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  2. Using your dashboard

Using your dashboard

This is your Dashboard. Only your organization sees this view.

  1. Navigate to different areas of your dashboard to manage your account and posts.

  2. You can quickly access tools to get the most out of your dashboard. Helpful information lives below.

  3. Easily access public views of Patagonia Action Works to see what viewers will see.

From here, you have access to many types of support, including:

  • Listing events
  • Listing petitions
  • Access Skill-Based Volunteering
  • Requests for Social Amplification
  • FAQs and applications for future funding


What will customers see?

  • To see the public-facing view of your profile, click on “Your Online Profile” in the upper right side of the page
  • Click on “Action Works Home” to see the public-facing homepage

Learn more about what customers will see on Patagonia Action Works