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Environmental Internship Program

Many people who work at Patagonia are passionate about spending time in the outdoors, as well as protecting it. The company offers employees the ability to do just that through the Environmental Internship Program. Employees from all parts of the company are allowed up to two months away from their regular roles to work for the environmental group of their choice while continuing to earn their paycheck and benefits. This year, 34 individuals, 12 stores and one department took advantage of this program—putting in almost 10,000 volunteer hours for 43 organizations.

For small, grassroots groups working in local communities, having a free Patagonia employee intern is a huge help. And when interns return, they bring back stories, inspiration and a new commitment to our environmental mission.

Interns and Sponsoring Groups, 2015

Allison Mazzon, Sitka Conservation Society
Beth Crumbaker, Birds of Prey Foundation
Brian Sargeant, Colorado Fourteeners Initiative
Caleb Church, Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness
Christina Viola, Surfrider Foundation
Courtney Wantink, The Nature Conservancey
David Hopkins, Winter Wildlands Alliance
Deb Gorman, Downeast Lakes Land Trust
Douglas Scott, Renewable Resource Foundation
Eva-Maria Hartwich, Life Mosaic
Evan Daniel, Conservación Patagónica
Grace Ladd, Rocking the Boat
Kodai, Oka, Nao Fukushima, Go Moritake,
Yoshikani Kamra
, Keiryu Hogo Network
Hilary Fleming, Cook Inletkeeper
Jenny Koll, North Shore Community Land Trust
John Huggins, Pelican Rescue Team
Maggie Hill, Sitka Conservation Society
Mara Burns, Mohonk Preserve
Masafumi Takemoto, Surfrider Foundation Japan
Megan Sells, Surfrider Foundation Hawaii
Michelle Marone, Pocono Environmental
Education Center
Nate Ptacek, Save the Boundary Waters
Rebekah Preeble, South Boston Grows
Ruby Pajares, CPAWS Wildlands League
Sam Murch, Trout Unlimited Alaska
Sarah Dain, The Clark Fork Coalition
Sarah Mayo, Rivanna Conservation Society
Steven Kerrick, Trout Unlimited
Thomas Smith, Hawaii Wildlife Fund
Tyler Welbourn, Buffalo Field Campaign
Vanessa Meier, Ulinzi Africa Foundation
Willy Walker, Conservación Patagónica
Yukari Kato, Yamashina Institute of Ornithology
Zach Rhoades, Wild Steelhead Coalition
Austin Store, Friends of Balcones Canyonlands
National Wildlife Refuge
Boston Store, Franklin Park Coalition
Chicago-Mag Mile Store, Plant Chicago
Dillon Store, Montana Audubon
Freeport Store, Friends of Casco Bay
Haleiwa Store, Waimea Valley Hi’ipaka
Portland Store, Forest Park Conservancy
Reno Shipping, Hidden Valley Wild Horse
Protection Fund, Sugar Pine Foundation
Santa Cruz Store, Homeless Garden Project
Santa Monica Store, Los Angeles Waterkeeper
SoHo Store (NYC), The River Project
Tokyo Kanda Store, Nature of Arakawa River
Toronto Store, Lake Ontario Waterkeeper