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Ms Iron Forge Hemp™ Canvas Cargo Pants - Regular

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Ms Iron Forge Hemp™ Canvas Cargo Pants - Regular

February 27, 2020

Great Pants

I bought these pants from the website because I did not have time to go to my local Patagonia store and check them out in person. I have to say that when I ordered them, I was not sure that I was going to be thrilled only because I couldn't tell from the pictures how substantial they were or how they fit. I received them today and I have to le... Read Moret you know that not only do they fit really well, but they remind me of the way jeans were constructed back when I was a kid in the late 1960's. They are substantial and thick, but not bulky nor constricting. I know that these pants will last me a long time without tearing or without me wearing holes in the knees and upper thighs. I am delighted with the quality, the material and the fit. I am planning on buying another pair within the month so I have a pair that I can wear on washday. Thank you Patagonia for not only being environmentally conscious and for conforming to Fair Trade guidlines, but thank you also for showing the world that you can make good products at a fair price and still minimize your impact on the environment.

January 9, 2020

Truly great work pants

I'm a designer fabricator and also spend a lot of time in the woods doing trail work and splitting and collecting firewood. These pants have far surpassed other canvas work pants I have had before, most of them started fraying at the pockets and hem within a year of use. These pants are over a year old and show no sign of ware other than the c... Read Moreolor fading from repeated washes. They also keep me cooler in the summer than the cotton canvas. The only thing I wish is that Patagonia would make them in a wool lined version so I could be warmer in the winter! Thank you Patagonia for your stellar hemp work pants!

January 3, 2020

Nominating these pants for a Nobel Prize

I’ve worn every workin’man pants out there. Considering fit, material and cut, I expect to be wearing these for the rest of my life. Letshopeitsalongone

November 29, 2019

Withstands Tornadic winds! ...But really...

These pants are really the best work pants out there. I am an organic vegetable, and medical farmer in Oklahoma. I wear these pants every day for work, and they take the abuse that comes with the work of planting, harvesting, weeding, watering, pruning, bushwacking, building, wood splitting, dog playing, scrubbing, you name it. But I did not realiz... Read Moree just how strong they REALLY were until Spring of 2019. My wife and I were in Texas, at her tribe's ancestral grounds. We were enjoying a nice, rainy afternoon watching Dances, and walking the grounds. To make a long story short, while we were sitting in awe of the traditional Grass House which sat on the property, an EF3 tornado landed on us without warning. My wife and I were caught in the middle of 165mph winds, outside, unprotected. We sustained several injuries, but that day I happened to be wearing a pair of these Iron Forge Hemp pants. From the waist upwards my body was COVERED in what we started referring to as "tornado rash," basically road rash from tiny, wind born debris. BUT, from the waist downwards, everywhere my Hemp pants covered, I had no superficial injuries! These pants saved me a lot of hurt. Now I'm not suggesting anyone go get in the way of a tornado in some Iron Forge Hemp clothes and expect to be okay, but this is a testimony to how incredibly durable these are. When it's in my budget, you better bet I will get another pair. Thanks for making such a quality product.

November 28, 2019

Real, last-forever cargo pants.

These are my winter pants for around the Bay Area. Carry all your gear around with you right at hand. Combined with a Patagonia shirt with the giant zipper pockets and the only thing my day pack is needed for are extra layers etc. These pants should last at least ten years.

November 27, 2019

Excellent Pants for hard, long days

I work as a roofing supervisor so these pants take plenty of abuse. They fit great, feel great and are tough. I also own a pair of the shorts. Love the long pockets; for warranty jobs I’ll just stash my tools in the pockets, so much room.

November 10, 2019

Iron Forge Hemp Canvas Cargo Pant

The name on these pants pretty much captures it all! They are tough, pocket are practical and large, they launder well, and are not even scratchy like you might think of with hemp.

November 5, 2019

Cargo pants rock

The Cargo pants are outstanding.

October 10, 2019

Nice jeans, a little too baggy

Great quality workmanship and material and waist and length are perfect, however way too much material in seat and legs - they look like clown pants. You could fit two of my legs into these legs

September 29, 2019

Great pants.

Just like best ships are friendships. The best pants are Patagonia kargo pants. Comfortable, reliable and durable.

September 18, 2019

I Love these pants

I Love these pants I have several pairs of the shorts I wear them everyday they are very well constructed and the cargo pockets are perfect size I hope Patagonia never stops making this Work wear Line

July 21, 2019

Great pants

I've had them for 10 months and they are no more worn than the day I got them. Although, the material is thick and durable, it is very soft and not at all stiff. The only issue is that they run a little small. I ordered my normal size and they were just a little tight in the waist. I exchanged them for one size larger and they fit great.

December 29, 2018

Quality Product

Worked outside on my new extension ...felt great...comfortable range of movement. I liked the pocket area which allowed my to put my tape nicely into place.

