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Hybrid Sleeping Bag - Regular

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Hybrid Sleeping Bag - Regular

January 18, 2021

Ultralight comfort

It is so nice to be able to move until the last day light hours and quickly get into your warm little bivy. It feels even better when you get up with your boots and clothing on, and you are warm. After a quickly breaks, you are ready to go. Your pack is lighter and has room to stash your puffy, gloves and hat as you get even warmer.

January 6, 2021

So light, warm and smart, part 2

Second bag purchased for bikepacking and camping pursuits where light and small is key to making the trip more pleasant. Always have a jacket on these trips, and easy to pair with hybrid bag, and so smart!

January 5, 2021

All you need

When bikepacking you carry a warm jacket for nighttime temperatures. So this is all you need to complete an ultralight and compact sleep system. It really does pack down to the size of a 1L Nalgene. I have used it on a stormy overnight with confidence. It lives up to the Patagonia reputation. The foot box fits better than any other sleeping bag I h... Read Moreave used.

November 22, 2020

Getting some rest while driving in freezing conditions.

I think you are referring to the down hybrid partial sleeping bag. This was purchased as a gift because I like mine so well while driving cross country in cold weather. If I get tired I pull over and sleep without waking up freezing. I can actually get some needed rest. I love it!

October 14, 2020


This is a versatile piece of gear, I have used it for camping a handful of times paired with a micro puff and some Capilene Air base layers during the summer months and I was perfectly warm down to thirty degrees. I actually feel like I sleep better with more movement freedom in the upper half. Paired with the right layers, one could make this a th... Read Moreree season bag or a four season bag, especially if you are going to need a big warm parka anyway. Add in a lightweight bivy and you've got a very light, mild winter setup. I love it.

October 21, 2019

Amazing bag

Super lightweight, comfortable and most important, warm. You can adjust your weight for your needs by which coat you want to carry. Great quality you’d expect

September 9, 2019

Killer Bag, Long time comin'!

Great to finally have a dedicated alpine bag. This thing packs down to next-to-nothing and weighs about the same. Game changer for haul bags and fast/ light missions. Keep up the good work!

August 10, 2019

Overall the sleeping bag is

Overall the sleeping bag is a great addition to my kit. I always struggled with weather or not to carry a large puffy jacket. Now I do, and use it in tandem with the Hybrid Bag. I sleep great, and I'm warm on the summit! Its way better than a traditional half bag, because you stay inside it and don't loosed it around your while sleeping.

February 27, 2019

Great piece of gear

I have owned this bag for two years now and have used it all over the world. Most recently I went ice climbing on Mt Whitney. We were up there for 4 nights with the warmest night not much above zero F. I wore my big puffy, mid layer, a fleece, and a base layer. I was as warm or warmer than the guys that brought their sub zero bags. The thing is eve... Read Morerything I was wearing in the bag was gear I had to bring anyway. When Ice climbing on Whitney you don't get any heavier of a load. We had water ice pro, rock pro, alpine ice pro, food, shelter etc. every piece of gear matters. It was probably risky bringing such a small lite bag but I have no regrets. If it can go ice climbing in January it can just about go anywhere. I just bought my son a small bag and we just got bag from a multi day backcountry ski hut trip at Lake Tahoe. We were both toasty warm. Didn't even need the big puffys as the hut had a wood stove. On warmer trips I can wear just base layers. This is an irreplaceable piece of gear.

September 30, 2017

Light is right..but cold.

Works as its designed. I used the bag in the Tetons for a night and the Winds for a week. I was fine for the Tetons (3 am start) but I got cold in the early morning in the Winds. I had a MH ghost whisperer down jacket (the heaviest jacket I would have brought). I tried different combinations of clothing and was still cold. I kept it instead of retu... Read Morerning it for those quick trips where pounds matter. I have never thought of myself as sleeping cold,but maybe I do. I would just test it thoroughly before taking it on a week long trip.

July 30, 2017

Weight saver

I like that yourwartb is totally customizable. Plenty of room to toss and turn. I'm just having issues releasing the cinch cords from the inside. Especially the waist. Zipper works great and the shoulder or upper cinch cords dangle out. they are easier to use than the waist cinch locks it not my much. Fantastic size compared to my other 3lb do... Read Morewn bag. It's something you have to get use too. Not your traditional bag and it's 1lb of weight keeps me trying to get use to it.

