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850 Down Sleeping Bag 19 F-7 C - Regular

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850 Down Sleeping Bag 19 F-7 C - Regular

November 12, 2020

Great bag!

I've only got a weeks worth of nights in this bag but so far it's great. Very packable, comfortable and warm. Materials are all very high quality and I do like the zipper placement. I'll share more thoughts after a 100 nights.

September 11, 2020

Good warmth-to-weight ratio

Ive only use the bag once (but am reviewing it already because I was prompted by Patagonia), so take this with a grain of salt. Im very pleased so far; the bag is warm for its weight. I like the center zip in a crowded tent, it was easier to get in and out of the bag than it would have been with a side zip. As with all things Patagonia, I like thei... Read Morer commitment to being the most sustainable manufacturer in the sector.

September 7, 2020

Comfortable bag, terrible stuff sack.

Love the bit of extra width, and hood that stays put when I shift positions. The stuff stack is subpar, splitting at the drawstring seam after only one week-long backpack trip.

September 2, 2020

Favorite bag ever!

I was looking for a new 3 season bag for higher altitudes out West. This one intrigued me and was on sale, so I ordered it along with a Western Mountaineering Megalite. I initially ordered the "long" version of the Patagonia. I'm a hair over 6 feet and have very broad shoulders and chest. With my shoulder width and being a side sleep... Read Moreer, I can't fit comfortably in most standard mummy bags. The long was longer than I needed, so I ordered the regular version and it fits perfectly. This bag definitely runs large compared to most bags. It's roomy enough to side sleep, and to be able to move around to remove socks etc while in the bag, but not so much that I lose heat. The center zipper works so much better for me than a side zip, especially with the 3 zippers. It allows me to vent the bag easily on warmer nights, to stick hands out to cook/eat, as well as allow for a harness attachment if necessary. The hood is by far the warmest and best fitting of any bag I've owned. Overall quality is excellent. I love the vertical baffles, I think they work better to keep down on top where you need it. Roomy footbox is also a great feature. My only wish would be to have a bit of extra loft on top, but the bag has served me well down to freezing with only a base layer. Plenty of room to wear a down hoody or other layers in the bag, so I'll be curious how far I can push the bag this winter. I'd say it's pretty much an ideal 3 season bag, and may be able to go 4 with the right layers. I also like the feel of the interior fabric better than my other bags. This is easily the most comfortable mummy bag I've ever owned or tried, and I chose it over the Western Mountaineering bag due to the fit (slightly roomier width), better hood design, and center zipper. That's a high compliment, as WM might be the best sleeping bag maker in the world. I can recommend this bag without hesitation. Only caveat would be if you are very small or slim framed, you might find it a bit too wide to hold heat efficiently. Patagonia really hit a home run with this one!

August 4, 2020

Warm and comfortable

I really like this bag. I always had trouble with mummy as I move around quite a bit so I tried some quilts. I liked the movement a quilt allowed, but was always cold and missed having a real hood. This bag is the best of both a quilt and sleeping bag. It has enough extra room to allow me to move around and be as comfortable as I've ever bee... Read Moren in the backcountry, but is warm down to freezing (I'm a cold sleeper). Vertical baffles are amazing. It is easier to shift the down around, but feels warmer when tossing and turning. I'm not sure I could ever go back to the more normal baffle design. I love the center zipper, too, as it is so much easier to get in and out of the bag at any time. The only real change that I can think of would be to change the design of the zipper garage. The existing flap is a bit small and I can feel the cold metal on my chin every now and then. I look forwards to years of nights in this bag.

July 3, 2020

Warm & Comfortable

Ive used this bag on a few trips to the Sierras ranging from the upper 20s to the mid 50s. I was totally fine in the freeze/thaw conditions w/ a cheap low r value pad. In the 50s I was too warm to be in the bag so I just used it as a blanket partially covering me (I experimented with unzipping it all the way and unzipping the bottom by my Read Moreill too warm). I love the center zip when Im on my back I can create a little V by my mouth...breath a little better when my sea level lungs feel like Im suffocating above 11k. Im 510 165 and the regular size is roomy enough to go side to side and move a little but not too big where it takes too long to heat it up with wasted space... Id say it runs a little larger than average (a touch bigger than my last NF bag). I cant imagine a better bag at the sale price. Its light...has nice loft and comes with a little compression sack. The interior material is a little more heavy duty then the if you need to sleep in your climbing shoes or boots it has a chance of holding up. If the bag is on sale get it...I cant imagine youll be disappointed.

