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Patagonia Men's Nano-Air® Hoody

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Patagonia Men's Nano-Air® Hoody

Kinda Large
August 16, 2020

Best thing ever

Possibly my favorite piece of technical gear to date. Very breathable and versatile. I like the tight-fitting hood, making it very user friendly with other technical gear. Highly recommend this for alpine exploring.

July 13, 2020

Durable all-rounder

I use this jacket for climbing in colder temps and alpine climbing in the high sierra where the granite is really gritty and tears through clothing. This piece has held up very well. Wish they put less insulation so it would be slightly cooler and more breathable but other than that its a perfect hybrid midlayer thats super durable.

June 26, 2020

Good fit, great color, just as warm as old model.

I have the old model, this one is much thinner and the same warmth level. I really like the fit and the color. I got it on sale which made it even more appealing. Thank you Patagonia for make such good clothing!

June 17, 2020

Super warm and fits comfortable

Jacket fits me perfectly and is very warm.

June 17, 2020

Warm and easily packable

I love this jacket. It beads up light rain which is perfect for when I take it on the bike so I dont have to put on a rain jacket.

June 10, 2020

6-Year Review

Currently lounging in my 2014 purple/red Nano-Air, looking at one of several tenacious tape patches. This hoody and I have been through a lot together. I would have checked every box in the I use this product for: field except surfing if more than three choices were allowed. Hands down most comfortable and versatile piece of clothing Ive ever own... Read Moreed. Im visiting the site to pick up a new one to be a little more socially presentable while I continue wearing ol faithful for work/grubby activities. Now Im hesitant on picking up a new one seeing that the zipper flap and waste cinch-cord are gone. Not too concerned about the omission of the right hand(second) chest pocket that Ive never used. This hoody is, absolutely, the best and I hype it whenever Im asked about it but, I feel like removing the flap and cord are deal breakers. Throw these two features back in and Ill buy a new one in a heartbeat!

Response from Patagonia
June 12, 2020

We really appreciate the great feedback, Eric! We'll be happy to [help]( you select a different product that may suit your needs, so don't hesitate to reach out to us.

May 31, 2020

Great Mid-Weight Jacket

5'8", 160lbs. I am typically warmer than the average person and this is perfect. I bought this jacket because i needed something more than my R1 as a skiing underlayer and would vent extra heat when i went hiking. Performed perfectly for hiking and I can't wait to try it out skiing next season. I went with the hood as none of my othe... Read Morer insulating jacket have one. Medium for me fits great in the body with enough room to fit another layer if I need to, and just a little long in the sleeves. I'm moving to Alaska and I can't wait to use this more!

May 27, 2020

4 seasons favorite

Working in the mountains I don't have a lot of space for superfluous doodads, I like to keep it simple. This jacket has seen me to many summits and through cold jungle nights. Feels almost like an old cotton hoody but manages to be warm even when wet, and looks cute at the bar after a long trip. Only drawback is I'd love to see a little m... Read Moreore space in the hood for a helmet. 120lb female, mens XS is the perfect fit.

February 21, 2020

What happened to the zipper storm flap?

