Wir sind im Geschäft, um unseren Heimatplaneten zu retten.

We aim to use the resources we have—our voice, our business and our community—to do something about our climate crisis.

We’re Part of a Movement
for Change

From supporting youth fighting against oil drilling to suing the president, we take action on the most pressing environmental issues facing our world.
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We’re Taxing

Patagonia’s self-imposed Earth tax, 1% for the Planet, provides support to environmental nonprofits working to defend our air, land and water around the globe.

1% for the Planet

So far, we’ve awarded more than $100 million in cash and in-kind donations to grassroots groups.

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Who We Support

This past year, we funded 1,020 groups working on issues from biodiversity loss to climate action.

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We’re Linking Sports
with Activism

As Patagonia employees, our Global Sport Activists® are using their roles in the sport community to drive positive social and environmental change.

Clare Gallagher

Trail Running Ambassador, Climate Activist, Public Lands Advocate

Global Sport Activist
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Ramón Navarro

Surfer, Father, Activist

Global Sport Activist
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Belinda Baggs

Surfer, Mother, Activist

Global Sport Activist
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Tommy Caldwell

Big-Wall Addict, Family Man, Environmentalist

Global Sport Activist
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Dave Rastovich

Surfer, Activist, Conservationist

Global Sport Activist
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Greg Long

Surfer, Activist, Teacher

Global Sport Activist
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Ian Walsh

Mentor, Activist, Big Wave Surfer

Global Sport Activist
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Connect with Environmental Groups

We’re connecting individuals with Patagonia grantees, to take action on the most pressing issues facing the world today. Patagonia Action Works helps you discover events, petitions and skilled volunteering opportunities in your backyard and donate money to local causes.
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Explore Activism Stories

Discover the most pressing stories from environmental protectors across the world. Get Inspired

District 15

Justice for the most polluted neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Earth Day Goes Digital

As the world grapples with the effects of the pandemic, climate activists continue to fight for our future.

Lisset Fun
7 min Read
Gardening Corals before They Are Gone

With oceans getting warmer and more acidic, a group of divers are planting baby corals to restore the dying coral reefs.

Morgan Sjogren
6 min Read
Trees Do Better Standing Up

Southeast Alaskans are on the front line of the fight to protect the Tongass National Forest from logging.

Brendan Jones
11 min Read
How to Protect 1 Million Acres of Public Lands

Jocelyn Torres of Conservation Lands Foundation on the power of grassroots lobbying and voting for public lands.

Jocelyn Torres
6 min Read
I Found My Calling through Patagonia Action Works

 She was searching for a role with a nonprofit that takes a nontraditional approach to nature conservation. She found it in her inbox.

Katarina Mulec
6 min Read
On Injustice

Mustafa Santiago Ali talks with Naomi Hollard of Sunrise Movement about the power of cross-class and multiracial movements and the mandate for environmental justice.

Naomi Hollard
8 min Read
Ryland Bell’s Chilkat Hideaway

Predawn on April 4, 2019. There’s hardly any snow in the mountains. Worst year in recent history, the locals are saying. We’re loading boxes of food onto the ferry, preparing to board the Alaska Marine Highway from Juneau to Haines. “It’s southeast Alaska, you never know,” Ryland Bell says. “It might rain for 90 days…

Colin Wiseman
10 min Read
  • Are You a Grassroots Environmental Group?

    We give grants to organizations that identify the root causes of problems and approach issues with a commitment to long-term change. Patagonia supports only environmental work. Learn about our application process and what type of support we offer our grantees.

    Eric Bissell
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