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Alimentate dai nostri polpacci. Ispirate alla gravità. Siamo una comunità di appassionata di bikers che cerca di percorrere lunghe distanze, scoprire e proteggere i luoghi che ama esplorare.
Mountain bike da uomo
Mountain bike da uomo
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Mountain bike da donna
Right Where I Belong

“That comfort, the ability to feel like you’re not stepping outside of some boundary; It’s not like, ‘Do I belong here?’ No, this is where I’m supposed to be.”

Eric Arce
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Vince Anderson Q&A

When Vince Anderson took a break from alpine climbing, his mountaineering attitude manifested itself in a single-speed hardtail, on which he’s won some of the sport’s most grueling races.

Jesse Selwyn
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Saving Slickrock

The Slickrock Trail, in Moab, Utah, is one of the most popular mountain bike rides in the world. Now, under a recent BLM decision, it could also be opening to oil and gas drilling.

Sakeus Bankson
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It Takes All Kinds: Horses and Bikes in the Washington Backcountry

The Trans-Cascadia has become one of the Pacific Northwest’s most notorious races. This past August, the Back Country Horsemen of Washington joined the Trans-Cascadia team—a first for all involved.

Danielle Baker
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Making Dirt Magic: Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship

Downieville, California was once one of the richest towns in the state, but by the mid-1990s it had gone full bust—until a few local mountain bikers’ began using the local trails to breathe new life into the town, turning the former ghost town into a recreation mecca.

Sakeus Bankson
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  • Life of Pie

    Unire una comunità attraverso la difesa, l'inclusività e una pizza dannatamente buona.

  • Patagonia Action Works

    Proteggi i luoghi in cui sfrecci in bici

    Il cambiamento inizia a casa. Entra in contatto con gruppi locali per difendere i luoghi che ami esplorare.

    Sole, nubi temporalesche e fiori selvatici primaverili creano straordinari panorami a Indian Creek, Utah.
    Eliza Earle
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