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Black Hole Wheeled Duffel Bag 70L Reviews

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Runs Large

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Black Hole® Wheeled Duffel 70L

Runs Large
March 27, 2023

Great bag

This bag is lightweight and great for travel. Very roomy

March 21, 2023


I have so many of the Black Hole bags. They are not too sport casual or too formal. So many size options. I love that the duffle has wheels, an essential option for me.

March 7, 2023

Amazing Bag

We bought 4 of these bags to take to Antarctica.They are rugged, hold alot, starts out light in weight so no issues with overweight . Bags roll well, hold up well, easy to identify. We give these bags 5 stars.

March 6, 2023

Patagonia is the best

Hey there. I have always had great experience with Patagonia. Their iron clad warranty is the best. Yeah you spend alittle bit more money but you get your monies worth. I recommend Patagonia to anyone looking a great brand with great products. I have a Patagonia collection is made over the last 20 years. Hays duckbill synchilla down jackets gloves ... Read Moreluggage you name it. Only thing my wife wants is a 4 wheel roller for carry on. We own multiple duffel rollers and they dont roll like the 4wheels

March 4, 2023

Awesome luggage and so easy

Awesome luggage and so easy to roll with! LOVE IT! So we bought two! His and Hers! K&K

March 2, 2023

Love the luggage so easy

Love the luggage so easy to maneuver and travel with! So easy to get into to see all the gear! Especially love the Patagonia Fish decal! K&K

February 28, 2023

Great travel bag

This wheeled duffel bag worked perfectly! It rolls well and was the perfect size for a 3 week journey abroad.

February 24, 2023


Went up in size from the 70 ltr to the 100 ltr and Im astonished by home functional this travel bag is! As always keep up the good work!

February 5, 2023

Too small

I thought it was bigger.

Response from Patagonia
February 14, 2023

Hey Alexander, thanks for the review. We're sorry to hear this bag ended up being too small for your needs. We do list dimensions on the product page, you can find that info by clicking on the "Specs & Features" button. We recommend checking out the [Black Hole Wheeled Duffel Bag 100L](https://www.patagonia.com/product/black-hole-wheeled-duffel-bag-100-liters/49387.html) which measures in at 32.6" x 16" x 13.7".

February 3, 2023

Great duffle if only available in smaller size

I really wanted the 40L size duffle but it is not a true duffle as it does not have a top/duffle handle. Very disappointing.

January 3, 2023

Great bag! Black hole goodness,

Great bag! Black hole goodness, but with wheels. Awesome!

January 1, 2023

Great Product

This roller bag is built to last for years of travel. The 70L appears a little big to be considered for a carry-on.

December 30, 2022

Great travel bag

I like this 70l black hole bag. Great size for extended travel and seems to be very well made.

December 27, 2022

Love it! Bring back the Abalone color!

Love the black hole wheeled duffles but we wanted to match our 100L abalone colored ones but they were discontinued Bring back Abalone!

December 23, 2022


Nice bag, well balanced for its wheels/size, it stayed upright when leaving it to stand. I have a couple small comments since when I pay as much as i did for this bag, Im nitpicky. I wish the bottom had more friction, it doesnt stack well with hard side suit cases, it slipped around all over the place, maybe some rubber strips? The water proofing i... Read Mores a nice touch for it to be rugged, however i wish the wheels are made for more rugged terrain too, it did not like rolling on gravel, let alone tree roots around a campsite. All and all though, a great bag!

December 15, 2022

Greatest travel bag Ive owned.

Greatest travel bag Ive owned.

December 4, 2022

Excellent travel luggage

Well constructed. Compression straps and internal pockets are welcome features. Luggage is balanced when filled. Easy to roll on surfaces. Recently used on a trip to Antarctica where luggage weight concerns were a factor. The rolling duffel size and volume were ideal.

November 17, 2022

Fantastic bag for travel!

Absolutely love this bag for any adventure that requires flying! Only thing worth mentioning is it seems like the capacity is a bit smaller than the 70L without wheels. By no means a deal breaker, just something to be aware of! Recommending ALL my adventure buddies to buy one of their own!

November 12, 2022

Black Hole bag is the best!

Purchased for strip to Europe next year. Durable fabric & perfect size (70L)

September 28, 2022

Great duffel with good organization

I love the form and function of this wheeled duffel in the 70L category for travel to adventure base camps.

September 23, 2022

Sturdy and sectioned

Great travel bag. Waterproof outside, great interior compartment pockets and love that the back zipper opens to store shoes on the exterior. Great side pocket storage too!

