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Patagonia Men's R2® Yulex® Front-Zip Full Wetsuit

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Patagonia Men's R2® Yulex® Front-Zip Full Wetsuit

September 2, 2020

unnervingly tight to start with

... once in the water I was more comfortable. Got hot just standing around. The neck is a little too snug but the suit works very well and is perfect once you are in the SoCal water. If i knock off a few pounds getting in and out of the wetsuit should get easier too.

September 2, 2020

I surf because it makes my life better and I love it!

I surf because it makes my life better and I love it! I try to buy Patagonia for all applicable clothing gear and gifts because your stuff is excellent and your mission aligns with my own as an environmentalist. This wetsuit is simply outstanding and has surpassed my expectations completely. I only serve about 50 times a year but Im constantly trai... Read Morening and thinking about surfing. The product is comfortable keeps me warm. Several of my family and friends have recently purchased similar products. The early wetsuits seemed a little bit inflexible but not this version. Patagonia hit a homerun. Sincerely Christopher Baker

August 11, 2020

Comfortable super cozy but not too hot perfect for California coastal surfing!

Comfortable super cozy but not too hot perfect for California coastal surfing! I always try to buy Patagonia or similar products from companies trying to do it the right way. I have some shorts from Patagonia they are well-made and durable but they just look like C- regarding fit. This is not the case with this wetsuit. The sizing guide is right on... Read More the money the suit has really come up regarding quality comfort and function. Im so impressed not just with the way this suit is manufactured with the final product. Sweaters shirts coats and wetsuit All A+ And completely worth the money. Thank you Patagonia for leading the way social environmental initiative and quality outdoor clothing!!!

July 4, 2020

Tight as first but breaks in Perfect

After reading reviews I almost ordered a size up but went with the size chart. The suit is tight/stiff at first but after about 2-3 times using it, it was much more flexible and fit perfectly. Very warm and comfortable. Happy with my purchase!

June 19, 2020

almost great

Ive been using my new R2 since early april and overall it is a great suit with one significant complaint. The R2 is one of the nicest constructed wetsuits around, feels very well made, the seams are bombproof and the lining is super warm and comfortable. Immediately I noticed that the yulex was a little less stretchy than my Xcels but not so much t... Read Morehat it detracts from the quality of the suit and after around 10 surfs it is really starting to break in. My big disappointment is regarding flush through the neck and chest. My experience is that because of the upper chest and neck fit and the stiffness of the rubber I have experienced more flush through the neck than I would expect from such a well made suit. Movements like duck dives, log rolls where the arms are elevated and upper torso is under pressure the seal at the neck is not great. As the H20 is quickly warming up around long island and the suit is warm despite the flush it is less an immediate concern. I would be much more concerned when I need to use it at the cold end of its describe range. Despite this problem I think I am leaning towards being a dedicated Patagonia wetsuit fan and the reason is the superb overall quality of the suit and this: When I called customer service the response was superb. I was asked if I wanted to return the suit despite the use. I was given the option of sending it back for increasing the coverage at the neck and adding a chest cinch and was told to use it and send it back at any time for the change. That kind of customer support is hard to find and a pleasure to deal with.

June 18, 2020

Feels Great

I've had a Patagonia wetsuit before, from the days when limestone was used I think. But this suit feels different and feels great. Right away you can tell it is made from a different material, even if you didn't read all about Yulex. I went from a 5/3 with a hood into this suit in the cold NJ Spring and I was fine (with accessories of cou... Read Morerse). I think the stated temperature range is too small at 55F to 60F degrees. I believe this suit will serve me for a greater range on both sides of that. With boots, gloves, and hat this suit will go much colder. The front zip design is unique and better than previous generations; it zips away from the opening to close. And overall it has the quality and craftsmanship that I have come to expect from Patagonia products.

June 17, 2020

Warm and Comfy, Especially when wet

I'm 6'2" and 174 lbs so I'm a slim fit. When I first put the suit on it felt pretty tight and I was worried. When it gets wet though, you don't even know that it's on. Lots of flexibility and warm. The spring water in the Columbia River is in the 50's. I've only kite surfed in the suit and it works very well ... Read Morefor that application. Pretty happy with my purchase.

June 17, 2020

Water tight

My Yulex rubber suit is exactly what I needed for the cold PNW waters that I tend to swim in. But I would appreciate if the suits seams were more resistant to sunlight since the inside lining has started to peel off slightly.

May 13, 2020

Warm & Durable

Overall the best wetsuit I've owned. I've had this wetsuit repaired twice (typical wear and tear) and it's still holding up in it's 3rd Season now. Purchased in 2018 and taken it all over the world. I've surfed this comfortably in colder water. Handles wind chill better than typical wetsuit material. Pro's 1. Warm and... Read More durable. 2. Free repairs (within reason). 3. Lasts longer than other wetsuits in my experience. Con's 1. Paddle mobility is slightly reduced. 2. Takes a while to break in but who cares really. I'm purchasing a second one here as a backup. Would recommend if you're not into buying a new suit every season and like being warm in pretty cold water.