A few years ago, I bought the original version of the Nano Air hoody and fell in love with it. It instantly became my favorite all around jacket due of its combination of excellent breathability, soft stretchy comfort, warmth, decent wind resistant, good looking, style, light weight, and the quality construction and attention to detail that I have ... Read Morecome to expect from Patagonia. It has been amazing so far. Last fall, while hiking in the Desolation Wilderness, I managed to tear a hole in the arm of my original jacket. While waiting for the warranty repair, I decided to buy a brand new Nano Air hoody. Unfortunately, I have found that quality has significantly deteriorated in the latest models. A couple days after receiving it, I wore my new NanoAir for the first time to go hiking at Crater Lake. Very quickly I realized that something was very different about this jacket. Whereas my old jacket was comfy, the zipper on the new jacket felt uncomfortable and cold on my neck. After close inspection, I realized that the new jacket was missing the standard "wicking interior storm flap and zipper garage at chin for next-to-skin comfort"! I consider an interior zipper storm flap to be a basic and essential feature for a high quality piece of technical mountain gear. My original Nano Air had a storm flap. My Nano Puff has a zipper flap, essentially every other Patagonia insulated jacket including the Micro Puff, the Macro Puff, Down Sweater, etc. also has one, as well as all of my other high end outdoor jackets. The lack of a zipper storm flap is one of the reasons I don't buy the $30 insulated jackets at the big box stores. Skimping on the storm flap was a HUGE mistake and is the Achilles heel of this jacket. Because of the missing storm flap, I find that a vertical line running behind the zipper down my neck and chest get cold either at 50F and below with only a light breeze, or below 40F even with no breeze. It feels exactly like a cheap-o kids sleeping bag where the lack of a zipper baffle lets cold air rush in and hot air escape. I find myself continually checking to see if the jacket is zipped, only to find that it already is fully zipped up. Although skimping on this essential feature has provided no noticeable improvement in breathability when exercising hard, it has completely killed the wind performance and warmth so that you lose heat in the worst places along your neck and chest. As a result of the missing zipper flap, I find that I don't trust this jacket to protect me on a serious alpine adventure the type for which it is purportedly designed. Though it is ok when you are climbing hard and the wind is not blowing on your chest, the uneven warmth is annoying. There are times when you want to be comfortable in this jacket without working up a sweat. Like when you stop on the way for a snack or at the top of a peak, or early in the morning or late in the evening around camp. Or even walking across campus or biking to my office. I don't understand the logic. If you ever need to cool down or let more heat out of a jacket with a storm flap, you could just unzip, rather than having the zipper leak heat all of the time. There is nothing you can really do to warm up your chest and neck. Ok, yes, I could wear a scarf. But this is not why I buy Patagonia. Or I could put a Gore-Tex shell over it when climbing in light wind. However, rain jackets don't breathe that well, defeating the purpose of the Nano Air. My old Nano Puff is windproof yes, but you can't really hike hard in it (unless you want to sweat like mad) and I am not going to carry two insulated jackets on backpacking trip. My new Nano Air is a gorgeous jacket with a major Achilles heel the missing storm flap. Because I can't rely on it to keep me uniformly warm, I am in a position where there is no place for it in my pack. As such, it is essentially a very expensive sweatshirt, great for hanging out in the house on a chilly evening but I really don't want to even wear it across campus as it just puts me in a bad mood thinking about the cold line down my neck and chest. Finally, one more thing, relatively minor in comparison, that I find strange is that people have complained about pilling in the original jacket. My original Nano Air has not pilled. The new one however, began to pill after the first few wears. After 3-4 months of very light use, it looks like an old jacket. Overall, I am very disappointed and dissatisfied with my new Nano Air Hoody. If I didn't think so highly of Patagonia, I question whether removing these essential features was cost saving measure or even a deliberate measure to compromise the wind and warmth performance of this jacket in order to protect other jackets in the product line. In fact, the latest 2020 Nano Air model has even less features. It no longer has the drawstring in the waist and thus would let even more cold air in. It is also missing the second chest pocket. Bottom line: My 2019 model Nano Air Hoody is essentially a very expensive piece of casual wear that mostly hangs in my closet. I hope that Patagonia adds the zipper storm flap and waist drawstring back in, otherwise I will not be buying anymore Nano Air jackets.

February 18, 2020

My second skin

My favorite outerwear, from climbing icy chutes to the office, this thing is the overall best outerwear I have owned. It will take pretty significant branch strikes when skiing with no tears. Soft and comfortable keeps you just a tad warm but not hot. Drys in minutes it seems like. Perfect slim fit. I got the large, 5'10" 175 probably cou... Read Moreld have gone medium but it would have been pretty tight for me.

February 18, 2020

Nano air hoody

Honestly I’m sad it took me so long to purchase this jacket. I’ve owned a lot of Patagonia jackets over the years and this is suddenly my “go to” jacket. Most comfortable/practical jacket I own. Buy one!

February 14, 2020

Great jacket, right amount of

Great jacket, right amount of warmth, but still very breathable. So comfortable to wear as stretchy and is now my go to jacket to wear everyday. Having other Patagonia jackets, where in general I have to go to large as the mediums are tight around the shoulders, this is a great fit in medium.