September 15, 2022

Love it!

Love it!

September 12, 2022

This is the one!

If you have been searching for the perfect 2 week, wheeled duffle, this is it! Love the deep rectangular shape, top inside pockets, thoughtfully placed handles. It is a bit heavier than I would like, but on the flip side, it is very rugged and I would not hesitate to check it if flying. Overall, just great design.

September 11, 2022

This is my 3rd purchase

This is my 3rd purchase of the bag good size for almost all my activities

August 16, 2022

Well built and very durable

We use the BlackHole wheeled duffel for our scuba gear on our trips. Loaded up to the 23kg/50Lb weight limits set by most commercial air lines. Has held up very well across multiple trips. Handles, zippers and wheels are typical failure points on luggage put to heavy duty service. None of that to date with these Patagonia wheeled luggage bags.

August 11, 2022

Big Improvements worth the investment

My 12 YO 70L wheelie finally gave up the ghost...a wheel blew out its tread (likely an overly aggressive airlines baggage door) and the top outside sleeve zipper separated from the zipper (from my over and over over stuffing)...I could have gone for repairs but I passed it on to a friend and I am glad I did. The 70L Black Hole Wheelie improved thin... Read Moregs just where I needed them: the exterior zipper sleeve has been replaced with two zipper compartments (check!), exterior compression straps have been replaced with interior ones that flatten anything fluffy and make order out of chaos (check!) and one of the exterior side grips is now a hard stop that acts as a brace to keep the bag from tipping when vertical (check!). The top opening is twice the size of its predecessor for easier in and out. Finally, the exterior zippered access at the base of the bag where the hardware is has been replaced with an interior one so I can easily add a yoga mat, backup day bag and jacket to pad any beverages I might want to transport in my checked bag. I can't wait to give this puppy a workout! Thanks Patagonia and especially Product Development for reading my mind and making my travel world better.

August 4, 2022

Great gear hauler

Rain or shine, if you have lots of equipment to haul, the black hole wheeled duffel is what you want!

August 1, 2022

Gear Hauler

Finally ready to visit family in South America post pandemic... but we needed a additional duffel because my whole family could now make the trip. So we turned to none other than the Black Hole 100L wheelie... Perfect for the long journey with lots of transfers and variable conditions. I know that the gear within will be in good shape and dry. High... Read Morely recommended.

July 17, 2022

Love it with one recommendation

I purchased this for a recent trip in which I had to pack more than i usually do. I madd the right choice! Easy to pack; zippers are easy to close. Bulletproof! So impressed that my wife asked me to purchase another for her use. However, I do miss the zippers with the locking tabs that you had in your older luggage. It is difficult to secure the m... Read Moreain compartment if I am unable to lock the zipper shut.

June 6, 2022

70L Roller - Great Bag

I just purchased and noticed the handle locks in place in the medium position, but not when the handle is fully extended. Is this how it is designed, or do I have an issue that needs repair. The bag is brand new and has never left the shelf of the hiking store.

Response from Patagonia
June 9, 2022

Hi Melissa, thank you for letting us know about this issue. We're so sorry your duffel is having handle trouble! We have learned that a small batch of the 70L Duffels had a defect in their handles, and we've pulled them from inventory until we can get the issue resolved. We hope to have a fix in place by the end of the summer. In the meantime, you are welcome to [return](https://www.patagonia.com/returns.html) it to us for credit, or you can contact our Customer Service Team for assistance. If you prefer, you can wait until the end of summer and contact us about exchanging it for a new bag once the problem has been corrected.

May 29, 2022

great bag

On my first trip with this wheeled duffle, just short of 2 weeks in the Orkney Islands and the north coast of mainland Scotland. This is the perfect size for me on this length of a trip, the 70L size. I had a bigger bag before, 100L, and if you are like me, the tendency is to pack to fill the bag. You just don't need so much stuff! Minimize!

May 25, 2022


After 15 years, I finally had to replace my old 70L Thanks Patagonia for quality products.

May 19, 2022


We have the previous generation wheeled bag which my wife loves and refuses to give up. I expect the same from this wheeled Blackhole Duffel Bag (I have a Blackhole Backpack and it is awesome). However, what I cant understand is why Patagonia decided to get rid of the holed tabs on the zipper ends that allow you to lock the zipper ends together for... Read More added security. This 70 liter wheeled duffel obviously will have to be check-in baggage. I have seen many bags coming out of airport baggage carousels that spilled their contents simply because the zippers were not secured shut. Patagonia used to do this with the previous generations even the carry-on luggage. Why remove them now?

