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Pat Ambassador Krissy Moehl Posts New Record on Leona Divide 50

Krissy Moehl  /  3 Min Read  /  Trail Running

[Ed note: The following submission is from Patagonia Velocity and Performance Baselayer Designer, Jenny Uehisa. Together with Krissy Moehl, the duo are responsible for the design and development of many of the products found in Patagonia's line of running apparel.]

Leona divide 1 I first met Krissy about 7 years ago when we shared a tiny workspace together at Montrail.  At the time, she was brand new to trail running and since I thought running was something you did only in case of an emergency, I was fascinated by her. I remember asking her, “What’s an ultramarathon?” and she explained that it was any race longer than a marathon, 26.2 miles.

“And people do that for fun?” I asked.

It didn’t take long for me to catch the bug as Krissy has an infectious way of making everything look fun and easy, including trail running. She set a new course record for the first 50K ultramarathon she entered and has rocked the ulltrarunning scene ever since (see her bio on our homepage).

The thing about Krissy is that when she gets something in her head, she is unstoppable. So when I read her Facebook status, “Krissy Moehl hoping for 7:38 on Saturday!”  I knew her old course record was going down.

[Photo: Krissy Moehl collection]

Leona sign The Leona Divide 50 Mile Race is mostly on the PCT. A few weeks ago, I did a trail run on part of the course and ran by the sign that has all the previous winners and their times engraved on it.  It was such a treat to see her name on there…twice!

I emailed her the picture and she said that inspired her to enter the race again. Read her full race report below!


Putting races on the calendar is a great way to motivate and step up anyone’s training schedule. For the most part, I am a consistent runner as I truly enjoy logging hours and miles. But with a 50-mile race or even 100-mile race on the books, it almost scares me into more specific training. Thursday morning hill repeats on the longest hill I can find in Seattle, (near a bakery) has been a helpful addition to this year’s training in addition to weight lifting, weekly yoga as well as learning to rock climb, house projects and playing the guitar. I guess my point with these additional activities is to maintain balance in life, which helps me stay healthy physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Heading in to the Leona divide 2 I feel very fortunate to have running as an important part of my life, to be healthy enough and to have balance with other activities and enjoy it when I am able to focus and make the concentrated efforts on hard training and racing. Leona Divide was a great test of this year’s training, there are many more miles and hours to log before the next one, and I look forward to them.

Krissy Moehl lives in Seattle, Washington and works for The Conservation Alliance. At the Leona Divide 50 mile race she ran 7:25:37 for 3rd place overall and 1st place female.

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