July 10, 2017

So Light! So Comfy!

I'm really enjoying how lightweight and comfy this bag is,it's extremely packable and not a pain to pack it away either and comes with two bags depending on what the situation calls for. The extra foot room makes for a comfortable experience. I've only ever used it with my shoes off with more than enough room. Tightening/loosening th... Read Moree hood is simple and effective and the waist really keeps warm air in when cinched down very versatile for camping in colder climates during summer months. I'm I'm 5'8 160 lbs and I personally wish I would've gotten the short version instead of the regular but that's my own fault and it's still a great bag!

April 18, 2017

Crazy Light with Good Performance

I smile a little every time I unpack this bag... it's just so light that it seems like a joke. I don't own the belay parka from patagonia. I've been sleeping in a pair of uninsulated climbing pants,a synthetic T,an R1 hoodie and a Marmot 800 fill jacket with a hood. My marmot jacket is about 4 oz lighter than the belay parka so I&#x2... Read More7;m sure it's not as warm. That being said,the coldest I've slept in it is 40 degrees and I was starting to get a little cold,but only in the upper half. The lower half seemed plenty warm. I'll probably add some layers to the top next time I sleep below 40 degrees. Also,I'm 6'1" and I fit in the regular length,but not with much extra room.

March 6, 2017

60 days in Nepal

The Test: Trekking The Everest Base camp ( from Jiri),and Manaslu circuit during the Winter. Total time on trail 40 days. Total time in transit 4 days,time in KTM 16 days. Total days spent in the Hybrid Sleeping Bag: around 50. Temps range from 10C to -15/20C at night. Results: WOW,in a big way. This bag is my new favorite pack item. I was never,... Read Moreever,ever cold. Not even a little. I have hiked in Nepal many times with other bags,but you always feel either cold or hot. This bag solved every problem I have ever noted in bags. Starting with weight ( it weighs almost nothing). Cost ( cheap compared with high end bags). Temp range ( just take off or add clothing! ) Easy in and out to use toilet ( you are wearing cloths that are warmed) . Feature after feature this bag was perfect. How to use: When you set camp and change from your hiking cloths to your camp gear,take off your pants ( leave on long johns) and snuggle in. If you wake up hot,take off a layer or simply unzip and remove the upper section covering your chest and shoulders. If you wake up a little cold add a layer of long johns or whatever. I was sleeping at negative 15-20C with a silk liner,wool socks,wool and silk long johns,and a Fitz Roy jacket.... I could have added another layer and easily gone to negative 35 or further. If you like to layer ,or if you are in an environment that forces you to go from T-shirt to 3-5 layers every day. This is the bag for you. Also if you are sleeping on the floor in Airports,or if you are crashed in a rat whole in India. or if you are thinking about hiking the PCT. This is your bag! This is a bag made by dirt bags and built for dirt bags. Fit: Buy the Bag and try it out while you are clean. I had no problem getting in and out ,laying on my side. Zipping and unZipping wearing gloves,etc. If you do not fit then send the bag back and patagonia sends you your money. So don't worry about fit. Cons: You will not smell great after a few months of this ( as you are sleeping and hiking in the same cloths often ) but I have owned many bags ,and none of them perform in such a huge range of temps (the smell is worth it) Additionally I always travel and hike with many layering options so this bag falls right in with my style. Highest possible recommendation on this product

February 4, 2017

Space saving dynamo

Purchased right before a month long,Cold weather,winter exercise with my unit. I slept in -15F temperatures (with a tent and gore-tex bivy sac) and was no colder than anybody else was. Toes got a little cold,but at -15 that is tough to stop with anything short of an expedition bag. Works great with our Military Lvl VII jackets and I had plenty of r... Read Moreoom.

January 6, 2017

Great design for those that count ounces!

OK,I do trim the corners of my dehydrated packages down and weigh everything to the ounce so when this bag came out I had to try one on. I really like the design,roomy in the legs but it is a hair too tight in my shoulders and arms using a belay parka (smaller than the Pata Grade VII) which is not my favorite feeling,I may just have to get used to ... Read Moreit. My only wish would be to add closeable arm slots as to sleep inside the Houdini shell but have the arms out for a side sleeper,or just for a little less claustrophobic feel and then have the option to close the arm slots and tuck in for more warmth. I have the regular and am 5'-8",plenty of length in the bag for my height. Quality is as expected from Patagonia...excellent.

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