• Ana Torres
  • Ana Torres

Ana Torres

Senior Financial Planning & Analysis Analyst




Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Ana Torres
"You can really see the motivation of the people doing small or large actions and their impact on communities."

Why do you work at Patagonia?
Patagonia provided me a lot of "first" experiences. My first climate march, my first involvement with an NGO related to regenerative agriculture, my first surf and climbing experience… I feel like Patagonia changed my perception of what is important: to care for the environment, to think about our food and impacts on the land. This is why I want to continue to work for Patagonia and push myself even further.

What was your path to working at Patagonia?
When I started at Patagonia, I wouldn't have considered myself a Patagoniac. I had never done an outdoor sport except for hiking but now looking back (after 2 years), I can say that I am now a true fan thanks to the amazing opportunities provided by the company. From involvement in an environmental internship to participating at the Grassroots Conference, to hearing several guest speakers such as ambassadors or environmental groups that have left me inspired.

What has been your biggest achievement at Patagonia?
I have had several favorite moments, from doing my first climate march to cleaning up beaches and fishing plastic from the Amsterdam canals, but one of the greatest was to have the opportunity to do an environmental internship. You can really see the motivation of the people doing small or large actions and their impact on communities.

What is the best thing about working at Patagonia?
It feels like I got a new family, the relationship with my colleagues is amazing. These close relationships are ones that I did not experience so much in my previous work environments.

Who is the most memorable person you have met while working at Patagonia?
At the Amsterdam office, we had the opportunity to meet Yvon and Malinda in May 2017. He left the biggest impression on me, due to his capacity to perceive ideas and direct them into the future, but at the same time he was so grounded and a normal human being.