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Polartec® Power Shield® Pro

Designed to strike the optimal balance between weather protection and breathability, Power Shield Pro offers the best soft-shell weather resistance without compromise to breathability. Patagonia has specifically designed our Polartec Power Shield Pro shells to meet the needs of our athlete team and our most technical core customers. Polartec Power Shield Pro combines never before seen levels of air permeability with durable hydrostatic resistance to keep you dry both from within and from out.

How does it work?
Polartec Power Shield Pro fabrics feature a smooth, tightly woven face for great abrasion resistance, and a polyester back for a high warmth-to-weight ratio. The membrane in the middle enables the fabric to block 99% of the wind. The remaining 1% circulates within the fabric which greatly enhances moisture vapor transmission, improving breathability and reducing the risk of heat stress buildup. Polartec Power Shield fabrics have the best breathability in the soft shell market. In fact, Polartec Power Shield Pro fabrics are 30-50% more breathable than windproof soft shells in dynamic or active conditions.

Highly Breathable and Highly Water-Resistant
The biggest advance of the new Polartec Power Shield Pro membrane is the addition of real water resistance, measured through a hydrostatic head. Polartec Power Shield Pro delivers an initial 5,000mm hydrohead (ISO 811, AATCC 127) and remains durably water resistant to a minimum of 3,000mm for life. This level of water resistance exceeds the requirement for seam sealing on a waterproof breathable shell (3psi or 2100mm) so you can be assured of its performance. The combination of water resistance and breathability of Polartec Power Shield Pro offers a great advance in soft shell comfort.

Made from Recycled Fabric
Polartec has been offering recycled Polartec® Classic fabrics since 1993. Polartec now offers recycled content fabrics in every category ranging from super soft next-to-skin fabrics to high performance soft shell fabrics. Though the actual recycled content of each style varies, Polartec has made a corporate commitment to having a minimum of 50% recycled content in order to promote a style as recycled.

To reduce their overall carbon footprint, Polartec, LLC and Unifi have introduced performance fabrics made with REPREVE 100 –  made from 100% PCR, post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. REPREVE 100 will soon be made from 95% post-consumer waste (clear plastic water bottles) and 5% fabric cut waste.