February 1, 2020

Favorite Daily Jacket

If you’re looking for daily hoody or jacket that is warm but light, this is it. It’s incredibly comfortable and has a bit of stretch to it. During winter I alternate between this and my M’s Down Sweater Hoody, but this one is a lot less puffy and looks better with jeans and stuff. You could easily use this as a fall/winter running jacket as well, a... Read Mores it’s extremely versatile. This jacket is thinner than the down sweater, but not nearly as thin as the nano puff. It’s a great in-between, and works really well for casual wear, but I’ll be taking it backpacking as well. Highly recommend!

February 1, 2020

What happened the the hybrid version

Why did Patagonia stop selling the hybrid version of this hoody? And why did they do away with the thumb hole slit in the cuff?? I thought that was the best design ever for a thumb hole. I was ready to buy 3 more so I would always have one in case they stopped selling it!! Guess I was too late. I have the hoody and non hooded version and I wear the... Read Morem every single day. Best piece of clothing I ever had and most versatile for layering also!

January 30, 2020

Warm for what it's meant for, no sizing issues

Very warm late spring/summer/ jacket. Great for running in the fall/winter as well due to it's great breathability. No sizing issues with the forearms or tightness in the shoulder. Got my normal size and was fine and I have especially broad shoulders.

January 27, 2020

The sleeves/cuff on this are not stretchy.

Great jacket, but my biggest peeve about it (still deciding if it's a dealbreaker or not) is that the cuffs on these are not stretchy. Which means it's a pain in the butt to pull the sleeves up, even just to wash your hands. Hot and want to roll up your sleeves? Forget about it. Definitely try it on before you buy, especially if you typic... Read Moreally like to pull your sleeves up.

January 24, 2020

My Go-To Jacket

This is my main go-to jacket for almost every trip. I wore the heck out of this thing recently in Antarctica climbing Vinson Massif. It’s awesome for those days when you’re working hard and need something breathable with good range of motion and a nice hood. I layered the Grade VII on top when it got super cold and it worked out to be a perfect sys... Read Moretem.

January 19, 2020

True perfect fit. No overheating

True perfect fit. No overheating during activity compared to insulated windproof jacket

January 7, 2020

Nano air hoody

Properly dependable and versatile kit. Great for damp chilly English weather right now. Pretty much living in it!

January 3, 2020

Nano air hoody

I managed to pick one of these hoody’s up on my travels in south Australia! No regrets, incredible light but also so warm, warmer than any standard hoody you’ll buy yet half the weight. Fits perfect and I struggle with a decent fit as I’m slim and tall. Doesn’t ride up at the back at all. Great for travel and all adventures. I wouldn’t normally spe... Read Morend this much on a hoody but I got a little excited in the Patagonia shop, but haven’t been disappointed at all! The more I wear it the happier I am that I got it!

December 31, 2019

Good, But...

Another great product ! The only negative is that the hood is not large enough to fit over my ski helmet.

December 29, 2019


My son likes the fit and the HOOD!!!!!

December 29, 2019

Nice and warm

Although thin, still warm. Works well under waterproof as well.

December 25, 2019

Not a fan

Love Patagonia - never had anything negative to say about any of their stuff Adore the company. However, had a night and day experience when comparing the prior nano air hoody jacket I had from 2016 (which I unfortunately had stolen and required replacing) and now. This jacket is just really unsatisfying. Less insulation, really tight - almost unco... Read Moremfortable - fit, wrists aren’t sinched. Just doesn’t feel as good, and wonder how and why designers drifted away from such a perfect design in 2016 to whatever they put together for this jacket. Only gave this two stars instead of one because I didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but still wanted to get my point across. While this jacket I’m sure would make plenty of people happy and satisfied, it is far inferior to it’s predecessor that I absolutely loved and adored wearing and could depend on for any activity, in any climate, and I hope they update/reboot this design in the future. In the meantime, had to go with an arcteryx jacket, only because it was the closest thing I could find to the old nano air jacket.