May 17, 2022

Seems like it will be great for a move

Moving cross-country via plane and living out of this and a carry-on duffel for for 6 weeks so I wanted a large rolling duffel. The 70l rolling duffel seems perfect, although my only complaint so far is the handle doesn't seem to want to stay locked in the most extended position. The bag was an online order and I'm not sure if it is worth... Read More driving 90 minutes to the nearest Patagonia store to exchange it or have the issue checked out.

May 14, 2022

Waterproof life saver

Ive owned my first wheelies 15 years ago. The older canvas style has lasted me till this day. Alas, I finally bought this black hole version to replace my older ones on account of it being a better foul weather travel bag (I gifted my older ones to family) reliable gear. Thanks Patagonia!

February 6, 2022

Good with Packing Cubes

I'm really not sure how to feel about my first review being deleted. Is Patagonia trying to cultivate a certain customer base and women who pack blankets and shoes are not the target market? Anyways, I've had this duffel and was initially disappointed in the size but I have since heavily embraced backpacking packing cubes and it helps a ... Read Morelot with the issues shutting the top and maximizing the space in the bag. Instead of putting things on top, I shove them into the corners and then use the straps to shut the bag and it shuts easily. Backpacking cubes are slippery and have a lot of give and the ones I use also are compressible. It's now pretty adequate for some of my needs. One trend I'm really digging in the suitcase market are the split level duffle bags. It would be interesting if Patagonia made a version. It's a great concept for separating clothes and gear or shoes or whatever. I also take trains a lot when I travel and try to put my carry on into my main bag so you aren't a target for thieves. I still wish I had gotten the larger version but I'll probably just get a split level suitcase and this will be good for trips that are straightforward with out a lot of different activities.

November 29, 2021

Must have for adventure travel

Easily handles week-long ski and mountain bike trips. The water resistance feature is a plus, my bag often finds itself in a pick-up bed. The bas is either really durable or baggage handlers respect this bag as it's shown no signs of wear after several trips.

November 24, 2021

Love this bag

Solid, durable and attractive. Easy to spot on a baggage carousel.

October 30, 2021


I love my new wheeled duffel bag! We have only bought Patagonia luggage the last 18 years and have continued the habit with my new Black Hole wheeled bag. I only have one suggestion, I wish it had a larger pocket on the side (like the old Freightliner) so that I could fit more of my travel toiletries in the pouch. The current pocket is a little on ... Read Morethe small side. Patagonia has been amazing with their excellent customer service and my loyalty as a result, is even stronger. Superb company!

October 9, 2021


I have used three of these bags to tot clothes and gear all over South America. Rugged and reliable are the two words that immediately come to mind.

September 11, 2021

Great quality

I need something that is strong and travels well. This is great!!

August 10, 2021

Black Whole with Wheels

Love it Took it on my first trip Easy to pack and log around

June 12, 2021

Bummed about the straps

I have had my eye on the Blackhole 70L for 2 years but Ive been holding out for the edition that has wheels. I was so excited to purchase this and then realized they eliminated the backpack style straps with the wheel edition. Its such a bummer. I hope they make this version of the bag with the original backpack straps, it would be the perfect duff... Read Morele.

Response from Patagonia
June 15, 2021

Hey Gabrielle, thank you for sharing your feedback with us on the Black Hole Wheeled Duffel Bag 70L. We're sorry to hear of your disappointment with the lack of backpack straps. The bag is still able to be held as a duffel, but the backpack strap feature was eliminated with this model. You can see all features for an item by scrolling down to the "Specs and Features" button on the product page. We'll be sure to pass your feedback along. If you haven't already you're welcome to begin a return [here](https://www.patagonia.com/returns.html).

May 31, 2021

Wheeled duffel bag

Sturdy travel bag. I liked he pockets inside and out, the handle on the side, strong zipper and great quality overall

April 27, 2021

70L wheeled black hole bag

In a word Perfect! I was using a 40L standard Black hole bag to travel for business, then I finally broke down and went with a wheeled 70L bag. Work has me in business casual and looking good counts. This bag has enough room that wrinkles don't happen, I can bring what I need without stuffing it in, and I get to wheel it versus carry. It'... Read Mores a win win. This bag will see many many miles as has my standard Black Hole bag.

April 21, 2021

Great Travel Bag

Not too big, not too small. A great travel bag hopping from hotel to hotel.

