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As a longtime funder of grassroots organizations, we understand that groups like yours address some of the most important environmental issues we face, often with limited staff, time and resources. To provide you and our other grantees with support, we developed Patagonia Action Works and created tools to help elevate your voice, build capacity, and connect grantees with Patagonia customers and employees.

Welcome to Patagonia Action Works. This toolkit enables you to request support for your events, petitions and capacity-building needs. It will also allow for donations from our customers to your organization.

To make this work, we need you, our grantees, to take part. Please log in to your account, and learn about the available toolkit offered by Patagonia Action Works.

Please share this training guide with members of your organization who can and will  take advantage of this resource—perhaps someone in marketing, development, communications, HR or on your operations team.

It is our hope Patagonia Action Works will lead to meaningful and long-lasting collaborations and strong, diverse coalitions. The goal is to harness the energy in our community and maximize your organization’s efforts to protect the places and communities we all love and need.