Response from Patagonia
January 17, 2020

Hi Brian, thanks for taking the time to write us a review! We're sorry to hear about the disappointment with the revisions made to the Nano-Air Hoody. Feedback like this is crucial to improving products for future season so it's truly appreciated. We've passed this along to our design crew!

December 22, 2019

Why does Patagonia discontinue their great products?

I've had the non hoodie version for years and it has been amazing on tracks throughout the world as well as just using as a regular coat at home. Start looking at the hoodie version for my Kilimanjaro hike and discovered that it seems to be discontinued without a viable new alternative. the weight comfort and rehability of this jacket or great... Read More snowshoeing in Yellowstone at -4 degrees Fahrenheit and hiking up to Everest Base camp. Get one of these before they're gone

December 21, 2019

Love this Jacket

Great mid weight piece to wear alone or layer with a shell and baselayer. I wear my Nano Air Hoody everywhere, very warm for the weight but what makes this piece so great is how well it breaths. I never feel over heated or clammy. If i layer with a shell (Snowdrifter Jacket) I'm comfortable at 40 degrees down to below zero temps.

December 18, 2019

SANTA could use this on his many journeys

Totally satisfied with its insulating and breathable qualities.Its only Achilles heel is no drawcord at waist.Super lightweight and of course a little pricey but since its recycled it works for me in my beliefs and practices.Good Job TEAM PATAGONIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 16, 2019

Nano Air - goto layer

Great fit, super light weight. Warm with minimal pack size. My goto layer. Under a waterproof if its raining and cold or on its own if its just a bit chilli!

December 15, 2019


I'm really happy with this jacket. It's very light, very comfortable, warm down to 30F wearing just a t-shirt underneath. I'm 6'3, 175 and the M fits great - long and a comfortably trim fit.

December 11, 2019

Awesome layer. Works as intended.

Awesome layer. Works as intended. Can keep it on for strenuous uphill and layer up on top of it when reaching the top. Wide temperature range performance and a great casual wear piece to cap it off!

December 3, 2019

My go-to Layer

I wore this jacket for over 100 days of skiing last season, as well as over 40 days at sea. It regulates warmth better than any layer I have used and performs even when wet, drys fast. When I start to warm up on the hike up I take off my shell layer and rock the Nano-Air. Its able to keep me warm from the cold air, yet is supper breathable and keep... Read Mores me from getting overheated and damp. The thermodynamic performance of the product is exceptional, however the material used pills when used extensively underneath a shell layer. This means small balls of the material begin to form on the areas where there is extensive abrasion.

November 26, 2019

A do everything kind of jacket

I have been using this jacket for at least 5 years now and the material is soft and breathable, yet durable. Very impressed and it's a favorite of mine. It really lives up to its active use comfortability. I’ve used it countless times now from cross country skiing in 5 degree weather, alpine summits, bike commuting on cold mornings to being my... Read More daily for field work year round in the PNW. It is capable of doing it all. It runs a little large if you want that close technical fit so I sized down.

November 22, 2019

Perfect for active use in a chilly environment

This hoody does exactly what I need it to. I don't overheat when hiking a gnarly approach, and I don't get cold when I'm belaying. Very comfortable material, not nearly as crinkly/crunch as other Patagonia Puffys I've owned in the past. Unfortunately, it already has a small hole on the cuff, but I'm hard on gear and knew th... Read Moreat going in.

November 22, 2019

Lightweight and comfortable but a little too snug (order up a size for a muscular frame)

If you have any bulk (muscle or fat) on your torso and arms, you will want to order up a size. The jacket is lightweight and comfortable. I prefer this material over the nano puff jacket (which I also have) but the cut of the nano puff is much better.

November 22, 2019

Exactly right

Light enough to fit under a raincoat and warm enough to wear alone. This has been my daily fall jacket and can even hike without getting overheated.

November 19, 2019


This jacket is insane. The fit is insane. The warmth it provides is insane but you won’t overheat. I own a nano and micro and those serve their purposes in their own way but this is now my go to jacket.

