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Next Generation Patagoniac: A Reader Letter

Patagonia  /  April 18, 2007  /  2 Min Read  /  Community

So much of what we do stems from the desire to improve the world for the next generation. And here at Pat. HQ we’re constantly reminded of that responsibility by the kids we see playing at our onsite daycare center. Patagonia customer Chris Stelter makes us optimistic for the future with this heart-warming contribution. Chris works for Shure audio in Chicago, where he lives with his wife Wendy and son Jack.

“Reading Matt O’Conner’s post from April 6, 2007 (Greenie & The Man Truck) made me think about my oldest piece of Patagonia clothing. I think it would have to be a snap Synchilla fleece (the one made from pop bottles – I’m from the Midwest so it’s “pop, not “soda”). It still hangs in my closet and is put into action whenever I have a project around the house that requires some warmth (quite often here in Chicago). It’s seen and done a lot since it was given to me in 1993 as a college graduation present. Since then, I’ve owned a great deal of the Patagonia catalog. The pieces have served me well fly-fishing, mountain biking, skiing, kayaking, steelhead fishing, and most recently, raising my son (the most rewarding of all of them!).

I’ve always been proud to wear clothing from a company that strives for minimal impact (environmentally) as possible. With the birth of our son 18 months ago, the realization that he will inherit this planet in the condition I leave it really hits home. With a “sportsman’s” respect for the outdoors I learned from my father and the knowledge passed on along by Yvon, Melinda, and the rest of the Patagonia crew in the pages of the catalogs, books, and websites, I’m well armed to guide my son’s Love for the big spinning sphere he’s now riding on.

The attached photo is of my son and his first piece of Patagonia clothing. I can’t say it’s his first Patagonia item, that’s reserved for the Capilene blanket we brought him home from the hospital in. He still sleeps with it.

Thanks for such a cool blog (oh, and clothes!)

~Chris Stelter”

[Jack, ready to face the world in his Retro Vest. Photo: Chris Stelter]

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