January 24, 2020

No Regrets !

I debated for a long time between getting this suit and the O'Neil Psycho Tech. I have used O'Neil suits my whole life and loved the super flexibility of the Psycho Tech. I'm hoping that someday Patagonia will be able to make a suit with something as flexible as O'Neil's Techno Butter, but I found the R2 to be plenty flexib... Read Morele once I got wet and am hoping that with time it will get looser. What I love about this suit was how warm it was. I read all of the user comments about this suit and was a little concerned about water getting into the suit via the ankles and else where. For anybody who is sitting on the fence and worried about this problem, I have had had ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS with water leaking up the cuffs or cuffs. I think that really depends upon the individual's body and this can happen with any brand. That said, I'm very very skinny and yet the wetsuit fit snugly over my wrist and ankles. I have done numerous test just sitting in the water for extended periods and have yet to have this problem. I absolutely love the environmentally friendly aspect of these suits and was willing to sacrifice a little flexibility to have a suit that is fair trade made and that you can feel good about wearing. I have always had back zip wetsuits and was a little concerned about the unorthodox front zipper going from right to left as opposed to the other way, but the zipper works perfectly and like I said above, I have had zero problems with water seeping into the suit. I remember one time I was point sitting on my board and forgot that I had a wetsuit on. I was that comfortable in this suit even though the water off San Francisco's Ocean Beach can get pretty brisk in January. That's why I decided to write this review. I have been a Patagonia user since the early 80's and this is the first time I have bought one of their wetsuits. Like everything else they make, the quality and construction is nothing less than is superb. I only gave it 4 stars because I still think Patagonia can make a wetsuit as flexible as O'Neil's and when they do, I will give it 5 stars. Also, I got the R3 over the R2 because I thought it would be warm enough even it's not rated for temps in the low 50's. The R2 is obviously more flexible than the R3 but I have found it plenty warm enough for water in the low 50's (as I said before, I am pretty skinny and get cold easily....). Hope this review is useful for anyone who is sitting on the fence about the suit. Buy it, you won't regret it.

December 3, 2019

Great quality but limited mobility

The R2 is warm and well constructed. However, it has limited mobility and very little stretch compared to other suits of equal quality. This limited mobility and stretch is not ideal when paddling for long periods. This is probably due to the sustainable material they use.

November 29, 2019

Excellent wetsuit

I don’t always wear wetsuits, but when I do, I wear Patagonia!

November 18, 2019

Great Wetsuit

Bought the R2 Front-Zip Full Suit and really happy with it. Comfortable and keeps me warm. Also love that the suit is made with materials to be more environmentally friendly.

June 14, 2019

Warm, Comfortable, and Flexible after Initial Break-In

Let me first say that I've been a die hard Xcel Wetsuit user for almost 30 years. I've used their ss/fullsuits and fullsuits in cool water, and hooded fullsuits, gloves, booties, ect.. extensively in the much colder Pacific NW for years before moving back home to So Cal. I decided to do my part and use a renewable resource product, try so... Read Moremething different this time, and see what all the Patagonia/Yulex buzz was about... I bought the R2 Yulex Front Zip Fullsuit (size XL) and have used it several times a week from January 2019 to June 2019. It was quite a snug fit out of the box and wasn't very flexible across the chest and shoulders for the first 3-4 surf sessions this past winter. After that initial break-in period it has continued to fit like a glove and is one of the most comfortable, flexible, and warm wetsuit's I have ever owned! I'm totally stoked on it's performance! The only reason I didn't give it 5-stars is that I just noticed a de-lamination in the nylon-2 material and a small separation in the welded rubber seam in the butt area of the suit. This is all from normal surfing use so I'm waiting to see how Patagonia addresses the necessary repairs. I've only read great things about the warranty of their products, so I've got my fingers crossed... I'd like to get a couple more seasons out of this wetsuit.

June 5, 2019

Love my suit!

A year and a half in and I love it! I haven't had any issues yet. It was stiff and didn't flush well for about a month or so. Once it was broken in, it was perfect. R2 was perfect for LA late fall/winter sessions. Gets a bit toasty around April/May, so I got an R1 for the spring/fall. It's definitely pricey, but hoping it will last a... Read More long time or at least until I get too fat for this size. I'm currently 5'10" 177lbs (about the same as when I purchased). Size: LS

May 15, 2019

Second generation Yulex is on point

I have been wearing Patagonia wetsuits for over a decade now. I was so excited about the Yulex suits, but the first generation Yulex lacked the stretch and flexibility of traditional neoprene suits and, for some reason, Patagonia changed the sizing of the suits. I’ve been wearing a MT forever (I am 5’10” and 165 lbs), but the first gen Yulex MT fel... Read Moret like a straight jacket. Here comes the part where Patagonia rises above. Not only did they improve the stretch of the second gen Yulex and return to their original sizing, they allowed me to exchange my used first gen suit for a new one. Can you say exceeding customer satisfaction expectations???? Patagonia makes some of the best outdoor equipment, they do it with a conscience, you can’t beat the ironclad guarantee, and their customer service is unparalleled. This suit is super comfy, toasty warm and as almost as stretchy as a neoprene suit. Buy one today.

