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850 Down Sleeping Bag 30 F-1 C - Regular

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850 Down Sleeping Bag 30 F-1 C - Regular

November 2, 2020

Great Quality, Runs Hot

I bought this to be a summer Sierra backpacking bag and only got to use it once in the high country before the fires (2020) caused the forests to be shut down. But I have used it for lower country/warmer camping a few times. Pros: The bag is super lightweight & compressible for how warm it is, not bulky or heavy for backpacking. The mummy hood... Read More lies flat when not in use and is perfectly out of the way until needed, instead of lumping up under or around you as you sleep or move. Standard high quality, earth conscious materials and craftsmanship you expect from Patagonia and I love the orange/purple color. Inside material is really soft against skin, not sticky or sweaty and it feels good against bare legs and arms. Center zip keeps zipper out of the way for side sleeping and is easily accessible with both hands. Its way easier to use than a right/left zipper situation. Cons: Pull cords for the mummy hood fall into my face in an annoying way even when hood is not tight. The release portion of this feature is a squeeze toggle that is buried inside the draft tube on the hood. This keeps you from sleeping against the plastic toggle, but it can be a little difficult to operate. While the half zip saves weight and is a clever solution to allow hands out (through bottom up zip) while still in the bag, the footbox overheats. There is no way to use this bag like a blanket when it is warm because you can't unzip it all the way. I knew that going in, but have found that I've mostly been overheating; I've used it predominantly in the 40º F range, so maybe it is actually true to rating, unlike most bags. I would rate myself as an average sleeper, not hot or cold, but do love being warm. I think this bag will be better at colder temperatures than I initially planned, probably great for true alpine bivies, especially if you wear extra clothes. But I would love a version with an extended zipper to dump heat or open the bag up.

August 20, 2020

This one misses the mark

I love most Patagonia products I use, but have to say they did not nail it with this sleeping bag. I'm 5'8, 145 lbs and this bag (regular length) is excessively baggy from the waist up. The extra material allows for a ton of cold dead space, and while I'm a female and probably sleep colder than many males, realistically this bag is r... Read Moreeally not comfortable below 45 degrees (unless sardined in a tent between warm bodies). Probably due to this excess material, it doesn't pack as small as other bags of similar actual warmth, and is not as light as them (eg western mountaineering). Also, since it's really truly a summer bag, the lack of full zip makes it less versatile on really warm nights. Finally, the zipper gets caught easily on the adjacent material. There are the cons. As for the pros... it's probably more durable than some lighter weight bags, and if you're claustrophobic but only sleep in warm-but-not-too-hot climes, the roominess is probably welcome.

December 19, 2019

Great lightweight minimalist bag

If you're looking for something light enough for alpine trips, backpacking or bikepacking this is a great option. The half zip is well-positioned and its not as roomy as other versions but I presume that's where it saves weight. Not in the uber lightweight category but hits the right spot of warmth and packability.

October 14, 2019


Warm, provides enough room to move around a bit, and it's oh so beautiful. Highly recommended!

September 9, 2019

The best sleeping bags you can buy

I originally bought the Patagonia 19F sleeping bag a year or so ago. It was the best bag I've owned in 20 years of mountain adventures. So naturally when I needed a new warmer weather bag, I came straight back to Patagonia's lineup. You can't go wrong. I'm 6'1" and 190lbs and the regular fits me like a dream. I wouldn&... Read More#x27;t go with the long length in any sleeping bag unless you're sure that you need it. Empty space in any bag will make your colder.

September 7, 2019

Great bag

Great fabric, ultra lightweight for backpacking and a comfortable shape. On a recent climbing trip into the Winds, I had a pretty cold night and wanted to share some insight. If you are camping in a tent, under a big boulder or somewhere where your body heat will be trapped, the 30 degree bag does great while sleeping in high 30s, low 40s. If you p... Read Morelan on sleeping out under the stars with no shelter, you may be get cold if temps dip to 40 degrees and below. I've noticed this bag sleeps well in 45 - 55 degree weather.

August 12, 2019

Survived my poor packing skills

Long story short, this sleeping bag stood up to the time tested beater-of-the-day packing job I did on it's first self support kayaking trip. Everything in the bag was soaked after my swim except for this bag. I'm very pleased with how water resistant the shell is and how it protected the down. The only complaint is that the 30 degree is ... Read Morenot quite warm enough for me, so I now know to bring extra layers to wear while sleeping. Great product!

April 23, 2018

So many great things to say

I sleep cold and move around a lot. This mummy bag is designed perfectly for someone like me. I'm able to move around and not run into any cold spots. I love the materials used. So comfortable! An able to keep it under 2 pounds. Pretty fantastic work.

April 23, 2018

Real nice bag

Overall a very nice sleeping bag the material had a super nice feel. I have used it maybe a dozen times now no loss of down from the bag haven't seen any feathers anywhere Lol. The dual zipper is very nice feature. The only thing I would improve upon is I wish the zipper came down maybe two or three more inches.

January 18, 2018

Not as warm as you'd think...

So, Pros: this bag is constructed of high quality materials. It is super light and fits me (6'0') quite well. Cons: the continuous baffles on the back allow down to shift and leave cold spots. It's not problematic if you only sleep on your back,but if you are a side sleeper,this is an issue. It is rated to 30 degrees,but I'd s... Read Moreay 40 is probably it's realistic lower limit.

September 22, 2017

A cocoon of downy warmth!

Over 30 years ago my grandfather bought me a navy blue,lightweight,down-filled sleeping bag for summer camp. It was an expensive bag for that time as I was "warned" to take care of it. It was small,soft,roomy,and kept me warm. After years of wear and tear,it was,to my dismay,retired several years ago... Since then I have been through sev... Read Moreeral bags searching for one that had all of those same features,without any luck. I have bought and returned more bags than I can count at this point. Picky? Yes. I guess my grandfather spoiled me. I WILL NOT be returning the Patagonia bag! It is lightweight. It packs smaller than any bag I have had and there is zero compromise to warmth. While other bags have offset baffles,and layers of insulation,this bag,with a simple sewn-thru baffle is warmer than any of the others. The front zip is new for me and I initially thought I would dislike it. But because of it,I find that I can move around inside of the bag with more ease and not be twisting the bag as a turn. It is plenty roomy for even a side-sleeper,like myself. In essence it is the simplicity of the bag that makes it stand several steps above the rest. Thank you Patagonia!

August 6, 2017

Great bag!

I bought this bag and immedialty took off for a trip in Alaska. It was worth the 40 year wait for Patagonia to start making sleeping bags.

August 3, 2017

Comfy & Warm at 31F. Under the Stars..

It's hard to find a sleeping bag that delivers on the temperature rating, but this one did. Love the drawstring hood that keeps the heat in and the cold out! The top opening zipper is convenient and easy to get in and out of. Fits nicely inside of my bivy for nights under the stars!

July 8, 2017

Great for sail boat in Nantucket

We bought four for our sail boat in nantucket. Work perfectly. would buy again.

June 3, 2017


Overall the bag is great. I would have preferred to have the zipper open all the way down so when it gets to warm inside one can let some air in to cool off

May 6, 2017

great minimalist bag

Very light,warm design,do not use it in cold conditions yet,only in Utah southwest clear around 40F no tent and it was perfect

April 8, 2017

Very cozy!

this bag is the most comfortable bag that I've owned and I spend 100+ nights in a sleeping bag each year.

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