Running Up For Air

Running Up For Air

Join us in racking up vert and raising money for organizations working to improve air quality. Action at every level makes a difference, from impactful local decisions to strong federal legislation. Show your support by donating to organizations advocating on air quality issues.


99% of people worldwide are exposed to unhealthy air on a daily basis. Pollution and particulate matter may not be visible to human eyes, but they pose serious and wide-ranging threats to our health. Runners are intimately connected to the simple, yet vital act of breathing fresh air. As a community we are primed to defend that right.

Together we are raising funds to support environmental groups who are campaigning for better air quality across Europe.

In 2012, Jared Campbell decided to run up and down Salt Lake City’s Grandeur Peak for 24 hours, to raise money for air quality advocacy work. After 12 years, Campbell’s solo project has morphed into Running Up For Air: a worldwide movement with dozens of races, hundreds of runners and tens of thousands of dollars raised around the globe. This is a story about how running builds community that can jump-start change far beyond the trails.  ​

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