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Hybrid Sleeping Bag - Short

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Hybrid Sleeping Bag - Short

May 29, 2017

For someone willing to experiment w/sleep system

I got the hybrid sleeping bag as a lighter alternative to my mummy bag. I'm fairly pleased with the warmth and materials. I really liked how the inner liner felt against my skin and the included two-stage compression sack is a perfect fit that worked better than I thought it would - I appreciate that I didn't have to buy a third-party com... Read Morepression sack since the included one is seriously simple and efficient,even though the drawstring cord locks can't hold much tension unless I wrap the loose cord a couple times around the lock. This was also my first bag with a center zipper. I love it. I don't think I'll ever buy another sleeping bag that doesn't have a center zipper. Even though I'm still trying to find the right combinations of tops to use at various temperatures,overall,I'm very pleased with this hybrid sleeping bag as it has the potential to make a base of a very versatile sleeping system. I think this "bag" is good for anyone who is willing to experiment with their sleep system. For 3 continuous nights winter camping (-14C to -20C at night) I used it with a Fitz Roy Parka,long base layers,vapor barrier suit (rain gear and VBL socks) ,OR Transcendant down mittens,fleece hat,googles,neoprene face mask,and wool socks.... Feet were fairly cold but rest of body was totally fine! For next winter I will try with insulated booties. For 5 days of early spring camping (between +2C to +4C) I used with a nano-air hoody,long base layers,and wool socks... The nano-air hoody made it a bit too hot for +4C as I was sweating at night,while the legs were at a good toasty temp. With just the long sleeve it was a good match for +4C,but it was too cold for +2C. I will continue to experiment with different mixes of garments that work for my body.

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