Cotton in Conversion

Buying this cotton helps farmers make the transition from conventional to organic cotton.


Less than one percent of the world’s cotton is grown organically. To encourage more farmers to transition to organic cotton, we’ve introduced Cotton in Conversion, a program that allows farms growing cotton organically to sell their crop while they are in the process of getting certified. Cotton in Conversion follows strict organic certification requirements through a multiyear journey. Our support of this crop rewards the efforts of farmers who are committed to reaching organic cotton certification and helps them stay on the path to organic.

Where We Are

Our supply chain partner, Bergman/Rivera, a family-owned company in Peru, is extremely committed to organic farming, and has a robust program to support farmers that want to make the conversion from conventional to organic. They offer technical assistance, guaranteed buyers, and a premium for these cotton farmers. Our first line of clothes made with Cotton in Conversion will launch in Spring 2020.

What’s Next

We plan to continue to offer products made from Cotton in Conversion and to expand this program over time.

Cotton in Conversion
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