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  2. What does Patagonia’s audience see?

What does Patagonia’s audience see?

While your organization’s dashboard is only visible to you, our customers and online audience will see your organization’s public content and customer-facing profile via eu.patagonia.com/gb/en/actionworks.

Here’s an overview of what our audience will see and how they will interact with your postings.



We encourage our audience to share their location and select environmental issues they’re interested in.

This means customers viewing your content are already interested and potentially local.


This is the Patagonia Action Works home page.

  1. Viewers can use location and filtering tools to find what they’re looking for

  2. Viewers can see organizations, events, and actions

  3. An interactive map displays organization locations


Our audience will see your content on the left of the screen, while an interactive map shows your organization’s headquarters on the right.

Selecting your organization’s event, petition or skill based volunteering opportunity will take the user to your profile page.

Our audience will have the option to sign up for email alerts.

These alerts will put your organization’s events, petitions, fundraising, and skill based volunteering needs in front of a local audience.


PAW Home Mobile

The Patagonia Action Works homepage on a mobile device.


Your profile

Customers will see all of the content you choose to share on your organization’s profile page once it has been approved by an admin.


Your content – events, petitions, and skilled volunteering opportunities – appear as cards.


The profile page by default includes some background information on your organization and, in most cases, a donate button that will allow for our customers to give easily.


Public Profile

This is your profile that is exposed to the public

  1. You are able to personalize your profile with a custom logo and banner

  2. Basic information about your organization is visible. Viewers can donate to your organization or contact you directly.

  3. You are able to post events, petitions, and skilled volunteering opportunities, which will appear across the site and on your profile.