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Restore Power to the People

Together, we can bring the benefits of renewable energy production home. One million European citizens are involved in today’s growing community-energy movement. By 2050, it could be more than 260 million citizens, each helping to generate up to 45 percent of the European Union’s electricity from community energy—providing local jobs, reduced energy bills, a healthier environment and a stronger social fabric.

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To build an energy future that’s local and democratic, we need more voices.

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To, for & by the People

How Community
Energy Works

A community establishes a cooperative, installs a renewable power system and generates profits with the energy created.

All members get energy at a fair price and help make decisions on where to invest the gains.

That could mean refurbishing the local pub, establishing a new electric car sharing system, or sharing profits with people in the community who need it the most.

The benefits of community energy

Affordable Power for All

Makes electricity economical for everyone and their neighbors.

Locally Grown & Owned

Means money goes back into the community by way of profits and jobs.

Fair, Equitable Communities

Responding to economic, cultural and social needs, energy cooperatives provide community empowerment. Everyone is an equal and has a voice.

Healthier Home Planet

Helps the Europe Union reduce the risk of calamity due to the climate crisis and reach its goal to become carbon-neutral by 2050.

Get Involved

Find your region. Join an energy community. Invest in one. Or build your own.

Your Business and Community-Energy

A secure energy future depends on this alliance.

Community energy offers stability against skyrocketing fossil fuel energy prices in all sectors of society—from single households to large businesses. Across Europe, community solar and wind cooperative projects are growing.

But they need help to scale from one-million current participants to 245 million in 2050. Your businesses can play a critical role in this expansion.

This guide covers the basics of exactly how your company can support the growth of community-energy and provides examples of those that are already doing this work. Advice on how to incorporate community energy into your GHG accounting is provided in the annex.

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