High Endurance Kit

Athlete-Driven Design for Mountain Running

With the Dom in the distance and the valley far below, Clare Gallagher and Luke Nelson are about to learn that the descent from the Schöllijoch to Randa, Switzerland, isn’t all downhill.
Dan Patitucci
The High Endurance Kit is an integrated system, designed with input from our athletes, for drastic elevation and temperature changes, and circumstances that toe the line between running and climbing.
  • Endless Run Shorts

    Streamlined shorts to minimize the need for additional pieces, thanks to strategically placed pockets.

  • Airshed Pro Pullover

    Ultralightweight, highly breathable, wind-cutting layer—the sweet spot between baselayer and light shell.

  • Slope Runner Endurance Vest

    Trail-running vest with enough space to carry gear for long runs but wears like a garment.

  • Strider Pro Pants

    Breathable, lightweight, packable pants to protect from wind and weather.

  • Storm Racer Jacket

    Ultralight, waterproof shell with a double-zipper design for easy access to water bottles stowed in your pack or vest and quick ventilation without removing layers.

  • These are the runs where you will probably get too hot and too cold, you might get rained (or snowed) on, mileage isn’t something you’re counting, and you’re likely ascending and descending multiple times over the course of the day.

Airshed Pullover
Slope Runner Endurance Vest
Storm Racer Jacket
Endless Run Shorts
Strider Pro Pants
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Men's Trail Running
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