October 5, 2018

Not for use while on you knees

I have two pairs of the iron forge pants and have used them for construction and yard work. Last weekend I had some cleanup to do on a concrete deck and spent a fair amount of time on my knees. The inside surface of the cargo pants is so rough it took a layer of skin off my right knee. I got a serious road rash from the rubbing of the fabric agains... Read Moret my skin. I love the pants other wise. Don’t buy these pants in you have to floor tiling or any other activity on your knees.

April 20, 2018

Strange Fit

The fit issues I reviewed on the double knee pant only seem to be exacerbated on this pant. I'm a skier and a runner - so fairly lean but with skier quads. The fit from waist to crotch is totally off and too short,but I do have enough room around the quad area. The diamond crotch has a bunchy feeling and is not comfortable. Fabric seems durabl... Read Moree,but when wet I cant say that it dries very quickly (not that I'm surprised) I typically wear 30x31 or 30x32 for work pants and 30x30 for climbing pants. These are 30x32. Waist is more snug on these compared to the regular double so there appears to be inconsistency in the wasit size similar to carhartt inconsistency .

April 7, 2018

Tough as Nails; Comfortable from the Get-Go

I've been wearing these pants for several months now. I wear them while woodworking,welding,and while doing farm chores. The fabric is super tough,yet comfortable from the get-go - there's no need to wash 'em fifty times to soften them up. My only beef is that I wish they had a tad more room in the seat for a given waist size. (Not ... Read Moreever Patagonia customer has a BMI of 18.) A small pocket,just large enough to hold a multi-tool,would be a welcome addition,too.

January 18, 2018

Solid quality from Patagonia

I had several worries about these pants before I bought them. Was the material stiff? Were there enough pockets and how useful are they (I'm a "pockets" guy so this is important to me)? Were the cargo pockets secure? I actually called Patagonia to ask if they were button or velcro closure and they said "neither". There is n... Read Moreo closure mechanism; the flaps hang free. In spite of this,I bought the pants and I'm very happy I did. They are lighter weight than many work pants I have and roomier. I can see wearing these well into summer,if required. They have the right amount of "hang" off the hips and are very comfortable. The legs are loose but not too relaxed and are comfortable standing,bending,or sitting. The front and back pockets are deep and full and hold everything necessary very well. There is no cell phone pocket but I find the cargo pockets work for that. They are well constructed; a little tighter at the top to keep whatever you are carrying from popping out. The flaps hang free but are thick enough to stay down and not fold up at the corners. I've had no problems there. They are good for a casual work environment as well as tearing about town or hiking in the woods. The material isn't heavy enough to protect you through scrub or brush but it's good for casual use. I've only worn them in the Fall and Winter but they hold up well against the freezing winds we have had here in Oklahoma. Highly recommended! I'll be buying another pair.

January 10, 2018

All around useful work pants

I live in my work pants,literally,and have found the roominess,comfort and all around utility of these pants pretty refreshing. They fit well underneath chainsaw chaps with items in the cargo pockets,this was a big requirement for me and the rear pockets can hold a variety of different sized wedges with ease. Fit is loose and roomy but I don&#x27... Read More;t feel like I am going to snag anything on a tree and get stuck while felling,also a big deal for me. I typically wear 34x36 in other brands and the 34 x Long fits fine,maybe with a little excess length. These pants also stuff well into the high boots that I use on boats or in wet coastal areas. The ink black color even cleans up fairly well for a night out. As far as functionality of the pants I can't see any improvements but a forestry green color would be pretty dope.

October 24, 2017

Buying 2nd pair now

These pants are awesome. The fit is perfect. I am 5'10" and 178 pounds and the regular size 34 fits great. Wore these to a college football game in Montana.....kept legs very warm. Nice looking pants.

October 14, 2017

Good fit,for men who don't skip leg day!

Tough,heavy,roomy. Not for dudes who skip leg day on the regular. Good for those of us who stand,walk,hike,and basically work for a living.

September 29, 2017

Great Pants

These pants are super rugged ! The pants are perfect super nice feel and great range of movement I was a little worried at first with the relaxed fit being to baggy but the fit is just perfect in the thighs and leg.The only complaint i have is there a little tight in the waist.I went up one size in the waist it was perfect ! It's nice to s... Read Moreee Patagonia making this style pant ! Some time the lightest fastest moisture wicking pants doesn't always fit the job. Way to go

September 21, 2017

Great Work Pants

Love these pants! The fit is true to size on the waist,and legs are definitely on the looser side (which is perfect for moving around). I live in Hawaii,so I was a little afraid they would be too hot,but not at all! They feel very durable,and I've been using them for about two months doing construction and landscaping work without a problem! ... Read MoreNote to Patagonia: I would love if you guys made a casual slim fit version of these pants as well. I would definitely purchase a couple of pairs and wear them everywhere!

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