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Laxaþjóð | A Salmon Nation

Our relationship with nature not only defines our history, it shapes our future, too. Yet beneath the surface of Iceland’s fjords, an industrial fish farming method threatens to destroy one of Europe’s last remaining wildernesses. Laxaþjóð | A Salmon Nation tells the story of a country united by its lands and waters, and the power of a community to protect the wild places and animals that helped forge its identity.

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We do our best to process and ship orders within 1-2 business days (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays). We kindly ask that you choose standard shipping where possible to reduce our environmental impact. If you have any questions about your order, you can reach out to our Customer Service team and we will be happy to help.

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Unsure of the right size? Can’t decide between jackets? Our Customer Service team is here to help—the less unnecessary shipping, the better. We have no time limit on returns and accept both current and past-season products.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I tell what size I am?

For the most accurate sizing, you would want to reference your body measurements with our size chart or Size & Fit Guide. The size chart can be found on any product page by clicking the "Size Chart" link below the price, or by clicking the "Size Chart" link in the size drop-down menu.

Can I be notified when something comes back in stock?

For certain styles, you can choose to be notified when the item you’re interested in comes back in stock. Simply click on ‘Notify Me’, fill in your email address, and we will email you when this item is restocked in your preferred color and size (emails are sent in the order of sign up). If you do not see this option, we may not be restocking this item and so it’s best to contact our Customer Service team for more information.

Can I pre-order or reserve a product?

Unfortunately it is not possible to preorder or reserve items on our website. However, if you’re interested in an item but your size is out of stock, we invite you to select the ‘Notify Me’ option, if available, and we will email you when the item is back in stock (emails are sent in the order of sign up).

What materials are your products made from?

You can find out all the product composition information on each products page. Scroll down to ‘Spec & Features’ for the details. You can also click on ‘Impact’ to find out the environmental footprint.

Does Patagonia still sell footwear?

Unfortunately, Patagonia is no longer manufacturing footwear. If you are looking for wading boots or surf footwear, please shop our Fishing and Surfing collections.

Which stores carry Patagonia Wetsuits?

Selected stores carry our Surf line and we suggest calling ahead to check on inventory before visiting the store nearest you. Follow the link to a full list of our Surf Dealers.

Why does the US website have different products?

You may have noticed that the US and EU websites offer some different stock, this is due to the different demand and availability of items. Please contact our Customer Service team if you have any questions.


How do I care for my item?

We recommend extending the life of your product by caring for it properly. Learn more about caring for your item by visiting our Product Care page.

How can I give feedback about my Patagonia item?

We love to hear what you think! For product feedback, please leave a review on the corresponding item's page on our website or send an email to Not sure which item you have? Customer Service is happy to help!

Authenticity & Counterfeit

Where can I find authentic Patagonia products?

Authentic Patagonia products are available at, at our Patagonia retail stores, as well as our dealers' stores and their websites. You can find a complete list of these stores by clicking on "Our Stores" or by going directly to our Store Locator.

I found a website that sells Patagonia products. How do I know if it's legitimate?

The website probably isn't legitimate if you are reading this. An increasing number of websites "scrape" our site and its images and then set up a page that mimics the look and feel of These sites are run by scammers who will charge your credit card and then either: send you nothing, send you counterfeit Patagonia product or send you some totally unrelated cheap product. In any event, they will ignore your effort to contact them, and you will have to convince your credit card provider to cancel the charge.

How to tell if a website selling Patagonia product is legitimate:

- Is it an authorized store listed on our Store Locator?
- Is the URL suspect? is the only online Patagonia store; we do not have any online outlet or discount shops. Any URL with "patagonia" and "official" "sale" "discount" "clearance" or anything else is fake.
- If the price discount looks too good to be true, it is.
- Contact email should not be a commercial email provider (e.g.,, rather than a corporate address.
- Policies such as shipping, refund, etc. are written poorly or don't make sense.
- If you are ever unsure about a website, please reach out to our Customer Service team before ordering. We will be able to verify the legitimacy of the website for you.

Already bought counterfeit product or did not get anything after your card was charged?

Please reach out to our Customer Service team who can verify the legitimacy of the website for you. If we confirm that the website is fake, you will be able to chargeback the cost of the order via your bank.

I found Patagonia product on an auction site, flash sale site, or in a brick-and-mortar discount retailer. Is it authentic?

Patagonia prohibits its authorized dealers from selling on online marketplaces like, and some other well-known online platforms. Patagonia cannot assure that products you buy from these providers or in these stores are authentic.

Online marketplaces, like those mentioned above, host third-party sellers and usually do not guarantee the authenticity of the products on their sites. We regularly find counterfeit Patagonia products on these marketplaces—even listings that use our images, product copy and otherwise look legitimate to the online customer.

Your best bet to get authentic Patagonia product is to buy from, one of our retail stores or from one of our authorized wholesale dealers, which you can find on our Store Locator.

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