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The Point is Forever: Protecting the Legendary Punta de Lobos

On the best days—on any day, in fact—the view from the Mirador is about as beautiful as one could ever imagine. Past the stands of cactus in the foreground, you look out to the castle-like ramparts of the Morros, the swirling congregations of seabirds, and the long lines of swell marching in from the Pacific…

5 min Read
Not Your Average Surf Comp

Welcome to Ian Walsh’s Menehune Mayhem.

Gabriela Aoun
3 min Read
The Process and the Reward

Greg Long, Al Mackinnon and Pete Geall’s dusty search for uncrowded perfection at Location Redacted.

Pete Geall
6 min Read
Fire Up the Test Tank

There’s nothing more important than having waves a few minutes away.

Malcolm Johnson
3 min Read
The Fight For The Bight

While Australia burns, its government is greenlighting oil drilling in the unspoiled Great Australian Bight. But surfers and coastal communities are saying no—and uniting to keep Big Oil out.

Sean Doherty
10 min Read
Estado Salmonero

In a nation known for its massive resource extraction, salmon farming is now bigger than all of Chile’s industries except copper mining.

A Conversation with Surfboard Designer Fletcher Chouinard

At Fletcher Chouinard Designs, the focus is on durable, high-performing equipment that lets you have fun no matter what the ocean is doing. There are never enough hours in a day for Fletcher Chouinard. As a surfer, shaper, kiteboarder and new father, he was really doing the dance. Then along came foilboarding, which has made…

Sean Doherty
5 min Read
Kimi Werner, Léa Brassy and Liz Clark: Sea Sisters

The Best Times Are About Friends, Not Perfection It had been four years since Liz Clark, Léa Brassy and I first spent time together, on a sailing trip through the Tuamotus. We knew we’d found something special from the moment we met, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. We’re all very individual women and…

Kimi Werner
4 min Read
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