February 26, 2019


Oh man... Still not what I was hoping for after reading other reviews. has a very long review section worth looking at. The below are way too positive. Don't get me wrong. I love this company and their products. Well this is my 10th possible Patagonia suit. I have to say, this years is the best so far, but still not a great produ... Read Morect. Chest zip needs an adjustable drawstring. Neat, its minimal, but flushing is not minimal. Fit is still beyond weird. I am a standard medium in all makes. Very tight in shoulders. Cuffs leak water up the legs and wrists. Durability is ok, but stretch is very limited making it common to tear seams just putting it on. Seams are so unfinished can cut the skin on back of neck. Lining is not soft and extra glue everywhere on seams. Yes, warranty is beyond great. But I just want to go surf. Not swap expensive suits out. Please Patagonia, we are counting on you to figure this out. To great of a concept to fail in execution. Fingers crossed...

December 16, 2018

Never again

I bought my patagonia wetsuit in 2017 thinking that it was going to be as great as my patagonia sheep skin wetsuit. I was wrong. The yulex wetsuit is bad. It is not warm, it is unconfortable, it is difficult to get in and out and it is breaking very fast. Never again!

November 8, 2018

Significant Upgrade From Last Year's Yulex

I'll admit, I was no fan of the Yulex the first season. However, this new R2 incantation is far superior than last season's. While the initial stretch factor is not there as compared to a Rip Curl or Oneil, it is much improved for Patagonia. After the first two or three surfs, the Yulex becomes more supple and flexible and now the suit fi... Read Morets, feels and stretches like a glove. The zipper quality, and seams are very above par as well. Highly receommend this suit for someone who doesn't want to blow through a suit every year. Another huge benefit of the Yulex is the smell factor -- no residual odor (or body odor) from wearing it!

September 7, 2018

way better!

I've been wearing Patagonia suits for at lest the lat 7-8 years. The new R2 Front Zip takes the cake. I've worn it now a dozen times or so and it's been great. The warmth to weight is truly impressive. I was mildly worried it might not be warm enough since it felt so light. Not the case at all. Fit is far improved and this new versio... Read Moren has so much more stretch than the last yulex. Well done Patagonia!

August 29, 2018

New favorite wetsuit

I've been wearing Patagonia wetsuits for a while now and this newest model is by far the best yet. It's way stretchier and lighter than my old R2 front-zip but just as warm. I have some broad shoulders and had a lot of trouble getting in and out of my older Patagonia front-zip (almost got stuck a few times!), but in this new suit it'... Read Mores a cinch. I'm 5'11" and weigh 175 lbs and wear a size L. Stoked to see how it holds up this winter!

August 21, 2018

Impressed by the new Wetsuits

I have over 50+ days in my new R2 backzip suit and I absolutely love it. I am impressed by the performance, comfort and warmth. This new version is much easier to get in and out of and feels less restrictive when paddling. I highly recommend.

August 7, 2018

Works Amazing!!!

Just picked up the new Yulex R2 Wetsuit. SO Stoked !!! way wayyy way better then previous years!! . I've worn it now a dozen times and the fit feels amazing!!! I have a couple older Patagonia wetsuits, an R1, fullsuit, and R1 lite long arm spring. the New Yulex blend feels smoother, and has so much more stretch than Last years model. I was a m... Read Moreen's medium, and my height is 5'9", weight 155 lbs. and it felt a bit tight, but this years wetsuit I am a Men's Small. the fit is much better and true to size. in fact I have a little room in the stomach, The fit is sooooo comfortable.. overall the new R2 is insane! more stretch, more comfort, and taking it on and off is way easier then past years wetsuits. I give it a double SHAKA rating! Yewww!

August 7, 2018

Amazing upgrade - super stoked!

I've always liked Patagonia suits but this is by far the best suit they've ever made. It's super soft, stretchy, and goes on really easily. Importantly, it comes off just as easily too. With front zips, it can sometimes be challenging to get it past your elbow when removing the suit - this one comes off with one pull. The fit feels r... Read Moreeally solid as well and mine fits like a glove. Additionally, the fact that the suit is made from Yulex vs. regular neoprene is a huge plus for me. Overall, it's an amazing suit and I'm really happy with it.

August 7, 2018

Spoiler Alert —They Fit Now!

Toasty Warm AND Lightweight. Stretchable STRETCH in the arms, legs, crotch, and shoulders. Who else makes a plant-based biorubber like this? Nobody. Are the people that built your wetsuit getting PAID? This suit is FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED. (read up on THAT!) It's always a few feet bigger when I wear this suit. Perfect for making it, or p... Read Moreerfect for CLOSEOUTS. But definitely go out. It's just too bad it doesn't thin out the CROWDS.

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