July 13, 2020

LOVE the center zip!

While I was a bit worried about the center zip, I figured Patagonia wouldn't sell it unless it really worked and it DOES! LOVE it and wish I'd had one for a long time. Otherwise also has the quality materials and build that I'd expect. Haven't yet tested how accurate the temp rating is for me, but seems about right.

July 13, 2020

LOVE the center zip!

While I was a bit worried about the center zip, I figured Patagonia wouldn't sell it unless it really worked and it DOES! LOVE it and wish I'd had one for a long time. Otherwise also has the quality materials and build that I'd expect. Haven't yet tested how accurate the temp rating is for me, but seems about right.

July 12, 2020


i'm 5'10" and i got a regular size bag. this is my first good quality sleeping bag and i'm so happy with it. the loft is great and i love the front 3 zippers. the only critique i have is that it's very snug on my shoulders, but i do have broad shoulders so maybe that's why. it's not a big deal though. it's su... Read Moreper warm and comfy still.

June 19, 2020

Best Bag Ever!!

This as been by far the best sleeping bag I have ever owned. On warmer nights it is super easy to open and allow you to be comfortable. Very easy on colder morning to zip back up with almost no movement. I have had it out on some colder backpacking trips and had to layer underneath the bag and had plenty of room to be comfortable. I really think Pa... Read Moretagonia did everything right on this bag from head to toe!!

May 22, 2020

Best Sleeping Bag Ever!!!

I am 5'10" and 185 lbs with an athletic build and purchased a size Regular in Campfire Orange. The bag is true to size and fits perfectly. I have camped with it numerous times in temperatures ranging between 30 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It always kept me at the perfect temperature, never feeling too cold or too hot. I look forward to test... Read Moreing it in the winter in colder temperatures and am sure it will keep me just as warm. The multiple front zippers all work great without snagging. A front zipper is a must have now on any future sleeping bags I purchase. It is a game changer! The design and materials are quality. The material is lightweight, very comfortable, and extremely durable. I love the size and shape of the foot box and the hood. One night while camping my two-year decided he wanted to sleep in my bag with me. I was surprised to find that we both were able to fit inside comfortably. The versatility of this bag is amazing, I spend a ton of time outdoors and this is now my go to sleeping bag no matter what I am doing. Patagonia, you out did yourself once again!

March 20, 2020

Zipper Terrible

I tried this bag twice before taking on a trip. Second time, zipper busted and tore the bag near the neck. There is no gusset to keep bag material from getting stuck in the zipper. Most disappointing thing I have ever bought from Patagonia. Looks super cool; great design ideas; does not function.

Response from Patagonia
April 11, 2020

Thanks for the feedback Brendan. We're sorry to hear about the problems you've been experiencing with your zipper. We went ahead and reached out privately to further assist you with this.

December 6, 2019

What a cool sleeping bag!

One of the most comfortable fitting sleeping bags I’ve ever owned. Awesome to have room in the foot box and love the center zip with multiple zippers for extra breathing room if needed. Great job as always Patagonia, many thanks!

October 18, 2019

A great bag, nice hoood

A great bag, nice hoood and foot box. This bag is spacious enough to wear a down jacket and pants to extend the comfort range. I used in mid 20’s comfortably. Nice materials, I was thinking the loft would be a little greater, but pleased with purchase.

September 8, 2019

Excellent Sleeping Bag

Just got this and it kept me super warm for a CA North Coast camping trip where the evening and morning are crisp and chilly!