November 15, 2019

Just what the doctor ordered

I absolutely love this jacket. The price is outrageous, but I was able to couple a gift card into the budget and I haven't been disappointed. The fabric and fill is as described, incredibly lightweight with truly surprising warmth. I was between sizes of a Medium and Large, as I am proportionally lanky at 6'3" but have built some upp... Read Moreer body mass and weigh 215 lbs. The large was simply too big and baggy for a jacket I plan to wear layers over. I decided to go with the medium, as a great, form-fitting and flattering layering jacket, that I can wear a microfleece hoodie and shirt underneath, for a tremendous amount of warmth and movement, without being bogged down by traditional "puffy" jackets. And, it still gives the ability to keep adding layers on top as needed. The fire red is a stellar color. Can't recommend enough.

November 14, 2019

I'm VERY happy. I had

I'm VERY happy. I had a previous version of this jacket, but it got completely destroyed from wearing a backpack. I've worn this near daily for the past month, and no pilling or rips on the back anymore. Great job fixing that issue, Patagonia, and thank you for making such a wonderful jacket.

November 13, 2019

Love it but...

To me the Patagonia sizing seems a bit slimmer this year. I love the Nano-Air but wish it weren't quite so long.

November 11, 2019

Great jacket

Great jacket

November 9, 2019

Great fit. I particularly like

Great fit. I particularly like the fit. It's warm, but not hot, and the fabric is soft, but doesn't feel light duty.... I've worn it quite a bit now and love it.

November 7, 2019

great mid-layer...believe the hype

I'm really impressed with this current iteration of the nano-air. More durable, more weather resistent, but yet still super breathable. I've worn it in a variety of conditions, and only really needed to unzip and take off once during a particularly warm and strenuous scramble

November 5, 2019

Best Hoodie I've ever owned

This jacket rocks.

November 4, 2019

Great jacket!

This is a great jacket for rock climbing and hiking in! It kept me warm while I was belaying and taking a break and let enough heat out while I climbed and hiked. My only minor complaint is that granite is not very friendly to the material so I already have a small tear but it was easy to patch up!

November 4, 2019

Great Product

By far one of my new favorite pieces of clothing.

November 3, 2019

Another one bites the dust

I loved last years version. The only problem with it, was that it pilled. I purchased this years model and was disappointed at the changes. The hood and hem no longer had a tight seal. Very key. The fit was boxier and the insulation seemed thinner. Took away a zippered chest pocket as well. I shipped it back and hope they revive last years version.... Read More

Response from Patagonia
November 21, 2019

Hi John! Thanks for taking the time to share this feedback with us. We're really sorry to hear about the disappointment with the revisions. Feedback like this is crucial to improve products for future seasons so we'll pass this along to our design crew!

October 27, 2019

Great mid layer for the

Great mid layer for the mountain or causual wear for town.

October 20, 2019

Perfect Hoody for cooler temperatures

While the purpose is to be a mid layer hoody, I have quite often worn it without a jacket and it kept me warm in cooler temperatures and was excellent against cool breezes. It does feel like a very nice sleeping bag as one other person wrote.

October 15, 2019

Nano-Air Hoody

I absolutely love Patagonia products, and what they stand for as a company! The new Nano-Air is a great jacket, but there's one thing that puzzles me. There's no drawstring at the waist. For the life of me I cannot understand why they would have removed them since my previous Nano-air's all had them. Fit is much better than previous ... Read Moreyears though throughout the shoulders and chest. The grey with red zipper is an amazing combination, and couldn't resist getting a new one. I'm 5'10", and 170 lbs. Not the buffest dude, but athletic, and the jacket doesn't pull up my sleeves like previous mediums did.

October 14, 2019

Great Cold Weather Piece

I live in Maine. We get good winters. This is one of the most used pieces in my winter wardrobe. Great stand alone from 30-50F if I want temperature regulation and breathability, as long as the weather isn’t too gnarly. I never feel too hot or too cold in this. It moves moisture away more than any other moderately insulating piece that I’ve used wh... Read Moreich helps keep me at a comfortable temp throughout the activity. It’s also super comfortable and stretchy. I also use it as a mid-layer in a three piece system in colder temps below 20F. It works particularly well with a more breathable soft shell like the old Knifeblade or even the R1 techface jacket when it’s breathability can be complimented by the shell. I’ve owned it for 18 months and used heavily for inbounds skiing, nordic and winter hiking. No pilling yet! Great quality cold weather piece.

