Your winter. Your choice.

Powder days are worth protecting. Connect with local groups and fight the climate crisis from your own backyard. Everyone has something to contribute—let Patagonia Action Works help maximize your climate fight and match your skills with the organizations that need them the most.

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It’s All Home Water

As anglers, we believe it’s our duty to stand for the waters we stand in and fight for a future that includes wild fish and wild waters—for everyone.

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Regenerative Organic Agriculture

The solution is in the soil

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Protect Wild Places

Support grassroots groups working to protect landscapes and wildland communities.

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Save Wild Rivers

In 2018, we joined forces with activists and NGOs in the Balkans, to save the last wild rivers of Europe from the threat of over 3,000 proposed dams. The film Blue Heart tells the stories of groups who rely on this precious ecosystem and their fights to protect it.

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Join the Climate Movement

If we're going to stop the climate crisis, we need everyone to participate in mass mobilization and apply constant pressure on our elected officials.

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