August 26, 2019

Coolest sleeping bag out there

Kept me warm and cozy in near freezing temps, haven't used it in colder weather yet. LOVE the triple zipper option! I was able to put on my socks before even taking my feet out of the bag. I was able to keep my upper body warm while using my hands out the center hole. I agree with other comments about how the pull ties for the head part kind o... Read Moref get in your face, but it didn't bother me that much. The stuff sack it came in has pull tie clips that don't work at all. I have to knot the pull tie to keep it closed. The bag acts almost like a compression sack but those clips will never work to keep that shut under pressure. I can't believe the Regular size fits me so well! I'm 5'9" and thought I'd have to buy a Long, but not so. The roomy foot box is spoiling me on the trail. It's only a couple of pounds but packs down to the size of a cantaloupe. Best part, I love the orange/purple color! <3

August 20, 2019

Quality Bag

Great quality, incredibly comfortable sleep in cold weather. Perfect!

November 11, 2018

Love it!

Great bag! I bought this a month into hiking the Continental Divide Trail, and finished the trail with it (and now have also taken it on a couple bikepacking trips). It was great for the range of temperatures I encountered on the trail, from warm-ish nights down to wet, freezing temps. I like that I can zip open the foot space, to let air circulate... Read More and breathe, while having the upper remain zipped. It packs down well, is light weight, and lofts up nicely every night I take it out of the stuff sack. If it gets damp, it dries quickly in the sun. And, despite already sleeping in it over 100 nights, it still looks and feels brand new. Still super fluffy and warm, without clumping and cold spots. I love it!

September 20, 2018

Awesome bag!

This is by far my favorite sleeping bag that I've owned. This is my fourth sleeping bag, and it is wonderful! I love the zipper up the middle - it makes so much more sense than a side zipper. The 3 zippers are also awesome - great for venting heat (like in the middle of summer in Yosemite), or for keeping the heat in (like when I needed to gra... Read Moreb my headlamp camping at the base of Mt St Helen's and it was below freezing overnight). My other favorite feature is the toe box. I have women's size 11 feet, and I find most toe boxes way to small. The fact that this has a contoured toe box is amazing! My feet don't feel cramped for space at all, but they also stay warm. I definitely recommend this bag!

September 14, 2018

Rad bag, bad fit

I really do want to love this bag, but it's a really poor fit. I put this bag to the test on a recent Brooks Range backpacking trip in the Arctic. The temps dipped into the 20's at night. I am a 5'7 115 pound women and the cold spots in this bag were unreal. The foot bed is WAYYYYY too big and I could have used more loft in the torso... Read More and foot areas. The bag is just too big for me, unfortunately. Other than the foot bed, I like the design! Love the center zipper and hood. This bag is fine in 40+ nights, but put to the test, it did not stand up for me.

June 12, 2018

Warm & Durable

This bag rocks! After sleeping in it for 100 nights,I can say it's my favorite sleeping bag. Warm enough for Winter ascents of Mt. Whitney,and for Summer Cascades season. Yet durable enough for open bivies on the cliffs of Joshua Tree (Sans pad),and alpine ledges in the Bugaboos. The mid zip has three zippers allowing you to stay fully in yo... Read Moreur bag while cooking (crucial for winter),and the roomy interior allows space for the extra layers,boot liners,and a warm bottle (if needed). Small features like the cozy baffles keep air from leaking through the zipper,and the little clip loops allow you to secure the bag to your anchor. However,as awesome as I've found this bag to be there one nagging feature: the hooded drawcords are near the mid-zip,so when pulled tight,they get all in your face. Additionally,if you are shorter than 6'0" you may find the bag to be a bit on the larger side... Highly reccomend.

April 24, 2018

lining bleed

Bought this product last week and when I oped it,it seemed the lining had bled into the orage cover creating lots of stains. I guess I'll return it.

