only about 4 ounces - the Atom is probably the more durable choice urban use, but it's not as good for travel because it won't flatten out as well as the Black Hole. This is well worth checking out. If it had an iPad slot I would rotate out my current EDC Atom and use this. As it stands, this new Ultralight is going in my checked luggage for my next overseas trip to use EDC when I hit the ground.

September 1, 2019

Needs a water bottle holder to be perfect

Was looking at a very light travel bag that could also be worn securely. This looked perfect. Just the right size, can be worn in front as well for security. just missing an outside pocket to carry a water bottle. Who wouldnt want to carry a water bottle in a sling? A pain to carry 2 slings, one for a water bottle. Please add a water bottle holder ... Read Moreplease. It would then be perfect!

August 31, 2019

Love it

I love my sling bag. The color is great, the size is prefect for daily use. and the front pocket for my phone is very convenient. I have a 17 months old baby. It’s nice to have both hands free.

August 26, 2019

Sling backpack

I really love the size of this, however it is a left shoulder device which I am having a hard time getting used to. Also needs to have a handle for easy scoop & groan to carry along. I am going to have one sewn on.

August 25, 2019

Ultralight Black Hole® Sling 8L

This bag is my go-to bike commute bag. It’s comfortable and waterproof so carrying a tablet in Southwest Colorado on a bike is no problem. It also is sleek! I would recommend this bag!

August 20, 2019

5 stars!

It is amazing just how compact this sling is when it arrives. It has terrific carrying capacity for such a small bag thanks to the multi-compartment design. I was confused by the two-tone color choice I made - Ink Black- mistaking it for the all Black model also offered. But it’s nice anyway. Immediately purchased another sling in Plum color as a g... Read Moreift. It was a huge hit!

August 15, 2019

Wonders for dumbbells

I take this sling walking for short distances and can hold my three pound dumbbells so conveniently!

August 13, 2019

Sling bag

Nice and lightweight with adequate storage. Only “con” is that it has a tendency to slip off shoulder. Would definitely recommend.

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