April 6, 2021

Great bag

The Black Hole line are awesome bags. The 70 continues that tradition, just enough smaller than the 100 for those shorter trips not requiring as much gear. Durable, water repellent, reliable, they are easy to spot when traveling. Can't be beat

April 5, 2021

Well Made

I bought this to replace an older, standard wheeled suitcase - the telescoping handle had failed, as well as one of the zippers - I flew w the new Black Hole bag to Florida two weeks ago - the bag performed as expected, handle seems stronger, and wheels solid - It was checked baggage, and came out good as new! I do a fair amount of traveling, so we... Read Morell see how it holds up long term - so far extremely satisfied!

February 9, 2021

Love these bags

This is my weekend travel bag for skiing. My little boy's getting bigger so I need a larger size. Great space and love the waterproof quality of the bag!

March 22, 2020


I'm global in my work and nomadic for five years. High mountains to cityscapes and everything in between. The Black Hole 70L is perfect. Classic. Bold, Strong. Subtle. Holds everything I need. I also have the 100L for expeditions. The 70L replaces a Patagonia Freightliner from the 1990's the still goes strong after bazillions of miles, bu... Read Moret is a bit smaller and less waterproof. In short, you can't go wrong with the Black Hole.

March 5, 2020

Black Hole Bags

I was able to pack 2 weeks of clothing, shoes and toiletries in my 70L for an international trip. I didn’t have to worry about being over weight on my return flight after stuffing souvenirs in my bag. It was easy to maneuver as well

March 5, 2020


This 70L green bag went to Germany with me in January, and it was perfect for the job. I stayed there for six weeks and brought enough clothing to necessitate several loads of laundry. 1.) The handles and straps are easy to use. The two main handles clip together (rather than velcro) which I found pleasing and clean-feeling. 2.) It really DOES NOT ... Read MoreFALL OVER. Guys, this is a game-changer. I have had so many bags topple when I've tried to keep them upright, but this one has a sturdy base. 3.) The wheels were a great size for uneven, cobbled streets. Standard suitcases can be nice for smooth airport sidewalks, but when it comes to life outside the airport, bigger wheels are nice. 4.) The rain didn't make it inside. Germany is rainy this time of year, and Nashville rained to greet me on my return to the USA, and not once did the items inside the bag get wet. 5.) The green color felt calming, didn't feel like a loud advertisement, and was also easy to spot in the airport. 6.) The compression straps inside really helped me smush together all my clothing and souvenirs so I cold zip up for the trip home. 7.) It was a good size for me. It did well on the few train rides. Also, somehow, this bag, though only 70L, weighed exactly 23kg on my return flight. Stuff packed in nicely! 8.) The handle did not quite feel long enough to be used in conjunction with my under-the-seat roller carry-on. It is a shorter roller bag with a strap on the back so it can slide onto the handle of a bigger bag and make transport easier. All in all, great bag. I will probably look into buying a bigger one for bulkier trips.

March 4, 2020

This is my only less than 5 star review

Am a longtime---30 year--customer. I love everything you make for its' practicality and style. Sadly, this bag came up short. Purchased the beautiful black 70L black hole for travel. What surprised me is the opening of the bag, which is smaller than the bag, thus limiting how much one can put inside. When the bag is fully opened, one cannot se... Read Moree completely inside because of the design. Perhaps the designer was trying to be create a more stylish look? It will be fabulous AND stylish with a larger opening. Wish I would have purchased the 100L. Needed a bag right away for a trip otherwise I would return the 70L for the 100L. Please advise. Otherwise, I am Patagonia's biggest fan, seriously. Please help me solve this problem. I love you.

Response from Patagonia
April 7, 2020

Hi there, thanks for this feedback and for being a long time customer. We are sorry to hear about your disappointment with this bag. Please note, your satisfaction is always guaranteed and if you'd like to [send](https://www.patagonia.com/returns.html) this back to us, you are more than welcome to.

January 25, 2020

Perfect Size for short and long trips

I have a 90L duffel (without wheels) and I find it's very easy to overload and can get heavy. I love the 90L duffel, however the 70L with wheels is my go to bag. It's the perfect size for long and short trips and the standup feature is very handy. I would highly recommend this bag!!! Quality matters and this duffel is a quality product.

January 4, 2020

We love it! All the

We love it! All the bags are great and durable!

December 31, 2019

Easy Travel

This is our 5th piece from the Black Hole series and we still want more! Very durable and tough with sleek design and style!

