The Salmon Foxtrot: The Wisdom of Fishermen

Back in Tokyo, for a break. Just in need of a change, you know, “to get away from things.” Having worked hard all summer long, there couldn’t be more of a contrast between reeling in salmon on a river in Swedish Lapland and heading to Tokyo. For me, working hard means fishing hard and playing…

Håkan Stenlund
6 Minuten Lesezeit
It’s All Home Water: Steelhead Green

Photo Essay: Waiting for the Wild on Oregon’s North Coast

Steve Duda
2 Minuten Lesezeit
It’s All Home Water: Oregon Steelhead

Feature: Squeaky Wheels, Wild Fish and Carrot Sticks

Steve Duda
10 Minuten Lesezeit
Power Shift on the Columbia

After a century of conflict on the Columbia between salmon and dams, the fates of these two iconic energy systems are now intertwined.

Jim Norton
7 Minuten Lesezeit
Paddling Past The Graveyard

An intimate canoe trip through The Boundary Waters with Nathaniel Riverhorse Nakadate.

Nathaniel Riverhorse Nakadate
6 Minuten Lesezeit
Finnish Breakthrough

How actor Jasper Pääkkönen advocates for wild fish.

Gregory Fitz
8 Minuten Lesezeit
The Best Hatchery Is a Healthy River

We are killing what we love. The vast system of hatcheries and open-water fish farms we’ve built is an expression of our affection for cold-water fish—as food, as recreation, as commercial resource. And yet, despite our best intentions, these human-engineered attempts to make up for resource extraction, development and dam building—to somehow do better than…

Dylan Tomine
2 Minuten Lesezeit
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