March 20, 2018

lovely bag - but not warm enough for thinner folks

I've been using the 19 F sleeping bag for the past 7 weeks of my bike tour and have been disappointed with its warmth. I've been riding in the southeast US and when temps are in the 40-50s the bag has kept me very comfortable. When it gets down to the mid-30s,though,I feel cold spots wherever my body is tight against the bag and I general... Read Morely don't feel warm and cozy like I'd expect from a bag with this rating. I'm thin/athletic,size 2-4 (women's),5'7",and have always had trouble staying warm on cold nights. That's why I got this bag to use instead of my 30-degree bag that only keeps me warm down to the mid-40s. I figured this one would work for me down to the upper 20s or at least the low 30s. It seems that this bag's rating isn't accurate for those of us who don't have a lot of insulation of our own. [I use a Thermolite liner every night and wear thin thermals + wool socks and a super comfy NeoAir Xlite pad. I got the Regular length and it doesn't seem overly roomy.] I also don't love the drawstrings for the hood. When I cinch them up tight around my face on chilly nights,the ends poke me in the mouth and nose. It would be funny if it weren't so irritating. Seems like a silly complaint,but maybe future versions could use a more flexible cord that can be tucked away? Or maybe move the toggles off to the sides? The front zip is nice and novel but I don't think it makes or breaks the bag. I don't feel great about leaving a critical review. It's a very well-made bag that packs down great and then puffs right back up. The fabric is the nicest I've felt on the 4-5 bags I've owned over the years. It could be a perfect bag for someone with a different body type. I especially appreciate Patagonia's efforts to be responsible about their production processes/inputs -- and to remind us that all this beautiful stuff we purchase has a real impact on the people and places we love to explore. I chose this bag over others in this temp range specifically because Patagonia provides information about the sourcing and production practices involved in its making. This is my first time leaving a review about a product and I hope the info helps prevent unnecessary returns.

November 7, 2017

Well built but... runs wide.

I've been in the market for a new bag as my old bag is a Marmot Pinnacle is about 20 years old and over 3 lbs.... I wanted to drop some pack weight. After reading the reviews on the Patagonia site I decided to give this bag a go and bought one for my wife and myself. We used them for 7 nights,4 of which were on a backpacking trip above 6000 fe... Read Moreet and temps got down to near freezing. I'm 5'10" and 130 lbs and I found that I got pretty cold in the bag the first night wearing base layer on top,briefs with bare legs,and a hat. Every time I rolled over,there was so much space in the bag that I rolled into cold areas and a large stream of air would rush out the top of the bag. On following nights I slept with base layers on my legs as well as a Nano Puff pull-over,either on my body or wrapped around my neck as a makeshift barrier between my head and the rest of the bag. This helped keep me warmer and keep the warm air in the bag. It would be great if there was a fabric collar (with down inside it) around the neck area of this bag to help keep the heat in the bag. Also,the cord locks on the stuff sack are not strong enough to do their job and the lower cord closure does not work because of the weak cord locks. These bags are very well made,light weight and compress well and the interior fabric feels really nice against the skin. However,if you are a thin person looking for a warm bag,you might find yourself swimming inside this bag.

October 27, 2017

Loving this bag!

I thought seriously about buying this bag for about a month,and I'm really glad that I did! I have used this bag multiple nights now this fall with temperatures at or well below freezing and have not been cold once. I sleep with other layers,but at temperatures around the 19 degree mark and below have still been comfortable. I have been super ... Read Morehappy with the pack size! I couldn't find the pack size anywhere on the web and when I asked customer service the response was right around 7"x16" I think,and the stuff sack has a second cinch-loop to compress even smaller. My one complaint on this bag is the stuff sack: it won't stay closed all the way without the bag splooging out; the toggles don't secure properly and are loose. I tie a little knot to keep the stuff sack all the way closed,but kind of a hassle. Regardless,great bag! Warm,lightweight,compresses small,comfortable material (I have not had issues with crackly noises like previous reviews). The blue is a nice color. Thanks again Patagonia!

September 7, 2017

Functional orange bag attracts hummingbirds!

I recently bought this bag and I love the feel of the liner fabric,the sculpted hood with a tight seal,the shaped foot box and the center zip. Have not tested it in cold weather to date. I'm an older backpacker and appreciate the ease of getting into and out of this bag. I made this purchase hesitating at its weight,as there are lighter bags a... Read Morevailable at this temp rating,but I' very satisfied with the weight tradeoff for the overall suitability of my needs. On a recent trip I was enjoying the quiet of dawn from inside my bag and had a visit from a hummingbird which hovered under my tarp inspecting the orange shell fabric! Very cool!