December 30, 2019

Very nice piece of luggage.

Needed to pack several varied items and this worked great.

December 30, 2019

Black hole:

This was a Christmas gift for my son. He loves it. It is very well made. We look forward to years of travel with it.

December 24, 2019



December 21, 2019

Great Bag

Just started using it and was impressed with how much it can hold!

December 12, 2019

Black Hole Wheeled Duffel, 70L

This is my second Black Hole Wheeled Duffel. I bought the 100L Black Hole Wheeled Duffel several months ago. It is an excellent piece of luggage for my way of packing, but a little large for some of my travels. Hence, the second Black Hole Wheeled Duffel, 70L. One or the other is always the right size. They are very durable and easy to pack. I just... Read More throw everything in and use the tie down straps to hold the contents tightly in place. Voila!

December 11, 2019


Material is so solid, colors are great, and rolls like the pillsbury doughboy. No complaints!

December 10, 2019


Great bag. Small enough to keep you under weight limits for checked bags and big enough to fit a weeks worth of clothing for my two toddlers and I. For us that was max capacity.

December 9, 2019

My go to option

I travel a lot, usually with climbing gear. I have a 3 sizes of the Wheeled Duffel and they're my first pick among several other luggage options. The simple design swallows a loads of gear, including odd sized items (packs, ropes, ice tools, tents, etc.). The wheels make them easy to move around. Only problem I've had was with the largest... Read More bag, which had a wheel lost to trauma inflicted during airline transit. The friendly folks at my local Patagonia store were happy to replace the wheel free or charge.

December 3, 2019

Very happy with everything

Very happy with everything

November 22, 2019

Best rolling duffel...period.

Rugged high quality construction. Check. Keeps elements at bay. Check. Wheels run quietly after running over potholes, snow, sand, cobblestones, mud, puddles, falling off mule... Check, check, and check.

November 13, 2019

Perfect size bag

I work on yachts and am nomadic, so I need a soft bag that I can carry my life in. It doesn’t collapse all the way to become flat, but it does stand upright without falling over which is awesome. The 90L without wheels was much too big for me (I’m 5’1 and petite) and I either hurt my back or needed a cart. Patagonia let me trade in my bag to credit... Read More towards this 70L with wheels and it is enough to hold everything important and I can travel with ease. It’s beautiful too. I also love this company for having such amazing customer service.

November 6, 2019

black hole 70 L with

black hole 70 L with wheels

November 5, 2019

Perfect size

Haven’t used them yet but my brother in law has two of the hundred liter and is not easy on gear. He has had them for many years with no failures. This includes dozens of flights and off road trips. Excited about this product!

November 5, 2019

rockin' roller bag!

The size, construction, wheels and zipper pocket have been well designed for ease of use. Packing this bag for longer trips via air travel allows plenty of room for bulky gear that can be strapped in tight. Highly recommend!

October 29, 2019

Wheeled duffle

We love our Black Hole duffles in all sizes. They have been around the world and held up fabulously. Adding the wheels is great for this size which can take us on a ten day tour or space for 4 people to pack one bag for a weekend!

October 15, 2019

My favorite bag!

The duffel is SO well made. I used it this past weekend for a NSP training event and every detail has been thought through. I can tell that it is going to handle those rough baggage handlers much better that the suitcase I just threw in the garbage.

October 15, 2019

Love my Black Hole luggage

Amazing quality, as expected, and very functional and stylish. Love it.

October 15, 2019

A roomy, tough, good-looking piece

A roomy, tough, good-looking piece of luggage--and the biggest that'll fit into a Miata's trunk.

October 10, 2019

Proud to use a Patagonia bag

I was in need of a new suitcase larger than a carry on. I chose a Patagonia bag because of the company's stand on environmental issues and the fact that they are a Certified B Corp. And I have been thrilled with the bag itself...roomy enough to pack my rolled up yoga mat and anything else I could possibly need for any trip! Plus, the purple co... Read Morelor is rich and easy to spot on the luggage turnstile.

September 30, 2019

Bomber Rolling Duffel!

I already own the massive 110 Liter version. Needed this for the wife so she can actually lift it when it’s full.

September 28, 2019

Super stoked on this bag,

Super stoked on this bag, durable and big enough for everything I need. But not too big that it’s a hassle

September 8, 2019

wheeled duffel

I like everything about it except the weight. Perhaps I'm just weaker than I thought but it does seem heavy.

August 20, 2019

70L black hole

Well designed straps keep everything in place. Great wheels too.

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