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Beyond and Back: Rivers Cuomo Wears Patagonia

Jeff Johnson  /  October 6, 2008  /  2 Min Read  /  Climbing, Community

Rivers Cuomo - Blast Off!

I said in my initial entry that I would occasionally talk about or mention product. This is only because I am very passionate about technical product. I love it when a piece of gear works exactly how it was intended when used in the conditions it was designed for. For instance: when I’m making an anchor on the last pitch of the day and the sun drops below the horizon, a stiff breeze whips up the face and I unclip my Houdini jacket from my harness, unravel it from its perfectly compact ball and throw it on. All cozy and warm with a big smile on my face I sit on the ledge and belay my partner up to me. Or out on the town during a cold winter night in San Francisco I’m wearing my Das Parka and my friends are making fun of me saying, “Look at the Michelin Man … what a kook!” Then it’s three in the morning and we’re wasted, we don’t have a ride, we can’t get a taxi, and we’re lost in Golden Gate Park. I just lay down in the wet grass all cozy and warm, a big smile on my face. “Who’s the kook now,” I say as I curl up in my Das Parka. These are the precious moments you remember and they are the reasons why you buy quality products you can trust.

Recently, I stumbled upon a video that conveys perfectly what I am talking about. Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer/songwriter of the band Weezer, is shown surviving the most adverse conditions in Japan. Because of the rough circumstances and shaky, real-time video it’s difficult to discern exactly what he is wearing. But it looks as if he has applied an elaborate Patagonia layering system. As a mid layer I am guessing he is wearing an R1 fleece. And when the shit hits the fan he is wearing a hooded Micro Puff jacket. It’s so rare to be able to view the documentation of such unbelievable efforts as Rivers pulls off the impossible. I knew he was somewhat of an outdoor enthusiast but this blew my mind. Hats off to you Rivers Cuomo! Way to carry the torch! And you gotta love Weezer.

Watch the Video

[Ed’s note: For more Beyond and Back, take a gander at Jeff’s previous posts: SAVAGE, Your Backyard, Camp 4 and Stuff, Beyond and Back, Emilie Lee. For more from Rivers Cuomo, meander over to his YouTube channel, Rivers Cuomo. It’s not too late to help him write a sawng. ]

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