• Nastja Davidova

Nastja Davidova

Rock Climbing Ambassador


Ljubljana, Slovenia


Ljubljana, Slovenia

During her last year of high school, Nastja went climbing for the first time; the experience captured her heart and she was hooked. While studying physiotherapy at university, Nastja joined the Slovenian Alpine Club and spent every free minute rock climbing and mountaineering. After graduation, she earned her climbing instructor qualifications, and today she travels around the globe in search of difficult climbs that push her limits.

She enjoys sport, trad, big wall, ice and mixed climbing year-round and has taken part in many expeditions, including three with all-female teams, and climbing trips to Patagonia, the United States, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Alaska and India. When she’s not playing in the mountains she works at a local climbing school, where she helps train climbers of all ages.
Career Highlights
  • Declared Best Slovenian Female Alpinist for climbs in 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2018
  • Received award for the best woman alpinist of Ljubljana for the last six years.
  • 2004 All-female-team ascent of Aguja Guillaumet, Amy couloir (5, 60˚, 450 m), Aguja de la S, Josh Alke (6+/4-5, 450 m), Patagonia.
  • 2005 Climb of El Capitan’s Salathe wall (VI, 5.9, C2+, 1,200 m), USA
  • 2006 Ascent of Lobuje East (6,119 m), Nepal, with UIAA International Climbing Camp for young alpinists
  • 2007 Ascents of Ak Su, Slesova (4,240 m), Perestroika Crack (5.10, A0, 900 m), Central piramid (4,380 m), NW pillar (5.10c, 900 m), Piramid du Pamir (3,605 m), Lost Mountain (5.10c, 600m), Nad bazo (5.10b, 400 m, first ascent), Kyrgyzstan.
  • 2009 All-female-team ascent with Monika Kambič and Maja Apat of The Stump (2,200 m), Goldfinger (IV/5.11a, 600 m), Eye Tooth (2,960 m), Dream in the Spirit of Mugs (V/5.10c, 1,000 m), Ruth Gorge, Alaska
  • 2013 Fourth all-female-team-ascent and second female ascent of the route with Tina di Batista Aguja Mermoz (5+, 600 m), Fitz Roy, Afanassieff (30°, 6a+, A0, 1,550 m), Patagonia
  • 2015 Onsight ascents of Aguja Saint Exupery, Italy (7a, 60°, 700 m) with Matija Jošt and Chiaro di luna (6b+, 750 m) with Caroline North, Patagonia
  • 2015 First ascents of three previously unclimbed peaks: Khumchu Ri 6,064 m, Kun Long Ri 6,058 m (V+, TD+, 70°, 1,500 m) and Ri Pok Te 6,210 m (TD+/ED-, VI-, 1,200 m) with Matija Jošt, Raru Mountains, Zanskar, India’s Himalaya.
  • 2016 First ascent (reached prominent point on west ridge) on Remalaya West 6,266 m with Matija Još, Haptal Mountains, Slovenia
  • 2016 First repeat climb of Shawa Kangri 5,728 m, Rolling Stones (V+, D+, 65°, 500 m), Haptal Mountains, Slovenia
  • 2017 All-female-team ascent of Pik Slesova 4240 m, Perestroika Crack (7a/b, 900 m) with Iva Božić, Pamir Alay, Kyrgyzstan, Ak Su
  • 2017 Climbed 1000 Years of Russian Christianity (Kyrchilta) 4507 m, French route (6b+, 1500 m) with Iva Božić and Jan Valentinčič