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Family Stories

Strong Families Build Strong Businesses

In the United States, up to 35 percent of working women who give birth never return to their jobs. Meanwhile, the cost of replacing employees can range from 35 to 200 percent of a worker’s salary, depending on seniority. If this seems like a shocking economic inefficiency, consider that American businesses provide paid family leave…

Dean Carter
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Raising Less Wasteful Kids—Starting with One Red Hand-Me-Down Jacket

The jacket was probably red once but it’s now more of a muddy pink with an overlay of permanent scuff and smudge. The zipper, replaced four years ago, stands out a little brighter. The interior sports a size tag (Kids XXS) but has no hand-me-down label—it predates that Patagonia tradition. Around 13 years ago, it…

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How Yvon Taught My Kids About Fly Fishing

Teaching your kids to fish is smart. Having Yvon Chouinard teach your kids to fish is genius.

Dylan Tomine
4 Minuten Lesezeit
Why is Unstructured Play Crucial?

An excerpt from the book Family Business by Malinda Chouinard and Jennifer Ridgeway.

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Home Run: How the Braford Family Connects by Foot

Some families share religion, camping, lavish vacations, opera. Other families go running. On an unnaturally warm February morning, one of many in a winter that never made up its mind south of the 40th latitude, the Braford family went for a run. Through town on Shrine Road, up toward the local water supply, to the…

Meaghen Brown
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