• Mario Campori

Mario Campori

Store Manager




Milan, Italy

Mario Campori
"It made me ask myself if I could be doing more to protect our world."

Why do you work at Patagonia?
I feel like it's a real privilege, I'm a lucky one. I'm with a company which is strongly committed to the environment, which is not afraid to fight its battles for a better world, which cares about the workers in the industry, which is transparent, and which really inspires other businesses. It would be extremely hard for me now to work for a different employer.

What's your favorite Patagonia environmental initiative?
The 100% for the Planet Day back in 2016, when we donated all our sales of the day to support environmental activists. I was both surprised about how quickly the decision was made, as well as excited about the idea. In the end it was incredible, far above our expectations, and the participation by people who knew nothing about our products but who just wanted to be part of this "crazy" thing buying Patagonia... unforgettable.

How has working at Patagonia changed you?
It made me ask myself if I could be doing more to protect our world. It started a few years ago, when we decided to measure our ecological footprint, both at work and at home. I discovered I could do much more.

I now commute daily with public transportation, I have switched to LED lights at home, changed my energy provider, I think twice before buying anything and, two years ago, became a 1% for the planet individual member. Proud to be founding member #59!

Have you ever been part of the environmental grant's council? What was your experience of this?
We had an environmental project at the store a couple of years ago, supporting a local NGO who was trying to create a network of "Friends of the Air" retailers in downtown Milano. All the store employees took some days to walk through Milano and knock at as many doors as possible to get other stores to commit to the use of clean energy, push hard with local municipality asking for traffic reduction policies and to create events all together.

In two weeks, we gathered more retailers than the ones who subscribed the entire year before.

What do you like doing outside of work?
I grew up close to the mountains and spent most of my free time as a kid skiing in the Alps or among animals in a farm in the Appenines. I've always been in love with snow and cold winters in the Dolomites.

Nowadays I try as many things as I can, even if I can't say I'm a real expert in anything. Running, climbing, skiing, paragliding, but also simply playing with my daughter.

Aside from outdoor activities, I love reading, arts, theatre, playing piano and painting portraits.

What skills and traits do you need to work at Patagonia?
You need to share the values that drive our company. Environmentalism, integrity, being different... Or you would not understand anything about why we do things in such a way.