October 4, 2019

Perfect mid layer!

Just spent a few days climbing in the high Sierras with this jacket, and it does it’s job perfectly! It kept me warm but still breaths nicely (breaths a tiny bit better than the arcterex version, which I used a couple months ago to summit Mt. Whitney). It’s not only great for mountaineering, but I’ve been wearing around San Francisco and it looks g... Read Moreood too. Really soft and comfortable, the only drawback is after the first use I’ve got a dozen or more small snags in the arms, but I guess that’s to be expected climbing up granite with it. I’m a tall athletic woman, and like with most brands, I end up ordering a men’s extra small. It’s a great fit, long enough for my body and arms and not too bulky in the hips

October 1, 2019

Good Layer for Winter Climbing

This jacket is a great layer. It's the right level of warmth without being heavy or un-breathable. Additionally it's very comfortable, likely wearing a cozy synthetic sleeping bag on your upper body. I've used this jacket primarily in the desert during the winter for climbing – it's a perfect jacket to throw on when belaying in ... Read Morecooler temps; however, if the wind is whipping, I'd recommend a shell as well, it's not super windproof. This jacket thrives from 35º-50º F (in my opinion). I do have two complaints that keep this review at 4 stars. 1) the fit is awkward for me; I'm 5'9" 150lbs and I was caught between the small and the medium; the small was too tight in the chest, but the sleeves on the medium are suuuper long, it's like it's built for someone with a +6" ape index. I ended up getting the medium, because the small would've been to restrictive (both in movement and in layering underneath), but every time I wear the jacket I get annoyed at the sleeve length. 2) related to the fit, the elastic at the sleeve cuff is terrible, it has barely any elasticity, so if I try to pull the sleeves up when climbing to get them out of the way, they slide down immediately. Overall I've gotten a lot of use out of this jacket, but when I wear through this one I'll likely look towards a different brand with a better fit to fill this niche in my layers.

September 30, 2019

Super versatile

Great layer, super versatile. I use it for everything from a skiing mid layer to belay jacket. Couldn't be happier

September 4, 2019

Great updates from the past Nano Air model

I have the old model of the nano air and I loved everything about it besides the fact that it was quite bulky when I wanted to pack it away into a backpack or duffel. With the new improvement of being able to stuff the jacket into the chest pocket was a major reason why I decided to purchase the new model and it does not disappoint. The addition of... Read More snag resistant cuffs is a nice plus as it gives the arms of the jacket a more sleek look. I usually wear a small in Patagonia clothing, but I found that I had to downsize to an extra small because the arms of the jacket were too long on the small. While the length of the jacket is a little shorter than I would like, it does not bother me because I have stopped growing. Overall, a great jacket and I would highly recommend buying it! *For reference I am 5'6 around 135 pounds*

August 27, 2019

They brought back the best

I had a previous version of the nano air hoody for more than four years. I wore it as my primary insulation layer for skiing (40-80 days a season), as insulation during fishing trips, as my warmest layer for above treeline backpacking and peakbagging, and as added insulation on cold nights in a sleeping bag. I have many other puffies, but they most... Read Morely got set aside in favor of this one. It's warm, light, durable and very comfortable. But last year, I lost my favorite nano air when it got left boulder side on the eastern sierra somewhere. And when I went to replace it, I learned Patagonia didn't make it anymore. But, now its back. So good to see Patagonia bring back this perfect hoody. And in new colors too.

August 26, 2019

Favorite Jacket

I love my Nano Air jacket. This jacket took all the greatest features of the Nano Puff and elevated them with stretch fabric, softer on skin feel yet crazy durable as outer wear and obviously a terrific layering piece. Get one, you won't regret it!

August 23, 2019

Great Hoody

The quality and warmth of this hoody are great. I would recommend 100%.

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