Media Grant

Rick Ridgeway

Through our own environmental campaigns, we have witnessed the power of film to transform audiences into activists. We created the Media Grants Program to support grassroots groups that also use film as a form of activism. Today, this program specifically funds organizations that use media as a tool tightly linked to direct-action campaigns.

Through this program, we fund projects that use media as a strategic tool to advance a campaign that is in line with our general grants program guidelines. The project must outline how using a specific type of media is the most appropriate avenue to advance a call to action for a targeted audience, and how it fits into the overall strategy of the campaign efforts.

We do support production companies through our Media Grants Program, but only if their work is in direct support of a campaign conducted by an environmental 501(c)(3) organization, which also serves as their fiscal sponsor.

All proposals are reviewed by an employee grants council based at our company headquarters and made up of staff with a strong media background.

Changes to be aware of: we have consolidated our previously held April 30 and August 31 deadlines into one deadline later this year, which will be by invitation only. If your organization is included in this process, you can expect to hear from us in the fall.

For additional questions related to what is in line with the Patagonia Media Grants Program, please refer to the Patagonia Grants Program general guidelines. All general program guidelines are applicable to the Media Grants program.


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