Trail running

Nous adorons les longues sorties, loin de tout; pour nous reconnecter avec la nature que nous aimons protéger.
Trail running pour femme
Trail running pour femme
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Trail running pour homme
Sacs de trail running
Sacs de trail running
  • Un voyage dans le refuge national de la faune arctique

    Clare Gallagher, Tommy Caldwell et Luke Nelson explorent la plaine côtière du nord-est de l'Alaska, une terre spirituelle pour la Nation Gwich'in, un espace qui reste menacé par la possibilité de forages pétroliers.

    Au pied de la chaîne Brooks dans la réserve nationale de faune arctique en Alaska. Austin Siadak
    Austin Siadak
Patagonia Ambassadors Run the New Patagonia Park, Part 2: The Run

How do you tell the story of 106 miles in two days in a short and concise manner? It’s nearly impossible—similar to trying to restore an ecosystem and build a national park. So many little steps, so many little stories. Our route would take us through the new Patagonia Park. Starting north in the town…

Jeff Browning
7 minutes de lecture
The Most Obvious Line

Luke Nelson's FKT on the Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup.

Luke Nelson
5 minutes de lecture
FFFKT (Fastest Fish Fourteener Known Time)

Jenn Shelton traverses the Sierra High Route.

Jenn Shelton
15 minutes de lecture
If You Love It, Run for It: Dispatch from the Inaugural Takayna Ultramarathon

Krissy Moehl reports from the inaugural takayna ultramarathon “There are no footprints.” Fellow Patagonia ambassador and New Zealand native Grant Guise voiced what I was thinking. Our headlamps and phone lights dimly illuminated the overgrown double-track from Rebecca Road. “If 100 people are starting a race in five minutes, we would see footprints,” he said…

Krissy Moehl
14 minutes de lecture
Nose to the Wind

Steve House joins forces with coach Scott Johnston and athlete Kílian Jornet to develop a comprehensive approach to finding the joy and the payoff of intense training. Even lunges. The wind had made its presence known all night, the tiny tent shaking off its layer of breath-turned-frost with each gust. The icy flakes settled, then…

Steve House
6 minutes de lecture
Generations of a Diné Family Reflect on Running

Some time in the northern corner of the Diné reservation helps clarify why this question is so hard to answer. A girl wakes and runs toward the light, her dark hair streaming behind her as she races in the direction of the rising sun. She hears the prayers of her family and friends as her…

Meaghen Brown
7 minutes de lecture
Seven Recommendations for Trail Racing and Training

Patagonia is thrilled to publish Steve House and Scott Johnston’s second training book, Training for the Uphill Athlete, for which they teamed up with world-class endurance athlete Kílian Jornet. This is an excerpt from the book, now available in Patagonia stores, on, and at your favorite bookstore or online distributor. I race a lot:…

Kílian Jornet
4 minutes de lecture
A Very Large, Long Group Run Through the Bob Marshall Wilderness

For the slo-mo, bug-bitten, exhausted joy of really long runs. Time expands and compresses on long runs. Moments of navigation or extended discomfort can seem endless, while the landscape sifts by like a slow-moving picture. And then suddenly it’s been hours that slipped by without you noticing, except for the subtle changes in light and…

Meaghen Brown
2 minutes de lecture
  • Pourquoi nous courons : Eli

    En tant que rancher ayant grandi dans le nord-est sauvage de la nation Navajo sans électricité ni eau courante, Eli Neztsosie a appris au cours de ses années de travail ce que cela signifiait de compter sur la discipline et l'endurance. À présent, il compte sur ces mêmes compétences sur les longues distances, s'efforçant chaque jour, selon ses propres mots, d'être meilleur que la veille.

  • Patagonia Action Works

    Protégez votre terrain de jeu

    La course est un outil pour l'activisme. Nous soutenons les groupes de terrain qui luttent pour protéger les paysages et les communautés à travers le monde. Nous espérons que vous le ferez aussi.

    Cruisey downhills in Sycamore Canyon, California.
    Kyle Sparks
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