July 6, 2017

Like a bed

I got the bag as soon as it came out,and was skeptical for two reasons. First abd most annoyingly,the stuff sack it terrible. It has two draw closures,but they won't stay closed. i had to but the sea to summit compression stuff sack (10 liters). Also,it had a rosin like substance on it that got everywhere which only came off after a wash. Ok,e... Read Morenough bad,now the good. It's like sleeping in a bed! The front closure is an amazing idea and the zipper is snag free. Also,the temp. rating is wrong. During a blizzard for 8 days at 12,000 feet in Wyoming with temps. down to ~0 degrees i was fine in a fleece jacket and extra socks. Overall,very pleased. Would not change the bag itself.

July 5, 2017

Super comfy!

I'm a cold sleeper,especially when camping,and I was really nervous testing out this bag this spring in Sequoia National Park. The first night I wore a thermal base layer,and slept fine but was a little bit cold. The second night,my friend recommended I ditch the PJs and low and behold I was toasty warm the whole night! I love the hood on this... Read More bag,being inside is like being in a little cocoon of happiness,it's surprisingly comfortable on bare skin even though the fabric is a little crinkle-y. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is because the zipper tends to snag a little bit and the stuff sack is really strange,no idea why it has two toggles... Otherwise I'm very content with this bag and would totally recommend it!

June 27, 2017

A lot to love...but

I have had this bag since it was released early this year and have had a handful of car camping opportunities to test it. I'll start with the pros,which have been enough for me to really enjoy using this bag and keep it. It is extremely comfortable to sleep in - very light and breathable against the body with plenty of room to move around with... Read Moreout bunching up or twisting (probably the least twisting bag I've experienced from most major brands). I feel this is likely due to,in part at least,my favorite feature which is the front zipper. The ease of use is incredible! Has yet to catch,in and out is quick,and three zippers along the length allow flexibility of use. Two of the most important technical aspects are a huge plus,which is the very light weight and compressibility. As I stated above,I have yet to backpack with it,but later this summer I expect great returns in pack weight and space. Now to the unfortunate... over Memorial Weekend in temps around 28 deg F,with no socks or base layers on,my feet were very cold by early morning. I awoke with a huge disappointment considering the temperature rating and not being close enough to its extreme. There could have been a few factors contributing to this,and most likely on a personal basis such as blood flow and any extra space in the bag (I am 6'1 so there is a little room in the Long but it has a perfect feel and the Regular would be too tight overall). With that said,each time I have slept with thin socks and light to midweight base layers on,even with no top,I have been fine. One small negative for some may be how much static can accumulate due to the heavy use of fine plastics in the shell. I found that it has dissipated after a few uses but that could bother some people. My overall impression is that I like this sleeping bag a lot! Its innovative,sturdy,easy to use,and seems like it will perform as a three-season bag as advertised at camp and on trail. If I need to wear base layers for total warmth then so be it... it is still very comfortable. I own many,many Patagonia products and am a big fan overall. I haven't written one review on any one of them but this item is very expensive and important when in use so I figured I would chime in. I would say it is worth the try if you can swing it.

June 4, 2017

Love this sleeping bag

I am gearing up for the Pacific Crest Trail (mostly with Patagonia gear because I trust it) and love this bag. I haven't had it out on a trip yet so maybe I shouldn't be reviewing it so early,but as far as crawling in it and testing it around the house it is great. I have been using Patagonia products for years and rely on them for almost... Read More everything now.

May 25, 2017

Feature rich & feather weight

I've owned a lot of premium sleeping bags in this temperature range (Marmot Plasma & TNF Cat's Meow for example) and this bag balances comfort,roominess and function better than any I have owned. The interior fabric has a subtle nap that prevents the clammy feel of many bags,the structured foot box leaves plenty of room for your feet ... Read Moreand the center zip allows you to get in any out of the bag with ease. So far I have not tested the lower limits of the temperature rating but have had several nights in the middle of the range 30-45F and the bag performed wonderfully.

April 17, 2017


Bought this right when it came out and have had a fair amount of nights with it already. It's well made,incredibly warm,packs down really well,and I couldn't be happier.

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